Mom Needs a Man – Casting News

Broadcast Date: 23 December 2013 – TBA


This drama will revolve around the friendship and love story of 3 friends who’re in their late 30s, Choi Jung Yoon, Jin Jae Young and the heroine Eugene.

Eugene will play as a single mother, Jin Jae Young is a single woman who’s enjoying this stage of her life and Choi Jung Yoon will play as a housewife and child actress Jin Ji Hee will be playing as her rebellious teenage daughter. She married at a tender young age, she’s an obedient woman who follows her in-laws and husband’s rules and expectations.

Uhm Tae Woong will take the role as a genius prickly perfectionist movie director, Kim Sung Soo will be playing as CEO of a movie company.

Cr: Nate & TVDaily

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