Pictures & Videos from Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung’s Wedding Press Conference

Lee Byung Hun marries actress Lee Min Jung this afternoon at the Seoul Grand Hyatt Hotel and they held a wedding press-conference before their guests (of over 900 guests, including many top Korean actors & actresses) arrive. In front of reporters and fans, the happy couple is beaming in happiness on one of the happiest day of their lives.

Veteran actor Shin Young Gyun will officiate their wedding, actor Lee Bum Soo & MC Shin Dong Yup will be the MC at the wedding.

They will go Maldives for their honeymoon. Congratulations, Lee Byung Hun & Lee Min Jung. ^-^

Tidbits from their interview:

– Lee Byung Hun promises that he will continue fighting to be a better actor, same goes for Min Jung.

– Lee Byung Hun & Lee Min Jung will live in the house where Lee Byung Hun grew up, around 40-50 minutes drive from Seoul. Lee Min Jung agreed to take care Lee Byung Hun’s mother. =)

– When asked about children, they haven’t got any plan for children yet, but will be grateful for 1, 2 or 3 children.

– Lee Min Jung prefer to keep the tradition and didn’t want Lee Byun Hun to see her in her wedding dress. As she wanted to see her husband’s surprise face when they walk the aisle. So she chose the wedding dress herself. But everytime she tried on wedding dresses, she took selca and sent the pictures to Lee Byung Hun. So he knew it 😀 He only said she’s pretty.


LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc1-8 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc1-6 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc1-4 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc3-6LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc1-2 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc1-3 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc1-5  LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc1-7 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc2 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc2-1 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc2-2 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc3



I believe Lee Min Jung wore this gorgeous Marchesa wedding dress:



Fans were waiting to catch a glimpse of the happy couple to shower them their best wishes.

LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc4 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc5 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc5-1 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc6 LeeMinJung_LeeByung_hun_bc6-1


Pic as labeled

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