Mr Back Episode 4 Highlights

The mystery behind Chairman Choi’s “death”

The detectives found Chairman Choi’s shoes & his suicide note. After conducting several tests, they confirmed those are Chairman Choi’s. Because they haven’t found his body, Dae Han and Manager Hong can’t accept his “death”. The detectives predict it’s possible someone moved his body but they didn’t find any other fingerprint at the scene.

Manager Sung is accused he’s Choi Shin Hyung’s accomplice and indirectly helped him to kill Chairman Choi. Manager Hong and Lawyer Jung Yi Geon believe he would never hurt Chairman Choi, he dedicated his life over 3 decades working tirelessly for him.

Dae Han is still in shock over his father’s “death”, but he’s smart enough to ask Manager Hong to read the suicide note to the whole family who most of them pretend to be devastated over Chairman Choi’s tragic death. Chairman Choi quoted a famous Chinese quote about family. He closed his note in Korean telling his family for not doing any autopsy if he passed away suspiciously. He tells them for respecting his old body. Moreover, he hopes his family won’t fight over the inheritance ~ but his inheritance will is nowhere to be found

Shin Hyung, Manager Sung and his personal doctor are at the secret villa where his doctor gives him a very dangerous medication to help him to “finish” all his job in 20 minutes. If it goes over 20 minutes, he’ll die.

Dae Han still can’t believe his father has left the world because they haven’t found his body yet. He goes to that cliff, crying as he recalls the time when he saved enough money so his dad could take a day off to play with him. But Chairman Choi gave the money back to his wife T_T

He then receives the shocking news he didn’t want to hear. They found Chairman Choi’s body.

Chairman Choi’s personal doctor and Manager Sung try their best so the grieving family won’t touch his body. They kick them out before the 20 minutes are over, they don’t want to kill Chairman Choi.

Eun Ha Soo tells Dae Han that his dad was an old lonely man. She noticed it when she saw him at the Silver House, he had a hard time getting along with the others there. Dae Han believes he was too busy making money so he had no time to be lonely.

Dae Han’s Group Successor

Dae Han needs time to grieve over his dad. It seems like the reason why he doesn’t want to be the group’s successor is because he still holds a grudge that his dad chose this company than him. Manager Hong who knows Choi Young Dal’s agenda is furious Dae Han doesn’t want to save this company, to make things worst, he’s more than happy to see it crashes and burns.

Choi Young Dal has already made his move ~ he first approaches loyal Jung Yi Geon. But he’s too upright and politely refuses to work together with him.

The next morning – the most important board meeting to date. Dae Han addresses the board directors advising them he’ll follow their decision.

They throw names and argue who they think will be best managing the group. Shockingly, Chairman Choi was one step ahead. Through a video message, he announces his successor: his son. Not Dae Han but Choi Shin Hyung.

Everyone’s shocked, who is Choi Shin Hyung? He has another son? What is this craziness?

Choi Shin Hyung enters the meeting room. This stalker man is Choi Go Bong’s son?

He explains the reason why he was spotted entering and leaving Chairman Choi’s house & company was to prepare for this moment.

In case people think he fabricated his story, he has the DNA test result that Chairman Choi wrote.

Manager Hong gives the last page of Chairman Choi’s suicide note to Dae Han. She keeps it, it’s not missing. He tells them that he’ll send his will through someone he trusts, he hopes Dae Han will also trust & support this person. He knows Dae Han will be very shocked, but he urges him to face the reality & accepts his father’s last request.

Dae Ha is furious when he saw Chairman Choi Shin Hyung is sitting at his father’s chair. He tells him to leave the house, which he coldly refuses. However, because of his abrupt arrival he knows it’s best for him to leave now. But he’ll be back soon.

Eun Ha Soo’s mom is curious why Ha Soo has been acting weird lately. She says that she approves of her son-in-law who Ha Soo brought home last time. Of course she’s elated that he’s a son of a wealthy man.

Shin Hyung wants to make a custom-made suit at Eun Ha Soo’s mom who cutely tells Ha Soo to serve him and to measure him herself.

The picky man asks her to grab the fabric at the top shelf which she has a hard time reaching it. Shin Hyung holds her with his body before she falls down to the floor.

He then admits he lied about his grandfather and his father. He passes on his father’s message that she’s the first person who sincerely treats him. Chairman Choi had a hard time trusting people as most of people were nice to him because of his money & his position, but the truth is he’s a nasty man without his money. He thanks her for being nice to his father before he passed away.

A jealous employee is spreading a rumor that Eun Ha Soo has a scandal with both Chairman Choi’s sons. Dae Han summons her asking if she approached Shin Hyung because she knew he’s Chairman Choi’s son. Or if he approached her first. She tells him neither was true.

He sarcastically advises her to approach him instead because he’s Chairman Choi’s legitimate son and holds more power. But the truth is, he’s jealous.

Manager Hong reports her finding about the DNA test ~ Shin Hyung is Chairman Choi’s son.

Eun Ha Soo is perplexed that Choi Shin Hyung and Choi Dae Han are both liars. The way Shin Hyung apologized to her is way nicer than Dae Han’s who grabs her hand as he tells her to slap him again. When she puts her hand on his face, Shin Hyung sees them from afar.

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