Korean “Blockbuster” Drama Three Days revealed 4 different luxurious charismatic posters

Three Days has done everything right so far – solid casts, writer & PD; thrilling cinematographic teasers, and luxurious charismatic posters. This drama with the production budget of 10 billion KRW will be similar as television show 24. Divided up into 3 x 3 days (3 days prior to the assassination attempt [aka planning], 3 days showdown and the last 3 days will be the judgement days]. Son Hyun Joo who’s playing as President Lee Dong Hwi has stated that the viewers will be enjoying every 16 episodes of this drama like a movie.

Three Days has already been in the talk of the town since March last year and I can’t believe it that this drama will start in less than 10 days. Can’t wait to see another masterpiece from scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee and PD Shin Kyung Soo.

Last year they mentioned that they planned to pre-produce the first half of the drama. This drama has already began filming for few weeks now up to the point that Micky, Son Hyun Joo and the staffs didn’t have any Lunar New Year vacation. So I think they’re on the right track of completing the first 8 episodes.

The first poster is a mash-up of all the pivotal characters in Three Days, with the hero Bodyguard Han Tae Kyung (Park Yoochun) pointing his gun to anyone who dares to harm President Lee Dong Hwi.


The perfectionist bodyguard who’s ready to give up his life in order to protect the President.

cr: StarDailyNews

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