Korean Drama Awards 2013 – Prospective Nominees (My Prediction)

It’s almost time of the year again when broadcasting stations will reward the hard work of actors, actresses, PD, scriptwriter & drama crew. As drama fans, I notice that they usually only “reward” high-rating dramas (although this year we haven’t seen any weekdays drama broke 30% rating, but there have been some standout dramas with >15% ratings).


L->R Soo Ae, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Bo Young, Han Hye Jin, Lee Seung Gi, Ji Sung, Joo Won, Kim Hye Soo


For KBS2, Good Doctor lead the pack with the average rating of 18% and Secret, although the average rating is only 13.7% but it has successfully lead Wednesdays-Thursdays timeslot after The Master’s Sun ended and broke single-digit Wednesdays-Thursdays curse. Everyone’s acting was very solid, especially Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin who acted their hearts out and I hope they’ll receive award next month. Queen of Workplace (God of Workplace) also got a decent rating with average rating 13%.

Their weekend dramas are only You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin and King’s Family  / Wang’s Family (which is still airing). Neither dramas broke 40% ratings (which is usually a norm for KBS2 7.55PM drama), so I think KBS2 will spread the awards between these two dramas. I hope that IU and Jo Jung Suk will receive Best Couple award because they’re the only reason I could continue watching YTBLSS. Voting for Best Couple usually begins at the end of November / early December, I’ll post it when KBS reveals the nominees and the voting page.

For the Grand Prize (Daesang), one journalist predicted it will be a fierce competition between Joo Won (Good Doctor), Ji Sung (Secret) and Kim Hye Soo (Queen of Workplace). I believe all three of them deserve to be a daesang winner, so good luck to them =)



2013 is not a great year in terms of viewership ratings for MBC Drama; as most of their weekdays dramas (mini-series) only recorded average ratings of 10-15%. Gu Family Book is the clear winner with average rating of 16.1%.

Their weekend dramas (special production dramas) on the other hands, were very strong. So I expect tight competition between A Hundred Year’s Inheritance (av rating 22.2%), I Summon You Gold (av rating 16.3%) and Scandal (15.7%).

One journalist predicted that Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki), Park Won Suk (A Hundred Year’s Inheritance), Go Hyun Jung (The Queen of Classroom) and Moon Geun Young (Goddess of Fire) are the strongest candidates for the Grand Prize award, while other journalist predicted Lee Seung Gi (Gu Family Book) and Han Ji Hye (I Summon You Gold) are also the strongest candidates to take home this top prize award. Very surprised and happy to see Park Won Suk on the list, she was the reason why I couldn’t digest the first few episodes of AHYI! I would fast-forwarded Eugene and PWS’ scenes – Park Won Suk was really good playing as an evil over-the-top annoying mother-in-law. Her character is definitely the worst 2013 K-drama mother-in-law. Haha…

*** Just found out that it’s not just the journalists prediction. MBC has released their Daesang nominations list and Ha Ji Won, Park Won Suk, Go Hyun Jung, Moon Geun Young and Lee Seung Gi are all in the running for the Daesang award.


SBS Dramas lead the pack this year. Most of their dramas got high ratings and / or praises from the viewers. So it will be very interesting to see who’ll take home the awards next month. SBS is the most generous broadcasting station, so I can already imagine they’re giving awards to (almost) everyone =)

Ratings-wise, their top three weekdays dramas (mini-series) are:

I Hear Your Voice (18.8%)

The Master’s Sun (17.2%)

Yawang (Queen of Ambition) (16.3%)

But I bet these three dramas will also get a fierce competition from That Winter the Wind Blows and The Heirs. Fans will be very busy voting their favorite actors, actresses & couple as soon as the voting begins 😀

For the drama couples, I expect some tight competition between:

– Jo In SungSong Hye Kyo aka O2 (oxygen) couple

– Lee Bo YoungLee Jong Suk aka Soo-Ha couple

– So Ji SubGong Hyo Jin aka the master and sun couple

Lee Min HoPark Shin Hye aka Kim Tan & Eun Sang

I think SBS will throw in the other The Heirs couples into the mix.

And I also want Lee Sang WooNam Sang Mi and Kim Ji HoonNam Sang Mi nominated as Best Couple as well and I hope one of them will win.

On the other hand, SBS weekends dramas didn’t perform as well as their mini-series, but I hope Goddess of Marriage & Incarnation of Money will take home at least one award. I think Kim Ji Hoon can get top 10 award, but we’ll see. =)

For SBS, journalist predicted that the women will rule the grand prize – Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice), Soo Ae (Yawang) and Song Hye Kyo (That Winter the Wind Blows). One journalist predicted that So Ji Sub (The Master’s Sun) is also one of the strongest candidate for the Grand Prize award.

Whether the journalists & my predictions will come true or not, time will tell. Drama awards will be held at the end of December 2013. Best couple & popularity award nominees usually will be revealed few weeks before the ceremony and public voting will start afterwards.

I hope the best & the most deserving actors & actresses + drama will win. Hwaiting everyone!


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