Lee Seung Gi suffers eye injury, You’re All Surrounded filming halted & cancelled 11 June broadcast

The peril of live-shooting strikes again. Lee Seung Gi suffers from severe eye injury after a prop knife struck his eye yesterday morning. After receiving treatment and thorough medical examination, he’s diagnosed with corneal damage and intraocular hemorrhage.

You’re All Surrounded has already been in live-shooting mode since episode 5 or 6; and the script came out very late. With this very packed filming schedule, and the doctor orders for Lee Seung Gi to get absolute rest, the filming halted to let Seung Gi recovers from his injury.


You’re All Surrounded has cancelled Wednesday’s episode, they’ll broadcast a special episode in place of episode 10. Episode 10 will be aired on Thursday, 12 June.

Lee Seung Gi’s injury sounds really serious, hope he recovers well without any complication. Get well soon, Seung Gi.

cr: Osen
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