Mrs Cop Episode 1 Brief Recap

The first episode of Mrs Cop exceeded my expectation. So much awesomeness packed in one episode. Unlike other police procedural Kdrama, this drama focuses on the heroine’s struggle to juggle her busy life as a detective and a mom. She’s a capable detective who chases the criminal until the end of the world but at home, she’s (almost) a non-existent mother to her young daughter who grows up under her aunt’s tender care. Problems at work and home lead her to question her decision as a working mom. Will she continue to sacrifice her daughter’s happiness for the sake of catching criminals and defending people from corrupt officials?

Mrs Cop Episode 1 Brief Recap

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Detective Choi Young Jin (Kim Hee Ae) and her team are chasing a criminal, they’ve been in stakeout in the last three days. But not even a restaurant ajumma who boasted she has a keen eye for details recognizes the suspect. Just then, she spots a mysterious man in black so she hurriedly trails him, ignoring the phone call from the step mom.

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She caught up with him but as she’s preparing to fight, her phone vibrates. It’s the step mom aka her younger sister Choi Nam Jin (Shin So Yul) who threatens to move out with Young Jin’s daughter if she’s not coming to her daughter’s talent show. Unfortunately Young Jin lost the suspect who’s currently following his next target in the narrow alley. The woman who realized she’s being trailed, runs home as fast as she can but this man grabs her from behind. Young Jin who hears her panic screams quickly dispatch her team to catch the suspect while she helps the target. Just then, her phone rings again. She furiously screams out she’ll call back later! Nam Jin tries to cheer her niece who’s upset mom isn’t here to watch her talent show.

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Ha Eun insists mom will come because she promised. She doesn’t want to leave with aunt. She cries, she wants mom here :'(

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Detective Han Jin Woo (Son Ho Jun) and Jo Jae Deok (Heo Jung Do) successfully caught the criminal. Jae Deok bravely conquered the rubbish that the criminal threw to him. He’s stink so Young Jin gives him a cab money as she hurriedly drives her car to hopefully catch Ha Eun’s performance. But it’s too late. She arrives to an empty auditorium so she goes home. Nam Jin scolds her sister for not keeping her promise. Ha Eun is her daughter, when did she last see her? But Young Jin is too tired to argue.

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The next morning, her team complains she coldly left the team last night. Not even a word of sorry or appreciation although they worked all night long trying to get his confession. Suddenly, a woman storms into the police station. As soon as she sees the man who killed her younger sister Lee Soo Jin, she turns violent.

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Young Jin decides to confront the suspect himself by pretending to be Lee Soo Jin’s sister. But he insists he’s not the killer. Based on his reaction and the fact that he didn’t know where the crime took place, it’s clear they caught the wrong person. He’s not innocent either, he’s a thief but he’s definitely not the killer. Young Jin’s team disagrees because his alibis don’t match up and people like him are pros at lying. After doing this job for years, she knows they can’t make any assumption based on feelings alone. However the team is desperate to conclude this Yeomchang-dong case because the entire nation’s eye is on this case. They’re very relieved to finally catch the culprit but now she’s saying he’s not the killer? Sigh. Everyone has their own plans today and tomorrow so she gives them two days off.

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Kang Tae Yoo (Son Byung Ho) is also relieved the serial killer has been arrested, he praises the police’s abilities to Chief Yeom Sang Min (Lee Ki Young) who boasts that police have always been skilled. It’s not they couldn’t catch the criminal but it’s because they didn’t try hard enough. Sang Min refuses to announce the serial killer capture as suggested by Tae Yoo because there’re rules and procedures they must follow. But the reason they’re here is not because of the case which has shook the entire nation but because Sang Min needs a favor. His son will be arrested tomorrow so he wants the news about serial killer arrest to distract people’s attention.

But there’s still not enough evidence to conclude they’ve caught the serial killer. Moreover, they’re dealing with human rights which have been widely discussed nowadays. Sang Min nervously laughs saying a murderer doesn’t deserve human rights!

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Kang Tae Yoo knows his friend needs money for his daughter who’s studying abroad. Furthermore, he’s not in the position where people can tell him what to do. So Chief Yeom, you’d be better to follow his order.

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As expected, the news about Tae Yoo’s son arrest is overshadowed with the news about the serial killer arrest. Young Jin is furious, the investigation hasn’t finished yet! But it’s Young Jin who caught him, she doesn’t make any mistake. She insists Heo Jeong Nam is not the real culprit, he’s just coincidentally captured in the CCTV camera in the area of the crime scene and is a thief who stole bags to make ends meet! She’s also wondering why Chief Yeom made an announcement without consulting her. Chief Yeom yells if she uses her own feeling, she should just quit this job and open a fortune telling store.

