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Wang Bong [61] (Jang Yong)

He is the head of Wang’s Family, father of 4 daughters & 1 son. Even at the age of over 60yo, he’s still befitting the meaning of his name “Bong”.

A school teacher who always sticks to principles & rules. He is meticulous & kind. His wife criticizes him as a stubborn man & too talkative.

He has supported his parents and taken a really good care of his children up to the point of breaking his back, but now he only has debt & is suffering from illness. He’s full of anxiety. Although he’s now working as a deputy principal, but he is still far away from planning and enjoying his comfortable retirement. He feels greatly burdened by having to support his unmarried children. At the moment, three of his children are not yet married, and he still has to support them until they marry & become independent. He also supports his mother who is very healthy, and he believes she could live longer than him.

His layabouts younger brother who is in his mid-thirties lives off the parents and him.

He’s anxious and worried that his family will be trapped and live a very difficult life without him. But he’s also very worried with his health. Whenever he thinks about his retirement and his life after he retires from his job, he can’t sleep. He won’t have any support left. He feels so lonely, sometimes he shed tears as he has nobody to whom he can open his heart to.

Lee Ang Gum [60] (Kim Hae Sook)

She married an eldest son of a poor family and had a hard life living with her parents-in-law. She supported her mother-in-law & brother-in-law after she married off her brother-in-law & sister-in-law.

She lived affluently with her business-owner parents, the only thing she felt she lacked was learning. She married a poor teacher hoping that she might be respected as a teacher’s wife. She lived on a low salary, bearing & raising up five children, supporting mother-in-law & brother-in-law. She was treated unfairly because she gave birth to 4 daughters in a row. She went through lots of difficult times during her marriage life and is full of regret.

When she finally gave birth to a son, her fifth child, she’s relieved.

She gained lots of courage & strength as her daughters grew up & sided with her. Because of this, she thought that daughters were better than a son, however, she had her own favoritism and loves her elder brother more than her second daughter. The elder daughter always helps her mother (financially), while her penny-pincher second daughter has never even bought her a pair of socks. She also likes her elder son-in-law than second son-in-law as he’s wealthier.

She lives her life bitterly and sometimes she even thinks it will be much better to live alone because her husband & children don’t understand her.


Wang Soo Bak [37] (Oh Hyun Kyung)

She is the eldest daughter of King’s Family. Soo Bak means Watermelon, so her name means King Watermelon.

As the firstborn, she’s well-cared and well-loved, her mother especially really loves her. She’s also loved outside and she’s popular with men & pretty. Although people say she is immature, egoistic, but she never thinks so.

Her perspective about marriage is meeting a wealthy man and taking a good care of herself. She never knew if a conflict between daughter-in-law and the husband’s mother exist. She used to wear luxury clothes, carry expensive bags, until her husband’s business suddenly went bankrupt. She is very apologetic to her parents, but she only has antipathy towards her husband. She suffers from depression, and finally surrender and move back to her family’s home.

Go Min Jung [42] (Jo Sung Ha)

Wang Soo Bak’s husband, the eldest son-in-law of King’s Family. He’s also the eldest son of Go’s Family, had arranged marriage with Soo Bak.

His nightmare began when his business suddenly went bankrupt. In time like this, married couple / couple should unite, however, his wife resented it and didn’t support him. Their marriage reach a breaking point.

Unfortunately, because Soo Bak had been suffering from depression and couldn’t get along with his parents, they could not move back to his parents’ place. He lived in a rented basement house before finally moved to his in-laws’ home.  A proverbs say that a married man will never live in his wife’s home if he has some unhulled barley.

His mother-in-law started to treat him with a sneer and she found fault with everything he did. She even interfered with her eldest daughter & eldest son-in-law’s private life. Living in his in-laws’ home is really hard for him.

So he tried to rebuild his life through parcel delivery service. But when he finally uncovers Soo Bak’s deepest secret, he encounters the most difficult crisis of his life.


