Mr Back Episode 1 Highlights / Brief Recap

Mr Back has completely captured my heart. The premise is simple: a 70 yo wealthy apathetic Chairman Choi Go Bong is given a chance to redeem his life & to fall in love after he suddenly wakes up in his 30s. KDramaland loves to give the viewers the transformation of a cold unsympathetic selfish man to a kind-hearted warm nice man. Although this theme has been used so many times before, but I believe what’s important is not the ending but the process. Episode 1 gives a background story of Chairman Choi, his greedy family, his reckless son, his company and his loyal assistants. We also meet kind-hearted Eun Soo and her family; her struggles to survive working in an environment where her employer fires her just because of a petty misunderstanding. Little did she know she’ll get entangled in her Chairman’s life and his son’s life.

Chairman Choi is painted as someone who doesn’t care about other people, he never trusts people. Most likely because he’s been hurt & betrayed so the only thing he can do is to believe in himself. He builds an unbreakable wall inside his heart that nobody can enter, not even his son. But things change after a lovely woman Eun Ha Soo appears in his life. Her gentle touch melts his icy heart. For the first time in so many years, he falls in love again.

His relationship with his son, Choi Dae Han is like oil and water. Besides his love story, I’m also intrigued to see how this father-and-son relationship will grow. Maybe it’ll be easier for young Choi to approach Dae Han as a friend so he can trust him & share his problem and burden. It’ll help them to get closer and rebuild their father-and-son relationship.


Mr Back Episode 1 Highlights / Brief Recap

Happy Birthday, Chairman Choi!

Today is Choi Go Bong’s (Shin Ha Kyun) 70th birthday. His family has already prepared a luxurious breakfast for him. As soon as he arrives at the dining lounge, they compete to give the best presents for him.

However, the person who he really wanted to be here… is nowhere to be seen. Where is his reckless troublemaker son, Choi Dae Han (Lee Joon)?

While he’s enjoying his reakfast, his secretary Hong Ji Yeon (Park Ye Jin) is briefing today’s agenda. He knows she’s trying to distract him, she’s hiding his son’s mess. Hence, Ji Yeon briefly tells him that his son impregnated a woman whom he borrowed one billion won from, now she threatened to spill the truth to the media. Unfortunately, journalists have captured them together so they can’t lie that they don’t know this woman. What can they do to bury this story?

Soon afterwards, his son calls. He screams out from the sky “hi family, I will be there soon!”

He skydives as he delivers his birthday message. Too bad the wind rips off some of the stickers, so it’s now read as “Dad, your birthday is dead” LOL. He keeps screaming out “Happy birthday” as he skydives. Chairman Choi collapses.

His family doctor advises him to take a good care of his health, no more alcohol, no more greasy food. He had a heart attack before, so he has to be more careful now. He whinges. Dae Han gives a very good advice: enjoy your life to the fullest, eat anything you want. Well, how much longer will he live?

His uncles hit him with pillows, yupe, he’s deserved to be hit.


Chairman Choi and Eun Ha Soo First Meeting

Ji Yeon arranges Chairman Choi to volunteer at Silver House. They drop him off outside the gate. As he walks to the gate, suddenly it’s pouring down so he’s running to find a shelter. As he slowly runs, a motorcycle hit him from the back. Eun Ha Soo (Jang Na Ra) tries to help him but he stubbornly refuses, telling her to go away. Kind-hearted Ha Soo takes him to the center where he becomes a center of attention because he looks like someone who’s lost his mind. He brags that he built this building, screaming out calling his Manager Sung who’s sleeping in the car.

The grandmas try to feed kimchi to him, but he refuses ~ the kimchi ends up at his forehead. ^^ Ha Soo helps him to wash his hands & his forehead. Suddenly Chairman Choi feels a butterfly on his stomach. He’s still as stubborn as ever, he doesn’t even thank her. But he silently observes her, he appreciates her magic hand of fixing his broken glasses & he keeps the candy he gave him. He can’t get her off his mind.


Director Choi and Eun Ha Soo First Meeting

After struggling to find a permanent job, Ha Soo finally landed a job at Chairman Choi’s hotel. But her first day is a disaster. When she’s cleaning a room, Choi Dae Han abruptly enters & “kidnaps” her. He’s hiding from Chairman Choi who’s searching all hotel rooms to find his son who’s failed to be at work on time.

Dae Han takes off his shirt and brings her under the blanket, causing Eun Ha Soo to think he’s gonna rape her. She slaps him, pulls his hair, screams out “mom” everytime she can.

Chairman Choi finally reaches this room & opens it. Oh no….

Thankfully, Ji Yeon comes to save the day. But Chairman Choi doesn’t buy her excuses. He knows his son better than anyone.

Dae Han throws money to Eun Ha Soo (after she threatened she’ll report him for sexual harassment) & orders Ji Yeon to take care the rest. He doesn’t realize his precious necklace is missing. Eun Soo doesn’t know he’s the son of this hotel’s owner. She thought he’s a hotel guest.

Chairman Choi is furious yet disappointed his son keeps chasing women & even flirting with an employee. He’s also upset Ji Yeon lied to him.

Ha Soo is pleased to see him again, asking if he remembers her. Chairman Choi sees her holding money Dae Han gave her, he thought she’s one of money digger so he fired her on the spot. Eun Ha Soo decides to quit because she doesn’t want to work under him.


Meteor Shower – The Collision, Fate, The Beginning

Chairman Choi gives away his secret of surviving in the industry for almost 5 decades, he doesn’t trust people. There’re times when he almost got betrayed because he trusted someone, but he will never trust anyone again. Never.

Dae Han realizes his necklace is missing so he orders Eun Ha Soo to bring it back to him with a promise she’ll get her job back. Fortunately, the necklace is still in that room, so she hurriedly drives her car to return it to Dae Han.

It’s predicted that there’ll be meteor shower tonight. Manager Sung drives very carefully while Chairman Choi is looking at the shooting stars which illuminate the sky.

She takes a shortcut because of a traffic, the only thing on her mind is her job.

The roads start to crack, suddenly there’s a huge hole in the middle of the road (caused by the meteor). Eun Ha Soo and Chairman Choi cars are coming from different directions to this sinkhole. In a split second, those two cars sink into the hole. Chairman Choi is gasping for air. He tries to drink his medicine, but instead of his green pill he unconsciously grabs a mysterious blue gem which lights up Dae Han’s blue gem.

It takes him to the “blue cold” world where he’s surrounded with people all wearing whites. He begs them to let him live even if it’s only for one more day, he’s worked all his life, he can’t die like this.

Eun Ha Soo pleads someone to help her, she slowly crawls to Chairman Choi who’s lying unconscious near her. She crawls closer and holds his hands. In the blue cold world, Chairman Choi is dragged to the other world. But suddenly, they stop. Chairman Choi turns around.

Paramedics arrive, Eun Ha Soo, Chairman Choi & Manager Sung are safe. It’s truly a miracle that Chairman Choi only suffers from a minor injury. But… an unexpected disaster. Because of dripping oil from the car, it explodes. Five billion won in cash from the trunk flying. Police is wondering why he kept cash in his trunk. Was it a slush money?

Chairman Choi who’s resting at home decides to take a nice warm bath. Suddenly he feels like someone is dragging him down. What’s going on? What’s happening?



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