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She expresses her frustration her friend / boss / head of violent crimes division Park Jong Ho (Kim Min Jong). He tries to calm her down by giving her a relaxing massage but she’s more than ready to shoot him who calmly advises her to move on. Let it go. Be an obedient detective to Chief Yeom and her division head.

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As the whole nation and the sloppy police force have moved on, the serial killer killed his next victim. It’s safe to conclude that Heo Jeong Nam is definitely not the culprit. Young Jin finds red bean rice cake on the floor and on the fridge so based on her intuition, the killer pretended to deliver rice cake to the victim before he killed her inside her house.

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They quickly finds the owner of rice cake shop who recalls a man came at closing time to buy red bean rice cake. She gave another one for free but he left it in the store. Thankfully ajumma still hasn’t touched the rice cake he gave him so Young Jin and his team can get the fingerprints to find out who’s the killer. Surprisingly, he looks like a normal guy.

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Heo Jeong Nam is cleared from the serial killing case however Chief Yeom refuses to sign the paper. Frustrated Young Jin is aware of the consequences – police force will be put to a shame because they captured wrong culprit. But Chief Yeom is going for three days training and during these three days, Jeong Nam and his family will still live as a murderer and murderer’s family. In front of the other policemen, she begs him to please sign it now.

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Furious Chief Yeom gets off the bus then he kicks & yell at his coordinate. But she’s not giving up. If he refuses to sign it, she’ll report him to the police!

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While Young Jin is busy chasing her Chief, her daughter is being reprimanded because she stole toy from nearby store. Suddenly, they hear someone calling Ha Eun.

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It’s mom Young Jin! Ha Eun is so happy to finally see mom again. Instead of thanking her sister who sacrifices her time to take care her niece, Young Jin keeps complaining after she spotted a bruise on her princess’ head. She promises to hold her daughter’s hand and sleep together tonight. Nam Jin is annoyed she’s treated only as an evil step-mom / babysitter but she soon cheers up after her sister advises she transferred money plus bonus she couldn’t give last month.

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So sweet when she hugs her sister to thank her for her generosity. I love the three of them already.

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The next day, Jae Deok brings a good news. After receiving a tip from the other team, he found a nightclub culprit Nam Sang Hyuk frequently visits and the woman he likes. Lee Se Won (Lee Gi Kwang) and the team are sent to follow Miss Song to her place. They didn’t see Nam Sang Hyuk but is confident there’s a man in her place. Unfortunately they’re on the third floor hence it’s very dangerous. Moreover, he’s a serial killer so they need to stay alert & ensure all sides are covered.

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All night stakeout was tiring, everyone is dead tired in the morning. While Young Jin is stretching, Nam Sang Hyuk walks out the building leisurely as if nothing happened.

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Suddenly, Young Jin takes out the handcuff and Sang Hyuk is surrounded with police officers.

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He escapes not just once but twice! It’s mindblowing more than 10 people are chasing one man yet they still can’t catch him. Until he’s trapped in the sewer!

 photo MrsCop166376_zps8hnrg7do.png  photo MrsCop166826_zpslxtgc18w.png
He surrenders, put his hands to be handcuff to clueless Jae Deok who then walks closer. Young Jin is relieved to find out Jae Deok has finally got the culprit, their stakeout is almost over now. Suddenly, she hears a gun’s shot! Bang!

 photo MrsCop169526_zpshd6ociii.png  photo MrsCop169676_zpsmdwkawax.png
She hurriedly enters the sewer and is shocked to find Jae Deok’s covered in blood. Her first priority is to save her team member so despite his plea to catch Sang Hyuk, she screams out asking for help as he faints on her arms.

 photo MrsCop170876_zpsceiujsic.png  photo MrsCop171926_zpsiwanvpa4.png
Chief Yeom is enraged with Young Jin who always think she’s the best. On top of that, she’s very stubborn. She should know this stakeout is very dangerous so why didn’t she ask for a backup? She can say nothing except apologizing. Chief Yeom is taking her off the case until Sang Hyuk is arrested and he insists to send Heo Jeong Nam to DA’s office as the main suspect. She begs him to spare Jeong Nam because if he’s transferred to DA’s office, he’ll be charged fur murder. But Chief Yeom who’s worked in the police force for 2 decades conclude that the criminals (thief or serial killer) are all trash & deserved to be killed! So whether they’re convicted for murder or burglary, he doesn’t care!

