Marriage, Not Dating Episode 3 Mini Recap

Marriage, Not Dating continues to deliver narratively. Our “fake” couple discovers that Jang Mi perspective about loneliness is the total opposite of Ki Tae’s aloneness. This explains the reason why Jang Mi really wants to get married & so desperate to be with man; and the reason why Ki Tae prefer to stay single enjoying his freedom.


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Jang Mi barges in to Ki Tae’s apartment, shocked to find him lying unconscious. What happened?

Episode 3 Mini Recap – Being Happy On Your Own

D-2 before the incident

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Bong Hyang reveals to Jang Mi’s mother that her son doesn’t want to get married, implying that it’s a one-sided love.

As soon as Ki Tae & Jang Mi arrive, Jang Mi’s mom asks if he’s the restaurant owner that she wanted to introduce to her parents.

Bong Hyang is perplexed. Does Jang Mi have another man beside Ki Tae? Who is this restaurant owner?

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Ki Tae clarifies that it was Jang Mi’s idea to lie about his occupation. After his smooth explanation confessing that it’s very tough to lie, he kneels down to his “future” mother-in-law, very honored that he finally gets a chance to meet her.

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He quickly escorts mom home. While Jang Mi’s mom hit a jackpot that she’ll soon have a plastic surgeon son-in-law, Bong Hyang is dismayed that his son lied to her. She embarrassed herself only to find out the truth. Ki Tae explains they “chose” to lie because of her pride. She’d be hurt if she knew her son begged Jang Mi to marry him. Mom, please let your son handle her relationship himself.

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Mom is so excited to tell her husband about her doctor boyfriend and her future-in-law’s mother. Jang Mi is surprised her parents are finally talking face-to-face with each other! Mom is very pleased with Ki Tae!

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Jang Mi’s heart starts to race as she thinks about Yeo Reum and what he did at the party earlier. She smiles to herself but Hoon Dong’s good night message ruins her good mood.

D-1 before the incident

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Bong Hyang barges in at her son’s house very early in the morning. She throws away his food, while he begs mom to respect his privacy so he changes his mind about marriage.

Hoon Dong still hasn’t given up, he keeps sending cute messages to Jang Mi. Just then, he sees her riding her bicycle.

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Jang Mi comes to the restaurant to see Yeo Reom & to return his jacket. He’s busy learning to cook a nice pasta dish from a chef who’s annoyed with his never-ending question. Jang Mi leaves him alone because it’s clear he doesn’t want to talk to her now. He then tells her he’ll call her later, he already has her number.

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Hoon Dong tells her to stop looking for him. He’s trying his best to like her again now.

Ki Tae “takes” Jang Mi’s away from crazy Hoon Dong who follows them to Ki Tae’s apartment. He knows Ki Tae never let any girl to step into his apartment, so he  knows they’re playing with his feelings now.

Jang Mi begs Ki Tae to help her until she ends everything with Hoon Dong who doesn’t realize that he’s turned into her “stalker”. She decides it’s wise to hide at his place until Hoon Dong leaves.

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Jang Mi is surprised with his spacious, clean & tidy bachelor pad. Clean-freaked perfectionist Ki Tae is busy cleaning up all the traces & fingerprints Jang Mi left as she’s having fun exploring his apartment.

After she comfortably settles in a nice massage chair, she starts blaming Ki Tae for ruining her possible “date” with Yeo Reum last night because she had to go to see his mom at her place.

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Just then, they hear someone is at the door. Ki Tae hides her in his bedroom – under a blanket. He set it up so mom think that he was sleeping with a girl.

Bong Hyang is speechless to see woman’s shoes and socks on the floor. His topless son welcomes her, he deliberately left his bedroom door’s open so mom could see Jang Mi’s feet. Pretending she didn’t see anything, she quietly leaves.

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Jang Mi has enough with these lies, so let’s stop this before it’s too late. But Ki Tae reminds her that her parents love him.

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Spot on! Jang Mi’s mom and dad who had trouble communicating, have now made up thanks to Ki Tae. They’re elated their daughter will marry a handsome kind plastic surgeon.

She has enough and want to have a drink with Hyun Hee, but she declines her offer.

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She lurks around the restaurant to see Yeo Reom, hoping Hoon Dong won’t catch her. She’s furious when he sees him with a woman, especially after she notices he hands his credit card to this woman. This woman is Hyun Hee who’s here to give him a refund of the expensive wallets he returned from the charity event.

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Meanwhile, Jang Mi sneakily enters the restaurant. Too bad, Hoon Dong sees her and calls her name. He’s happy to see her, although she tells him she’s not here to see him. She’s shocked to see Hyun Hee with Hoon Dong, thinking they’re on a date. Betrayed & sad, she hurriedly leaves. Hyun Hee confidently tells Hoon Dong it’s okay, she’ll resolve this misunderstanding soon.

