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Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (also known as Love in the Moonlight) is a fusion fantasy sageuk youth romance about Crown Prince Lee Young (Park Bo Gum) who falls in love with his eunuch Hong Sam Nom (Kim Yoo Jung). Unbeknownst to him, Sam Nom is actually a woman Hong Ra On who’s forced to cross-dress as a man by her mom to protect herself. Beside fighting with his feeling, unable to express it to Sam Nom, he has to deal with political issues thrown by Prime Minister Kim & his ‘minions’ and arranged marriage to Jo Ha Yeon (Chae Soo Bin) set-up by King Soonjo. Prime Minister Kim’s grandson Kim Yoon Sung (Jin Young) isn’t afraid of expressing his feeling ever since he finds out she’s a woman while Crown Prince Lee Young’s loyal bodyguard Kim Byung Yeon (Kwak Dong Yeon) secretly has been helping Chief Eunuch Han (Jang Gwang) to protect Ra On. Crown Prince Lee Young’s & Ra On’s twisted fate & their forbidden love story is heartwrenchingly beautiful especially after Ra On’s dad’s past is unveiled.

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On this page, you’ll find quotes and narration from this drama. If your favorite quote isn’t listed here, feel free to leave your comment below. Enjoy! 🙂


Chapter 1 Destiny in the Moonlight

“How can you stop your feelings just because you’re not allowed to love each other?” -Hong Sam Nom-


Chapter 5 Tell Me Your Wish

“Don’t worry because of me, don’t avoid me either” -Kim Yoon Sung-

“Do you know what the cold and love have in common? You can’t hide it and it hurts” -Hong Sam Nom-

“I don’t allow it… he’s my person!” -Crown Prince Lee Young-


Chapter 6 When You Want to Tell Your Secret

“My steps have never felt so precious to take before” -Kim Yoon Sung-

“It is natural for a man & a woman to be together but if you desire someone you can’t have, it eats away at you from within” -Palace’s Physician-

“Promise me one thing – do not refrain yourself because of someone else, especially if it’s because of me” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“I have never let anyone take what is mine” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“The people shaking in fear are the best weapon you have – you use them to get what you want & you hide behind them when you’re in trouble!” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“Your Highness must refrain yourself from anger for your people not for me. It’s because you’re the Crown Prince of this country!” -Hong Sam Nom-

“You should take a risk to pursue change” -Jo Man Hyung-

“That is still true, I get angry when I see you but I can’t help it. When I couldn’t see you, I get more angry & it drives me crazy!” -Crown Prince Lee Young-


Chapter 7 Confession

“Why does my heart feel at ease after returning here? You once said there’s no one who likes the palace. You said that when you start liking someone in the palace, the palace simply becomes bearable… I’m worried because I might like the palace more than I do now” -Hong Sam Nom-

“Is it weird to keep an eunuch whom I like next to me?” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“According to ‘Seo Gyeong’, even though you have to be aware of what should be avoided, one needs to know what hardship is in order to avoid it” -Jo Ha Yeon-

“How can feelings that go without thought be right or wrong? “-Hong Sam Nom-

“Although I know it is futile, what can I do if the feelings keep growing? Even if nothing changes, I wish my feelings can be conveyed” -Hong Sam Nom-

“A confession to the person who’s leaving in order for my heart to be at ease? That’s selfish!” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“Is it wrong to confess an unrequited love? A proper farewell is as warm as feelings of admiration. Who knows that the memory of being loved could become the strength to live on for life” -Hong Sam Nom-

“It is myself, the person who made me angry” -Hong Sam Nom-

“Do you not want to live as a woman?…. I will wait ’til the day you find out what you really want” -Kim Yoon Sung-

“Father, if I really have to get married, I want to do it with someone I wish to marry” -Jo Ha Yeon-

“To His Majesty the King, you may just be one palace woman among countless others but to me, you’re my entire world!” -Eunuch Ma Jong Ja-

