Lee Bum Soo and Yoona are positively reviewing new KBS2 Drama Prime Minister and I


Lee Bum Soo and Yoona are in talks as leads for the newest Mondays-Tuesdays KBS2 Drama “Prime Minister and I“, Korean version of The Sound of Music. Some news reported that Lee Bum Soo has verbally accepted the offer. He will be portraying a cool & charismatic Prime Minister who is in his 40s.

If Yoona accepts the offer, she’ll be playing as the private tutor who works at the Prime Minister’s House, probably as a private tutor for the Prime Minister’s children.

I honestly can’t imagine the chemistry between them, especially with their 20 years gap; but I will reserve my judgement until I see their on-screen chemistry.

This drama will be penned by scriptwriters Yoon Eun Kyung (Take Care of the Young Lady) & Kim Eun Hee (Ghost, Sign), and will be produced by SM C&C.  It premieres after The Future Choice, so will likely to broadcast its first episode in December 2013.

Cr: Nate

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