Korea Drama Awards 2015 – Nominees List


On 9 September 2015, Korea Drama Festival announces the nominees for 2015 Korea Drama Awards. KBS2 Producer, SBS Yongpal, MBC Kill Me Heal Me and tvN Misaeng can be the big winners as these dramas are nominated in several categories including best drama.

The winners will be announced on 9 October 2015. Choi Soo Young who’s nominated for Excellence Actress will be the host of the ceremony with last year’s MC Oh Sang Jin.

Is your favorite actor, actress, drama made it to the nominees list?


Grand Prize (Daesang)

– Kim Soo Hyun (KBS2 Producer)

– Joo Won (SBS Yongpal)

– Ji Sung (MBC Kill Me Heal Me)

– Cha Seung Won (MBC Hwajung)

– Yoo Dong Geun (KBS2 What Happens with My Family)


Best Drama

– Producer (KBS2)

– Yongpal (SBS)

– Misaeng (tvN)

– Kill Me Heal Me (MBC)

– Heard It Through the Grapevine (SBS)


Best Screenplay

– Jung Yoon Jung (tvN Misaeng)

– Kim Woon Kyung (JTBC Yoona’s Street)

– Kwon Ki Young (KBS2 I Remember You)

– Jo Hyoun Kyoung (JTBC Maids)

– Jang Hyuk Rin (SBS Yongpal)


Best Production Director

– Ahn Pan Seok (SBS Heard It Through the Grapevine)

– Jo Hyun Tak (JTBC Maids)

– Kim Jin Man (MBC Kill Me Heal Me)

– Seo Soo Min & Pyo Min Soo (KBS2 Producer)

– Kim Won Suk (tvN Misaeng)


Best Actor (Top Excellence Actor)

– Lee Jong Suk (SBS Pinnochio)

– Im Si Wan (tvN Misaeng)

– Park Hae Jin (OCN Bad Guys)

– Park Yoo Chun (SBS The Girl Who Sees Smell)

– Yoo Joon Sang (SBS Heard It Through the Grapevine)


Best Actress (Top Excellence Actress)

–  Kim Tae Hee (SBS Yongpal)

– Hwang Jung Eum (MBC Kill Me Heal me)

– Jang Nara (KBS2 I Remember You)

– Kim Hee Sun (MBC Angry Mom)

– Park Shin Hye (SBS Pinocchio)


Excellence Actor

– Kim Dae Myung (tvN Misaeng)

– Lee Joon (SBS Heard It Through the Grapevine)

– Seo Kang Joon (MBC Hwajung)

– Jo Jung Suk (tvN Oh My Ghost)

– Seo In Guk (KBS2 I Remember You)


Excellence Actress

– Kim Sa Rang (JTBC My Love Eundong)

– IU (KBS2 Producer)

– Uee (SBS High Society)

– Seo Hyun Jin (tvN Let’s Eat 2)

– Choi Soo Young (MBC My Spring Days)


Best Rookie Actor

– Nam Tae Hyun (SBS Late Night Restaurant)

– Park Chanyeol (Web Drama EXO Next Door)

– Yook Sung Jae (KBS2 School 2015)

– Nam Joo Hyuk (KBS2 School 2015)

– Seo Young Joo (KBS1 Snowy Road)


Best Rookie Actress

– Lim Ji Yeon (SBS High Society)

– Chae Soo Bin (KBS2 Bluebird House)

– Jo Soo Hyang (KBS2 School 2015)

– Lee Sung Kyung (MBC Flowers of the Queen)

– Kim Seol Hyun (KBS2 Orange Marmalade)


credit; pic cr: Osen

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