Mr Back Episode 3 Highlights / Brief Recap

Choi Shin Hyung and Ha Soo go to the scrapyard to retrieve the cctv camera in her van, hoping he can see the mysterious man’s face clearly. They arrive in a nick of time before the van would be destroyed. They find the camera & Ha Soo gives the memory card to him who doesn’t have any idea what it is and how to read it on the computer. So they go to the nearest internet cafe to watch it.

Shin Hyung screams out “Young Dal!” But it’s weird, instead of putting the bag, he actually took out the bags from the trunk. Although he’s puzzled, but at least he knows the culprit.

They have dinner together and she offers him a drink. He’s really enjoying his young healthy body, drinking soju and eating greasy food.

Drunk Ha Soo complains about the old coot who fired her just because of a petty misunderstanding, not knowing / trying to understand how hard she’s lived her life. But the irony is… she also makes an assumption about Choi Go Bong based on the news.

Shin Hyung comes to her rescue when she unexpectedly made a gangster angry.

He piggybacks her home. They’re discussing why people can’t trust anyone and why people make their own assumptions without thinking of other people’s feeling.

Choi Shin Hyung advises her for not blaming people because everyone is caught up with their own needs & wants. People choose to believe things that are convenient to them. We see what we see, but there is not anyone who want to hear what we’re trying to tell them.

He takes her home & collapses as soon as they arrive so he stays overnight at her place. The next morning, this picky eater complains about everything. Ha Soo’s mom and younger brother think he’s Ha Soo’s boyfriend.



Manager Hong is busy handling the reporters’ grueling questions about Chairman Choi’s disappearance and the slush money. She promises as soon as he recovers, he’ll return to clear up his name against all these accusations.

Meanwhile, Shin Hyung orders Manager Sung to give him a job and a place. He also wants him to tell Manager Hong to give Eun Ha Soo’s job back.

Ha Soo is at Dae Han’s office who wants to know her relationship with that mysterious stalker (aka Choi Shin Hyung).

Shin Hyung finally lands a job – as a cleaner. Good job, Manager Sung! He complains why he gave him a low-entry job, he’s working here not because he needs money but because he wants to uncover the secret behind this slush money. But Manager Sung doesn’t care, if he doesn’t want this job, then he can quit now.

He meets with Ha Soo’s brother who works here as a part-time cleaner, but he asks Shin Hyung to keep this a secret from his sister.


Detective Shin Hyung is on the move, so do his family

Shin Hyung eavesdrops his sister and sister-in-law conversation. He’s infuriated that they’re working together to oust him from his own company as they try to make his brother Choi Young Dal the new Chairman.

He finds out that his reckless son wants him to take care his own mess himself. Dae Han confesses that he never once thought his father was right although Chairman Choi insisted he’s right. He’s wondering if his father still believes he’s right although the whole world currently is blaming him. Shin Hyung quietly leaves. Gradually he discovers what his loved ones think about him.

Dae Han sent the maids for vacation, so nobody is home tonight. So Shin Hyung use this opportunity to sneak in to take money from his safe box where he also keeps the takeover notice. When he hears his brother’s voice, he quickly hides in his bedroom’s closet to find out why his brother Choi Young Dal and his wife Lee In Ja are here. He realizes they want to switch the takeover notice to make him the new Chairman because they’re tired living as second people in charge.

They open the closet, but because they hear someone else is here, they hastily leave the room. Eun Ha Soo who’s here under Dae Han’s instruction to close the windows, saves Shin Hyung who’s almost got caught. He’s wondering why people keep coming to what supposed to be an empty house.

Ha Soo comes to Chairman Choi’s room. Because he gave her job back, she slowly changes her perspective ~ he’s not as bad as reported in the news.

Meanwhile, Shin Hyung who has cramps on his feet could no longer hide in a cramped closet. Still wearing his black mask like a thief, he unintentionally pushes Ha Soo to bed, with him lying on top of her. She screams!

Shin Hyung is standing on the edge of a cliff. He rips his family photo and throws it to the sea. He holds his son’s missing necklace which he found in the living room, recalling what he said about him.

Breaking news… Everyone’s shocked Chairman Choi killed himself by jumping off the cliff. What happened?

Shin Hyung arrives at the funeral house, looking at his family and his employees who’re all in mourning over his tragic death.

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