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Just as she leaves the restaurant, Jang Mi spots Yeo Reum with another woman.

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Se Ah brought brought up their wedding plan which was cancelled 3 years ago, she advises him to stay single instead of ruining other people’s lives. When it’s time for the Cinderella man to leave, she asks if she can go to this house. But based on his reaction, she understands that he prefers to be alone.

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Jang Mi arrives at her pitch-black house, suddenly she remembers her painful memory as a little girl – crying out for her parents every time they left her alone at home. Contrary to her, Ki Tae is used to be alone. When he was a little boy, he’s able to sleep alone with his toy.

So she decides to go to Ki Tae’s place. Perfect! Two lonely people are supposed to spend time together, right? =)

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Ki Tae forbids her to cook ramen at his apartment, so she threatens to kill his precious nemo for a delicious fish stew. After much struggle, she pulls his nemo out of the aquarium. Fortunately, Ki Tae is able to save it. So he reluctantly makes a ramen for her, with a timer by his side.

Then he gives a book “he’s just not into you” to drunken Jang Mi. Who’s very impatient that she turns off the stove and put the hot pot on top of his book. 😀 She advises him that “life doesn’t have a manual, theory & practice are very different”.

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She asks why he hates marriage. His answer: he doesn’t want to ruin his life with a girl like her.

About his history with Se Ah, he explains they didn’t want to waste their close relationship in a marriage.

He abruptly reveals the truth about Yeo Reum. He posted lots of food pictures on his SNS, so there’s no way he ate all those meals alone. Jang Mi needs to look beyond her own emotions & feelings, because at the moment, she only believes what she wanted to believe. He advises her to stop obsessing over a man and try to enjoy some time alone.

She replies back that he’ll die out of loneliness because everyone needs to communicate with other people.

Just then, Yeo Reum calls asking to meet. He explains the woman he met before is a rich and kind woman who gave $5k for charity. This clears all the misunderstanding between them, so Jang Mi plans to meet him. Unfortunately, Ki Tae locks her in the bathroom! He advises her that a couple can only be happy if she can be happy alone. He explains from a guy’s perspective, it’s either he likes a woman or he does not. Not in between, there’s no ambiguity.

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They fight to open / keep the door lock until Jang Mi wins the fight. She warns him that he will never find someone to be “on” when he spends time alone at home almost 24/7. If he wants to be alone, go for it!

Before she leaves, she takes his mother’s kimchi with her as he’s going to throw it away anyway.

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Yeo Reum brought his home-cooked pasta for her to try. Jang Mi concludes he uploaded lots of food pics because he likes cooking. She combine the kimchi with the pasta and think it’s a great combination. She offers herself as his “meal friends” since she notices he sometimes eats alone in the corner. He accepts his kind offer.

Because Jang Mi doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake she made with Hoon Dong, she tells herself to take her time with her brand newly flourished relationship.

The day of the incident

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Ki Tae’s family is investigating Jang Mi’s personal life. His grandma sarcastically tells them Ki Tae chooses a woman who’s the opposite of his mom. This family threatens, stalks people; perhaps this is the reason why Ki Tae prefer to live alone.

Bong Hyang suggests grandma to talk to Ki Tae as he trusts & easily opens up to her. She takes this challenge. Unfortunately, Ki Tae is very busy so she’s unable to see her grandson. Because it’s raining, she runs to the nearest department store.

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Jang Mi’s mom visits her future son-in-law. She wants to know why (although his practice is successful) his skin looks rough and his eyes are puffy. She’s curious if Jang Mi made him suffer which led to Ki Tae cried himself to sleep. He whinges it’s true. Mom tells him she’ll do anything to change Jang Mi’s mind. LMAO.Then tells him to stop eating ramen.

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As soon as he can escape from her, he calls Jang Mi to help him (get her mom out of his practice). But Jang Mi is also busy because his grandmother comes to her workplace. She begs her to make a pancake as she’s promised.

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Unable to refuse, Grandma takes her to Ki Tae’s apartment as he knows she’s been here before, but grandma soon realizes she’s not that close yet because she doesn’t know his passcode. Grandma think he’s close to his grandson, trying to enter various codes about her. Jang Mi who knows he loves himself, think the passcode is his birthday. It’s true.

She’s cooking pancakes. With her amazing skill & agility, she flips it over. Grandma is impressed. She’s enjoying her time with Jang Mi, eating pancake & drinking rice wine. Unaware that her family is worriedly looking for her.

