Lee Seung Gi and Im Ji Yeon won’t be starring on MBC “Kill Me Heal Me”


Lee Seung Gi and Im Ji Yeon have decided to drop Heal Me Kill Me due to overlapping schedules.

Lee Seung Gi’s debut movie Today’s Love will premiere on 15 January 2015, 8 days after Kill Me Heal Me is supposed to start. His agency stated that the drama filming will overlap with his movie promotion, meanwhile, Im Ji Yeon is busy filming her latest movie Treacherous Retainer.

Hopefully MBC has a back-up plan because this drama is scheduled to air it’s first episode on 7 January 2015 (only 5 weeks away!) and they still haven’t secured the lead actors. They stated they’ll finalize the casts within this week. Park Seo Joon and Kim Yoo Ri have already been cast as the second leads.

Heal Me Kill Me is a drama from The Moon that Embrace the Sun’s scriptwriter about a hero who has 7 different personalities who falls in love with his doctor who secretly treats him. Park Seo Joon will play as the mysterious novelist.

cr: MyDaily


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