Mr Back Episode 5 Highlights

Choi Go Bong / Choi Shin Hyung & Ha Soo’s family intertwined lives

Choi Shin Hyung picks up his suit from Ha Soo’s mom who’s pleased that Choi Go Bong’s son also chose their humble place to make his suit. Shin Hyung (Go Bong) will never forget this family’s kindness who gave his tailored-made suit for free when he was struggling with his business on a cold winter night decades ago. Ha Soo’s father was his tailor. He told Go Bong to pay him back whenever he’s ready.

Back to the present time, Shin Hyung tries his new suit as Ha Soo’s mom asks if he likes Ha Soo. Probably he thought she asked if he likes this suit, so he replies yes. 😀 She changes the subject, praising her daughter who measured Shin Hyung perfectly.


Choi Shin Hyung’s First Day at Work

Dae Han is waiting for him in his office, sitting in his chair. Before he leaves, he sarcastically tells Shin Hyung to enjoy his short moments of power and superiority because it won’t last long.

The first thing Shin Hyung wants to do is to investigate the money in his trunk. He asks Manager Hong and Jung Yi Geon to bring him all the money that were scattered around the sinkhole. He orders them to find the bystanders who took the money, it doesn’t matter if the notes are ripped or burnt. Moreover, he also want to file a claim for the damages to the government (if the roads are safe, that incident wouldn’t happen). But that accident happened because of a meteor, a natural disaster.

Manager Hong advises his utmost priority is to recover the company’s stock prices which plummeted to the lowest points and to improve the company’s image which was ruined because of Chairman Choi’s slush fund accusation.

Shin Hyung secretly meets with Jung Yi Geon to discuss about the succession document. He knows how loyal Yi Geon has been, so he asks him to be a management specialist. An offer he refuses. Shin Hyung knows he can’t persuade this idealist man so he forces him to register this document in the court as soon as possible.


Shin Hyung’s first crisis

His employees are too busy handling complaints so they can’t do their jobs properly. The shareholders & executives refuse to accept him as the new Chairman. Public’s backlash. This afternoon he finds out Choi Dae Han has been spending his money recklessly, he bought expensive clothes and shoes for Ha Soo, treating her to a nice dinner in a luxurious restaurant. Shin Hyung erupts in anger. Dae Han is curious if Shin Hyung came here because of him or because of Ha Soo. He overacts by explaining that he doesn’t want Dae Han to ruin Ha Soo’s life.


Like father like son?

Butler Yoon tells the family that Shin Hyung’s taste is like Choi Go Bong’s taste. His behavior, his attitude, his personality remind them so much of the late Chairman Choi.

Dae Han can’t handle this anymore. He’s suspicious that his father didn’t care about him nor his mother’s death because of Shin Hyung & his mother. Because Go Bong was too busy to make money, he didn’t even know his wife (Dae Han’s mother) was sick. Dae Han will never forgive his father.

He really hurt Shin Hyung’s feeling when he said the most miserable thing in his life is the fact that Go Bong is his father.


Are we the owner of our own money?

Ha Soo sends a text message explaining the reason why she was with Dae Han to clear up the misunderstanding. She thought it was for work. Choi Shin Hyung read her message but he hesitates to reply her. Ha Soo is wondering why he’s not replying (analogue guy Shin Hyung is shocked, how did she find out he read her msgs).

He accidentally sends an angry emoticon to Ha Soo when he wanted to reply her msg with a cute emoticon which brings more misunderstanding. They clear it up the next morning when he invites her for a breakfast.

Ha Soo shares her hardship as an employee who can’t even quit because of all the living expenses she has to pay. She doesn’t understand why Shin Hyung insisted to find the money which doesn’t have any rightful owner. Shin Hyung believes we’re the owners of the money we earn.

Money doesn’t have a rightful owner, but because of this slush fund, everything Choi Go Bong worked for his whole life became useless. People will remember him as Chairman Choi who hid slush fund and his corruption. He can’t and won’t be able to clear his name, it’s unfair.

Ha Soo think he didn’t do it because he did lots of good deeds when he’s alive. It makes Shin Hyung happy that at least one person trusts him. Ha Soo advises him to leave things behind so he can start anew.

Manager Hong has similar perception about money like Ha Soo. She doesn’t earn that money herself, it’s all connected and everybody who work hard share the results (money) at the end. It’s the reason why people pay taxes.

Someone paid thugs to steal the succession document from Jung Yi Geon as he’s on the way to the court to register it.

Shin Hyung is wondering how did this “person” know about this document? He only told Jung Yi Geon and Manager Hong. They will need to find this document ASAP.

Not a huge surprise that Lee In Ja has this document. She burns it. But she keeps the memory card which may holds her secret or Ha Soo’s van camera.


Dae Han Group stock sales strange coincidence

Manager Sung notices a peak in stock sales on the day of sinkhole accident and the day Shin Hyung asked the money back. When everyone’s trying to sell their stocks, someone has been purchasing these stocks. It’s very suspicious 30% of their stocks were bought by a buyer from Germany.

Jung Yi Geon gave Shin Hyung list of names who purchased the stocks. Well well… His sister-in-law Director Lee In Ja misused Silver Town’s funds and she’s been transferring the money to her relatives in Germany. Her husband Choi Young Dal doesn’t know anything about his wife’s fraud.


Choi Dae Han has fallen for Eun Ha Soo’s charms


Choi Dae Han took Eun Ha Soo for a “research field” day where he recklessly spent his credit card. He eagerly waited for Eun Ha Soo to surprise him with her ads proposal, imagining her wearing a sexy red dress as she seductively throws rose petals to him. In reality, she wears an oversized coat (which she made herself) as she returns all the clothes & shoes he bought her.


Don’t miss this golden opportunity, Dae Han

Strategist Manager Hong advises Dae Han to claim his succession rights. Because the succession document is missing, they can force his father’s last will which listed Dae Han as the sole successor of Dae Han group. Choi Shin Hyung wasn’t listed anywhere on the will.

Dae Han won’t miss this golden opportunity. He kicks Shin Hyun out, locked him outside. His brother and sister know this is the only way they can do to prevent an “outsider” ruining their plan.

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