Intense battle between Joo Joong Won and Kim Joo Won, The Master’s Sun and SeGa Parody Video


Another daebak parody video from SBS! This time, they mashed-up scenes from two rom-com dramas, The Master’s Sun & Secret Garden. Joo Joong Won [So Ji Sub], CEO of Kingdom Dept Store and Kim Joo Won [Hyun Bin], CEO of LOEL Depart Store; both are well known as the best shopping malls in the dramaland. So I think the perfect title of this parody video is the fierce rivalry battle between SBS Drama’s Department Store CEOs.

There’s a childhood scene in the parody video above. Joong Won & Joo Won are cousins?

Who is the best Korean Dramaland CEO? Joong Won or Joo Won? Who is your favorite KDramaland CEO? =)

Because I haven’t watched The Master’s Sun and I’m a bit biased with SeGa, so for now, my vote goes to Kim Joo Won. He may not be the best CEO (only comes to work twice a week). But he always challenges his staffs and the board of directors to step out of their comfort zone trying to find the best possible ideas (his favorite question: “Is this the best you can do? Are you sure?”).


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