“Those are not the eyes gazing upon an eunuch, it’s a man’s gaze looking at his lover!” -Queen Kim-

“Before I am the Crown Prince, I am a person & a man! I’m in love with you!” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“Do not say that my feelings are wrong. Didn’t you say so? How can you say a love that has gone is right or wrong?” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“I know… but I’m going to try… that wicked love” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

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Chapter 8 Although you don’t even know

“In order to keep you by my side, I knew I couldn’t let those feelings come to light” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“I am plucking up the courage like you said… for this confession might put me in danger or even cause me to lose you” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“Thank you for letting me know that a person’s sincere feelings can create miracles” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“What has a hold on your heart that it’s worth putting yourself in danger?” -Kim Yoon Sung-

“You’re not supposed to take back something you have already said. Instead, you have to take responsibility” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“What does it matter if you have mastered the secret method for courting? I’m envious you can convey your feelings candidly… You will definitely end up happy with that person since sincere feelings are very strong” -Hong Sam Nom-

“If it’s an opponent I have to fight, then wouldn’t I have to put forth my best efforts in fighting? If that still doesn’t work, I would have to go with the flow” -Hong Sam Nom-

“If a bright red flower grows among a green bed of grass, it’s human nature to (want to) pluck that flower. However, if you wish to pluck that flower, the surrounding grasses are meant to be stepped on first” -Prime Minister Kim Hoon-

“I knew it (back) then that I had to become strong to protect those who are precious to me” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“A woman that I’m in love with… right in front of me… I’m going to treat you as the most precious woman. Is that okay with you?” -Crown Prince Lee Young-


Chapter 9 The Moment the Lock of the Heart is opened

“I will now treat you like the most precious lady in the world. I shall block the wind for you and block the sunlight for you. I shall cherish you. May I do all these?…. I will now treat you like the most precious lady in the world.” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“When you open a path, you must open the gate at the end of the path” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“What is right isn’t always the best for the people” -Premier Kim-

“They say if you share the bracelets, you will meet again even if you are parted” -Jo Ha Yeon-

“Is the objective of this fight a victory or a change?” -Master Jung-


Chapter 10 Like a Fairy Tale

“I cannot be blind to the mud beneath my feet just to stay in the shade” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“A string that is pulled too tight on a bow is bound to break” -Master Jung-


Chapter 11 A Promise

*From episode 11 onwards, I use ‘Hong Ra On’ instead of ‘Hong Sam Nom’


“It comes from my heart… I have always wanted to mark you as mine” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“How could a riot create hope? -Kim Byung Yeon-

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“I wish you would be a king with good eyes because if you’re too high up, you tend not to see people below you. I wish you have good ears – you must not listen only to those who yell before you… Please protect every single person for they’re all your people. Will you promise me to become a King like that?” -Queen Yoon-

“My grandfather used to say when the heart is sad, you doubt everything” -Hong Ra On-

“When the heart is sad, you doubt everything. Then… I need you. Reduce my suspicions with enjoyment” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“My grandfather used to say that people who are meant to meet again… will see each other again in one way or another” -Hong Ra On-

“Since the day I took the throne when I was 10, there has not been a single day when I wasn’t confused or afraid. It would be as if you were walking through rough water. You’d think you took 10 steps forward but then you’d realize you have only been stamping your feet on the same spot. At least you need to grab a twig if it helps you move to the calm water” -King Soonjo-

“Do you know when I’m the happiest these days? It’s when you call me ‘Ra On’.” -Hong Ra On-
“It’s the same for me. It’s the happiest moment for me when you appear in front of me when I call your name” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“When you are in love, you naturally become greedy” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“I don’t want you to be in danger because of me. Even if I can’t stay with you as a woman, it doesn’t mean I will stop loving you.” -Hong Ra On-