Wang Ho Bak [36] (Lee Tae Ran)

She is the second daughter of King’s Family. Ho Bak means Pumpkin, so her name means King Pumpkin. Her real name is Wang Hyo Bak (as registered in the family’s registry), but at home & school, she’s called Ho Bak.

Unlike her elder sister, Ho Bak didn’t receive much love from her parents during her childhood and the situation didn’t change although she’s now a married woman. This turns her into a cold woman who blames her mother everytime she faces any difficulty. The whole neighborhood knew about her mother’s discrimination against her. Which led her to believe there must be a hidden secret involving her birth like in drama. She once dreamed she was waiting endlessly in front of her home’s gate for her birth mother to come & pick her up.

After she became a mother, she finally realized that one came to prefer one child over another child, although she gave birth to both children. She made efforts to be fair towards both her children because she didn’t want her children to experience the same pain she suffered.

Her husband is a jobless man, who is one year younger than her. He’s the friend of her cousin. Ho Bak calls her husband a mama’s boy and sometimes she envied him. (probably because his mother really loves him and she’s longing for that affection & love from her own mother).

One day, Ho Bak got into an incident which changed her life forever.

Heo Se Dal [35] (Oh Man Seok)

Wang Ho Bak’s husband, the second son-in-law of King’s Family.

He places a great importance on outer appearance & behavior. He believes that because he’s a pure man, he married an ugly woman who is one year older than him. He first met this woman who approached him kindly, at his friend’s house. She gave him something to eat and they went to watch a movie together. He married her after they found out she’s pregnant with his child.

Sometimes he whines when she talks without thinking. Ho Bak sometimes blames, kicks and pinches her husband.

Because he’s unemployed, his parents in-laws always compare him with the wealthy elder son-in-law, they also neglect him.

He tries to suppress his feeling, but deep down in his heart, he hides a deep grudge. He would stop any men who would marry the daughter of a wealthy family.

He bought an apartment, thanks to his wife, and boasts it every time he visits his parents-in-laws. With his wife’s help, he started to work in a hotel, where he encounters the wealthy heiress of this hotel as if it happens like a fate.


Wang Kwang Bak [29] (Lee Yoon Ji)

She is the third daughter of King’s Family.  As her parents desperately wanted to stop having more daughter, they gave her a boy’s name.

She is not bad looking and is a romantic person. She’s waiting for the kind of love that is rare in this world.

Easy-going, frank, without false modesty, she is fully supported by her parents. She gets along well with her family, and is a troubleshooter at home.

She believes family affairs transcend right & wrong. Sometimes she is too overcome by her own emotions & side with someone unintentionally.

Her childhood dream was to be a writer, but she took a teacher’s exam & became a teacher. After 7 years, she finally realized her dream, so she resigned and shocked her family when she announced she’d be renouncing her working life to prepare her to become a writer.

One day, a man approached her through her youngest brother. Because of misunderstanding, they fought with each other. But he always came to her mind. So she wants to catch his heart, but because she’s not good at dating she learned that tempting a man is the most difficult job in the world.



Choi Sang Nam (Han Joo Wan)

His father named him Sang Nam, hoping that he would become a man’s man, a superman. And he’s making efforts to become a superior man. When his family’s fortune went downhill when he was in the second grade, he decided to quit school & started making money.

His father told him he should never give up college, but he’s able to persuade his father & bought a fork-crane with his father’s money which he has set aside for Sang Nam’s college registration + loan from bank.

He worked as a heavy machine operator & successfully became a president of a heavy vehicle company. He amassed a huge wealth, he’s assiduous on work he thinks it’s worth doing & he takes pride in his job. Although he is a high school dropout, but he believes a college diploma is not essential.

He is upright, warm-hearted, and has a good sense of woman. His weakest point is that he is easily hurt. With his good look & experience working in the labor world, he can easily interact with people. However, he has closed his heart after he was deeply betrayed by his first love.

When Kwang Bak came into his heart, this pure woman who had no dating experience touched his mind and the pain inside his heart is slowly healed.


King’s Family premieres this Saturday, 31 August 2013 on KBS2.


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