[Drama 2014] Maids


Title: Maids 하녀들
Also Known As: Servants
Genre: Period, Romance, Melodrama, Youth
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Network: JTBC
Broadcast Period: 12 December 2014 – 2015
Air Time: Fridays & Saturdays 21:45PM KST
Director:  Jo Hyun Tak (Dear You, Daemul)
Writer: Jo Hyeon Kyoung

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Brief Synopsis

A famous noblewoman Guk In Yeob who’s well known for her beauty & style is demoted to the lowest class of citizen (slave) after her father was framed. With her loyal maidservant Sa Wol, she tries her hardest to survive the accusations against her & her family and drastic lifestyle changes. She crosses path with another servant Mu Myung and falls in love with this mysterious man who’s talented in martial arts.


Oh Ji Ho as Mu Myung
Jung Yoo Mi as Guk In Yeob
Kim Dong Wook as Kim Eun Gi
Lee Shi Ah as Heo Yoon Ok
Lee Yi Kyung as Heo Yoon Seo
Jeon So Min as Danji
Kim Gap Soo as Kim Chi Gwon (Eun Gi’s Dad)
Jin Hee Kyung as Lady Han (Eun Gi’s Mother)
Hwang Sun Hee as Ga Hee Ah
Park Chul Min as Heo Eung Cham
Jeon Mi Sun as Lady Yoon
Ahn Nae Sang as King Taejong of Joseon
Lee Cho Hee as Sa Wol

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