“She happened to come to me as an eunuch but she is my love” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“I want it (Joseon) to be where a child can live as a child and a woman can live as a woman. I want it to be where everyone lives happily so can you wait until I create a nation like that for you? You are the first of my people in the new Joseon that I will create” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“If you face a very difficult situation and must let go of something, it must not be me. Can you promise me?” -Crown Prince Lee Young-


Chapter 12 Faith Becomes Destiny

“I don’t know what that danger is but I won’t separate family for my own gain” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“Destiny is neither created because you wish it to be nor avoided because you wish to.” -Master Jung-

“Don’t worry Your Highness, I won’t go anywhere without your permission” -Hong Ra On-

“Nobody will take away your happiness without my permission so don’t cry as I won’t never let go of this hand” -Crown Prince Lee Young-


Chapter 14 Misty Road

“Is love the only emotion felt between a man and a woman?” -Jo Ha Yeon-

“Don’t walk so weakly. Don’t make an expression as if you’ve just lost your entire world because that woman you love would’ve probably told you the same thing if she saw your state right now” -Jo Ha Yeon-

“Whether you see it from the palace or from Banchon, the moon is still the same right? So Even if I am the Crown Prince and you are who you are, we will be alright whenever we are as long as our hearts feel the same just like that moon” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“I will just love, love and love again because I believe that only a loving heart is the way to be patient and to make sacrifices for His Highness” -Jo Ha Yeon-


Chapter 15 All the lies that appeared true

“I will only listen to you. No matter what lie you tell, I will believe it. Were you sincere about everything you showed me?” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“Rather than someone who does great deeds, I needed a family with whom I could eat, sleep, laugh and cry together” -Ra On’s Mom-

“When you face the knot that is impossible to untangle, you must cut it out without holding back.” -Eunuch Han-

“Even if it is poorly-planned and humble, I shall draw my own future by myself” -Kim Yoon Sung-


Chapter 16 The World You Dream Of

“Heaven appoints a leader for the people’s sake, not for one person’s own selfish interests… A leader for the people is not chosen by Heaven. A leader for the people is chosen by the people.” -Hong Gyeong Nae-

“Even if you did not change the world, still… as my father with me, you would have given me the strength” -Hong Ra On-

“I did not want to throw my child into a world of problems I could do little about. So I wanted to change it into a world a bit better for you” -Hong Gyeong Nae-

“Our destinies were entangled before you and I met.” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“What we want is not only politics for the people but by the people. You were born to be King, considering yourself the sun – absolute and shining. But a person – a chosen King differs… He considers himself equal to the people as a person. A person dreams of being a person – isn’t it ironic?” -Hong Gyeong Nae-

“How come someone who cherishes each person treat them like animals?” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

“From this moment, stop loving me. Only remember me as a traitor’s daughter as I don’t want to leave you the terrible anguish of not being able to protect your beloved” -Hong Ra On-


Chapter 17 An End for a Beginning

“May we be nothing but friends in my final moment” -Kim Byung Yeon-

“I will play my role. I cannot console you like she did but I will assist you to protect your position. I’ll be the one with you until the end” -Lady Jo Ha Yeon-

“It is hard to catch a big tiger. Cut off its right limb then its left until you cut off its head” -Master Jung-

“Whatever happens, we shouldn’t be sorry – not you nor me because we knew our roles” -Kim Yoon Sung-


Final Chapter Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

“I dreamed of our parting – it was a happy dream because at least I saw you in it” -Hong Ra On-

“By the time you read this, I ardently hope you have overcome all your sadness. I staked my life for your seat. Never forget it is for Joseon’s hope, not power” -Queen Yoon-

“Every path with you will be flower-lined. I only need you, Myeong Eun” -Duk Ho-

“Kim Byung Yeon: ‘Moonlight drawn by clouds – do you know it?’
Hong Gyeong Nae: ‘Draw clouds to make the moon shine'”

“He (Crown Prince Lee Young is not a lone sun. Among his people, he shines like a moonlight” -Kim Byung Yeon-

“You… fill my world to the brim, Ra On (joy)” -Crown Prince Lee Young-

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