She asks Jang Mi’s opinion about Ki Tae. Straight away she frankly tells grandma that he’s rude. Grandma points out that although he’s cold but he’s an affectionate man. It’s good that he finally finds Jang Mi who can speak the truth to him, she requests Jang Mi to take a good care of her grandson.

She’s aware the reason why Ki Tae prefer to be alone. She think it’s all her fault. Suddenly, she talks about dying because she’s too old then after she drinks a rice wine, she collapses!

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Jang Mi panicky calls Ki Tae who’s worried sick looking for his grandmother. Jang Mi apologizes that she couldn’t send his grandmother home because she was wet, so she took her to his place. Didn’t realize things would get this bad.

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Thankfully, grandma is fine. In fact, she didn’t faint, she was sleeping. 😀 Because she has insomnia so doctors tell the family to let her to sleep a bit longer.

The family is furious that the bar owner’s daughter let Ki Tae’s grandma to drink that much alcohol. Ki Tae grabs Jang Mi’s hand, trying to help her to escape from his family.

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Frustrated & angry, he tells her to understand her boundary, otherwise, she’ll be a stalker like what she did to Hoon Dong again.

What’s her intention now? Does she really want to marry him? He declares he hates girl like her!

She apologizes for everything, promises she won’t bother him again.

Ki Tae cleans his house until it’s spotless clean, then enjoy a warm bath with a glass of red wine, relieved he’s finally alone.

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Unfortunately, he’s locked in the bathroom! Jang Mi broke it last time and he hasn’t fixed it yet.

Jang Mi sarcastically says to herself: hope he’ll live happily ever after… ALONE.

Ki Tae screams out, hoping people will hear his plea. Anyone… please… come & rescue him.

15 hours after the bathroom lock-in incident

Helpless Ki Tae’s still locked inside the bathroom.

24 hours afterwards

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He’s going crazy now.

Meanwhile, the practice is in chaos because they couldn’t contact Dr Kong Ki Tae that they had to cancel the patients appointments. Nobody picks up his phone either.

Se Ah comes to the department store where Jang Mi works. Straight away she asks if she could get in touch with Ki Tae. But Se Ah tells her it’s better to leave him alone, she knew what happened last time with Hoon Dong, right.

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Pale Ki Tae knows mom would not come. Neither would Se Ah nor Hoon Dong. What about Jang Mi? But her last word was she’d get lost from his sight. So…

36 hours after the incident

Starved, exhausted & weak; he tries to keep his eyes open, but suddenly he collapses.

Jang Mi accidentally broke a jar glass, suddenly she remembers a young girl crying – her feet are covered with broken glasses.

She carefully picks the broken glasses. Because she’s very worried, she rushes in to Ki Tae’s apartment. Thankfully she remembers his passcode, so she let herself inside.

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She repeatedly calls his name because of her pride and what he told her about maintaining a safe boundary.

Ki Tae is trying to answer her, but he’s too weak. Suddenly, he faints.

Jang Mi apologizes for barging in again, explaining that she almost died when she was left alone when she was 5 years old. This is the reason why she can’t be alone and is very worried for people who’re alone.

Ki Tae regains his consciousness, trying to let Jang Mi knows he’s in the bathroom, but he’s too weak to say anything.

Jang Mi explains her parents become closer again after knowing their daughter will marry a plastic surgeon. She’s happy but yet very apologetic to Ki Tae.

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He gathers his energy to call her. Thankfully Jang Mi hears his weak voice. After she realizes he’s locked in the bathroom, she takes a knife trying to open the door. Finally the door is open, she’s shocked to see him lying in the bathroom. She tries to help him to get up, but he hugs her as tight as he can.

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Brief Comments

Awww Ki Tae realizes the drawback of being alone after he’s locked in the bathroom. After spending 36 hours alone, isolated from the outside world without nobody hearing his plea for help, hopefully Ki Tae understands how hard it is to be alone & lonely, without anyone by his side.

Thankfully Jang Mi who experienced the painful childhood trauma came to his rescue. It’s about time our hero finally understands the difference between alone & lonely; because so far he interpreted alone = personal freedom. For Jang Mi, she thought alone = loneliness (feeling empty when nobody’s by her side). Hence, she prefer to be surrounded with a man who can fill this empty spot inside her heart. All her craziness makes sense now.

Ki Tae’s dysfunctional family could be the culprit behind his stubbornness. He prefer to live alone than to hear his mother’s unending complains. Moreover, he saw his mother dictating the whole household and his father, so he chooses to be a single man than having a woman taking control over his life after their wedding day.

It’s nice to see them communicating openly with each other, although it usually ends up in more argument.

Hoon Dong continues to annoy me in so many ways while Hyun Hee looks like Jang Mi version 2 who’s desperate for man to fill a hole on her heart.

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