Lee Seung Gi is in talks to headline Kill Me Heal Me

I didn’t expect this possible casting news. Multiple personalities drama Kill Me Heal Me made a headline few weeks ago with Hyun Bin’s casting fiasco which he turned down for dual personalities drama Hyde Jekyll, Me, scheduled to be broadcast in the same timeslot as KMHM. After he declined the offer, the production company released a statement that they actually planned to cast an actor in his twenties anyway. So it’s okay. Now they’re courting Lee Seung Gi to be the leading man.


If Lee Seung Gi accepts the offer, he’ll be playing as the 3rd generation chaebol who has not just two, but seven different personalities who falls in love with his secret doctor (first year physician) who treats him. Before his name was thrown into the casting news mix, his real life girlfriend Yoona was rumoured as the leading lady. Obviously they will never act in the same project together. There’s also rumor about Han Hyo Joo. Both Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo have expressed they wanted to be reunited in one project again, so will this happen next year?

Headache. I love Lee Seung Gi, but with his debut movie Today’s Love set to premiere around the same time early next year and his plan to release his 6th album, I don’t think this is the wisest decision for his acting career. His acting skill is decent, but still not good enough to pull off 7 different personalities / characters. Especially if he has to promote his movie in the midst of packed (live) filming schedule.

Well, he still can decline the offer ~ although it’s reported he’s already in final stage of negotiations. He’s been working non-stop since You’re All Surrounded which sadly looked good on the paper, but not in reality. He probably wants to do one more hit drama before he enters mandatory military service. As a national’s darling, many people want him to be a good role model hence they expect him for not delaying his enlistment until he’s forced to enlist.

But maybe he’ll surprise us like he did in The King 2Hearts? We’ll see.

Rising star Park Seo Joon is reportedly in talk to act as 4D mysterious novelist.

Kill Me Heal Me will be penned by The Moon that Embraces the Sun writer Jin Soo Wan and it’ll be directed by PD Kim Ji Man (Scandal, East of Eden). It’s set to premiere in January 2015 after Mr Back wraps up. Time is running out, I guess casting should be finalized within this week, the latest next week.

Updates from baidu tieba  (some info may not be 100% accurate, so take it with a grain of salt):

– Heal Me Kill Me originally scheduled to be broadcast last month / early this month (after Fated to Love You wrapped up). But because they haven’t secured the casts, HMKM will now be broadcast in January 2015 (7 January 2015).

– It’s a joint production with Chinese investors with a reported total investment of 15 billion won (~ 84million yuan).

– They plan for overseas filming (most likely in America) [hopefully it won’t be as painful as The Heirs]

– The hero has 7 different personalities due to his painful family history. He falls in love with his doctor who secretly treats him. His struggle to fight with his sudden behavior changes will make this romantic comedy drama a thrilling unique story.

– It’s rumored that both the scriptwriter and the Chinese investors wanted the same actor to headline this drama. Chinese investors’ representative met with Lee Seung Gi’s agency last month to persuade him to join HMKM. Filming was scheduled to start on 11 November but because his Today’s Love filming finished on 9 November, they postponed it to 18 November (one reason why his casting news was released yesterday). * I took this info with a grain of salt because they offered the role to Hyun Bin first. I’m curious and wondering why they decided to cast Lee Seung Gi. 



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