SBS releases The Master’s Sun 4 “Dreamy Posters”

Eerie, that’s the vibe I got from these 4 “dreamy posters” released by SBS just a week before the premiere of the upcoming horror romantic drama, The Master’s Sun.

So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin both clutch the cross in the first poster with the illumination background truly shows the mysterious vibe of this couple. I’m very interested to see the meaning behind white lily on the second & third poster, probably it refers to the ghost-soul.

The last poster is my favorite and I hope SBS will release the HQ version of this poster. With candle on her hand, Gong Hyo Jin who has the ability to see ghost is leading So Ji Sub to unknown place. I could see hands trying to reach out & hold on to So Ji Sub’s feet.




cr: SBS via Nate 

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