[Drama 2014] The King’s Face


Title: The King’s Face 왕의 얼굴
Genre: Fusion Period Drama
Episodes: 24 23
Broadcast Network: KBS
Broadcast Period: 19 November 2014 – 5 February 2015
Air Time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 22:00PM KST
Director: Yoon Sung Shik (Gaksital)
Writers: Lee Hyang Hee & Yoon Soo Jung

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Very Brief Synopsis

Prince Gwanghae and his father King Seonjo are political rivals, both of them fall in love with the same woman Kim Ga Hee. He’s the second son of King Seonjo (Joseon 14th King) and his beloved Consort Gong. The tension between him and his father heightens up because the secret book which states that King Seonjo doesn’t have the face to be King. To gain more power & ascend to the throne, Prince Gwanghae seek help from Joseon’s face reader Kim Do Chi who wants to seek revenge over his family’s tragic death.


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 photo KBSKingFace_bc1_zpsc738583d.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc3_zpse1f4d2ef.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc2_zps8c1e339e.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc4_zps8fd099af.jpg
Seo In GookJo Yoon HeeLee Sung JaeShin Sung Rok
as Prince Gwanghaeas Kim Ga Heeas King Seonjoas Kim Do Chi
 photo KBSKingFace_bc5_zps9da4117c.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc_zps4100a346.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc6_zps8c942a63.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc7_zps2dba3689.jpg
Kim GyuriLee Soon JaeKim Myung GonLee Ki Young
as Lady Kim Gwi Inas Baek Kyungas Song Nae Kwan
 photo KBSKingFace_bc1-1_zps0a27a5a8.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc_zps4100a346.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc1-2_zps8a8d7791.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc1-3_zpsdbcf2ea0.jpg
Im Ji EunKim Hee JungPark Joo HyungYoon Bong Gil
as Queen Uiinas Crown Princess Yooas Prince Im Hae Gunas Kim Do Chi
 photo KBSKingFace_bc2-1_zps0c48a471.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc2-2_zpse7ace887.jpg
Jo Won HeeKim Hyun Sook
 as Kim Doo Seo
 photo KBSKingFace_bc3-1_zps24f24e4a.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc3-2_zpsd0fc7238.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc3-3_zps68cb4ce4.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc5-1_zps6ad5cc1d.jpg
Ahn Suk HwanSong Min HyungKim Bang Won Lee Byung Joon
as Yi San Hae as Yoo Seung as Kang Jin Yeoras Kim Gong Nyang
 photo KBSKingFace_bc8_zpsd788a060.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc9_zps96aaea0d.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc10_zps9654bc73.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc11_zps8f87219c.jpg
Choi Cheol HoLee Sang InIm Soo HyunChoi Kang Won
 photo KBSKingFace_bc12_zps8afddfe4.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc14_zps006cad54.jpg photo KBSKingFace_bc15_zpseed66faf.jpg
Jung Moon YeopGo In BumBaek Jae Jin


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