Mr Back Episode 2 Highlights / Brief Recap

If you need your daily dose of laughter, you can find it on Mr Back. Episode 2 is hilariously funny & entertaining, so many misunderstanding and chaotic moments happened between our hero and everyone around him.


Since when did I have six pack abs? Hotness overload! Am I dreaming???

Mysteriously, Chairman Choi transforms into a hot young 30 years old man. It was a very refreshing long warm bath for him. All his bruises are healed. He feels young again.

Meanwhile, Eun Ha Soo arrives at Dae Han’s home to return his necklace.

Naked young Chairman Choi walks into his bathroom, he looks at the mirror & surprise surprise… Who am I?

Eun Ha Soo is waiting for Dae Han in the living room, she’s shocked to see naked young man in the dressing room. Thinking he’s Dae Han, she screams out as she hurriedly leaves the house, accidentally drops the necklace.

Dae Han is wondering why Ha Soo hastily left, he chases her after he heard her scream.

Young Chairman Choi looks at himself in the mirror again, pulling his hair thinking this is just a dream. Then he starts admiring his body and his precious “special” male *** ㅋㅋㅋ

Police has issued a search warrant because of the money they found at Chairman Choi’s trunk. Manager Hong is on the phone with Dae Han, wanting to talk to Chairman Choi so she and the lawyers can resolve this matter urgently. But young Chairman Choi refuses to talk to anyone, not even to his son by hiding under the blanket.


I’m Young, Fast and Free!

Police and everyone are looking for Chairman Choi Go Bong everywhere. They question Manager Sung who was with him last night. But he’s missing without a trace.

Nobody suspects young Chairman Choi because nobody knows and believes he’s Chairman Choi. His family doctor even thought he’s a crazy young man who pretends to be Chairman Choi.

He enjoys his first day as a 30s yo by having nice breakfast at the coffee shop, then he buys new clothes. He’s surprised when he can easily dodge a motorcycle ~ his reaction is fast because well… he’s young. He thought he has a special power now, but after several hilarious attempts, he realizes he doesn’t.

His mind is still on his 70s, he still expects younger people to respect him. Though he’s elated when an elderly man calls him a young man. 😀 He walks in the crowd confidently.

But because he’s young, people ignore him and don’t want to help him when he’s asked for a bus direction. Young man should know how to use technology, right? Well, he doesn’t ^^

At the bus stop, he spots Eun Ha Soo but she didn’t see him. He catch a taxi to follow her, but they lose her when they’re arguing about the money found in Chairman Choi’s trunk. The taxi driver thought Chairman Choi pretended to be a good man doing lots of charity work while the truth is he’s a scum who hides slush, embellishment money. Many people including him believed the young employee who felt into the sinkhole with him was going to run the money errand for him. Young Chairman Choi argues it’s not true.


Eun Ha Soo, let’s run and hide from the reporters

Eun Ha Soo arrives at work to find reporters waiting for her outside the building. Young Chairman Choi rescues her, they run inside and hide behind a huge tall banner. They’re safe.

She’s wondering who is her rescuer? What’s your name, young Chairman Choi? But instead of answering her simple questions, he bombards her with so many questions. He advises her to tell them she met with Chairman Choi once and that’s it. She’s not Chairman Choi’s money errands.

She thanks him for helping her, but she tells him to mind his own business. And why does she want to help an old nasty man’s dirty money?

Well, let’s change the subject. Young Chairman Choi is curious if she took a bath & experienced the same thing as him last night (as they both felt into the sinkhole). Did she become younger as well? Did she hold his hand last night? He holds her hand, caresses her hand gently.

She’s furious & upset, who is this crazy pervert man?

Meanwhile, young Chairman Choi realizes he was the only one who changed.


Dae Han’s First Encounter with his young dad

Dae Han is very concerned because he couldn’t reach his father. He recalls their conversation last night ~ his father came back to life because of him. He tightly holds his father’s walking stick, praying he’ll hear good news from him soon.

He’s going to see Eun Ha Soo after finding out she felt into the sinkhole. But on the way there, he meets young Chairman Choi who doesn’t know how to tell the truth to his son but hoping he will realize the man standing in front of him is his father.

When Eun Ha Soo spots Dae Han, she tries to run away from this pervert man. She apologizes she lost his necklace, but it’s not even her fault that he dropped it in that room. And she almost lost her life trying to return the necklace to him. She lectures him that he should think clearly before firing innocent employee. She also returns the money to him because she doesn’t want to receive it.


Introducing “Choi Shin Hyung”

Young Chairman Choi is trying to explain and convince Manager Sung that he’s Chairman Choi through his gestures and actions. He’s still not 100% convinced, but he follows Chairman Choi’s orders.

To assure everyone that everything’s okay, he tells Manager Hong that Chairman Choi is okay and he’ll be back to take care everything soon.

They go to the electronic store to buy mobile phone’s newest model so nobody can trace him. He chooses Samsung Note 4. Well… from here he finds his new name “Choi Shin Hyung” (it means the “newest model” ^^)


The First Clue and The “Kidnapping”

Manager Sung and Choi Shin Hyung are checking the CCTV records to find the culprit who put the money inside his trunk. They find a suspicious man dressed in black carrying two bags, but they can’t see his face. To make things worst, they also can’t confirm if he put the bags in the trunk because coincidentally, Eun Ha Soo’s van passed by when this man walked to Chairman Choi’s car.

He plans to talk to Eun Ha Soo in case she saw that man, but his son arrives. Manager Sung tells Dae Han he’s a delivery man who’s here to collect the dishes to avoid suspicion.

Meanwhile, the police has revealed the CCTV record near their home (from this morning) and surprise surprise… it’s young Chairman Choi.

Dae Han is suspicious with this same man who’s stalking their home and their company. He hastily leaves hoping he can catch Choi Shin Hyung & take him to the police station.

Manager Sung who’s still in the CCTV room is “helping” Shin Hyung to escape. He tells Shin Hyung the shortcut, but the safest place to hide is inside the huge laundry cart.

Eun Ha Soo who’s in housekeeping duty tonight is loading the baskets to the truck. She’s shocked when she sees a man inside, but because of a CCTV camera, Shin Hyung “kidnaps” her. Dae Han arrives as the truck leaves.

Both Ha Soo and Shin Hyung are panicked. They’re screaming instructing the driver to stop the truck. Dae Han who heard their voices is trying to chase them, but he stops when he can no longer see the truck.


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