[Drama 2015] Let’s Eat Season 2 – 식샤를 합시다 2

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Title: Let’s Eat Season 2 – 식샤를 합시다 2
Genre: Food, Thriller, Romantic
Episodes: 16 (TBC)
Broadcast Network: tvN
Broadcast Period: 6 April – June 2015
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:00PM KST
Production Director: Park Joon Hwa (Let’s Eat)
Writer: Lim Soo Mi (Let’s Eat)

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The second season of Let’s Eat – Goo Dae Young moves in to a new apartment building & lives in apartment #202 where he meets his elementary schoolmate Baek Soo Ji living next door (apartment #201). Working as a freelance writer, Baek Soo Ji is on a strict diet in the last four years & only eats one very delicious meal per day. She has a crush with vegetarian government employee Kwon Yul. Lee Jum is Dae Young & Soo Ji’s neighbor, she lives in apartment #102 (first floor, directly under Dae Young’s apartment). Kim Mi Ran is the owner of apartment #202.



 photo tvNLetsEat2YoonDooJoon_bc_zps2snebtfu.jpg photo tvNLetsEat2SeoHyeonJin_bc_zps9v5vme9n.jpg photo tvNLetsEat2KwonYul_bc_zpsfjd9mbyo.jpg
Yoon Doo JoonSeo Hyeon JinKwon Yul
as Goo Dae Young [31]as Baek Soo Ji [31]as Lee Sang Woo [35]

People around them

 photo tvNLetsEat2KimJiYoung_bc_zpsb7yhwxwr.jpg photo tvNLetsEat2HwangSeokJeong _bc_zpseuwsc3wm.jpg photo tvNLetsEat2KimHeeWon_bc_zpsc598qkn7.jpg photo tvNLetsEat2JoEunJi_bc_zpsqyzd431a.jpg photo tvNLetsEat2HwangSeungEon_bc_zpsoyoejxgr.jpg
Kim Ji YoungHwang Seok JungKim Hee WonJo Eun JiHwang Seung Eon
as Lee Jumas Kim Mi Ranas Lim Tae Sooas Hong In Ahas Hwang Hye Rim

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