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Young Jin heard from the reporters that the day he asked them to announce Jeong Nam as the serial killer was the day Kang Ji Won (successor of K1 Group) was arrested. Because police gave them great story, Ji Won’s assault case was buried. Hence the reporters were baffled they announced it even though the investigation hadn’t finished yet and if there was any external pressure. She’s the team leader but she didn’t know about that announcement. Now, he wants her to handle the press again. What should she tell them? Maybe they can ask the Chief directly because he made the decision himself! Or tell them to be a true reporter and dig the reason themselves. She also wants to know the truth! Chief Yeom yells at her to submit her resignation!

Of course she is willing to take her responsibility as the team leader but she wants the Chief to promise he will only charge Jeong Nam with burglary. If not, beware!

 photo MrsCop179426_zpsfmb7sxbs.png  photo MrsCop177026_zpsit7ug1e8.png
She then visits Jae Deok at the hospital, luck is still on his side because Sang Hyuk stabbed him with a knife on his liver and few more cm, he’s no longer here. His wife Hong Ban Jang (Jung Soo Young) is upset & bitter Jae Deok risks his life without any proper recognition nor reward. He almost died during the surgery! She only wants to live a normal life without constant worry. Young Jin is very apologetic because it’s indeed a very risky job. Ban Jang requests her to catch the culprit who stabbed her husband and please remember that Jae Deok has a family. So if there’s any risky case, please don’t let him to get involved.

 photo MrsCop181376_zpsthvnocag.png  photo MrsCop181151_zps4drkpjj8.png
People from the prosecutor’s office raid Young Jin’s team and Jae Deok’s hospital room, of course we know it’s all because of Chief Yeom. Hong Ban Jang has enough! Her husband’s liver is damaged now people don’t even give him any break. He works hard to make the ends meet for his family but this is his reward. 🙁 Young Jin yells asking them to leave!

 photo MrsCop182726_zps1dlmbrht.png  photo MrsCop183476_zpssnnbvfy1.png
Jae Deok is curious if someone from their team was bribed & got caught. Why are they treated unfairly like this? She tells him to rest and don’t worry about this.

 photo MrsCop186851_zpshdcazcx2.png  photo MrsCop186326_zpsu1xmzyob.png
Park Jong Ho spills the bean. Young Jin and Jae Deok were involved in the high school students’ smoking case and a gangster apparently met with the kids’ parents & accepted money which he told it’s from them. A simple case which can be solved through thorough investigation. She knows it’s the Chief’s doing. Hence Jong Ho advises her to sometimes it’s best to just follow the order. He is the Chief who got his position because of various reasons. Why is she making her life harder? Does she receive anything else beside her salary?

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Suddenly, she receives a phone call from police station. Her daughter stole toys again. The store owner can only sighs. A mom catches thieves while her daughter becomes a thief. She understands it’s tough for a working mom to raise her children but as a mom herself, she advises Young Jin to discipline her daughter before it’s too late.

 photo MrsCop190826_zps5jtfmgbq.png  photo MrsCop191876_zpsk64vdhyw.png
Mom is giving Ha Eun a silent treatment so on the way home, she cautiously holds her mom’s hand. Fortunately mom isn’t upset anymore.

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Ha Eun wants to sleep with mom tonight, she doesn’t need to go to amusement park. She only wants mom. So Young Jin promises she will after Ha Eun tells the truth why she stole the toy because she doesn’t even like it. In tears, Ha Eun says because the store ajumma told her she’d go to the police station if she steals the toy. Then, she would call mom from the police station. She stole because she wanted to see mom :'( It’s so heartbreaking.

 photo MrsCop197351_zpsvcicwkry.png  photo MrsCop199226_zpslbytlalx.png
As promised, Young Jin sleeps with her daughter tonight. She hugs her tightly. After her daughter is sleeping, she looks at Ha Eun’s picture books and realizes what she’s missing out.

 photo MrsCop198026_zpsw4iejafz.png  photo MrsCop198626_zpsxkarpv5l.png
She was with Ha Eun when she was still a baby but as time passed by, her presence is gradually replaced by her younger sister. Most of Ha Eun’s pictures are with her aunt. She then looks at the awards she received from her work.

 photo MrsCop1100276_zpsj1vh7drt.png  photo MrsCop1100201_zpsybvpbvmh.png
The next day, both sisters are sending off Ha Eun to school. After she left, Young Jin brings up her plan to open a childcare then she also tells her to find out about Jejudo trip cost because the three of them are going there together. Nam Jin is shocked, what’s gotten into her sister?

 photo MrsCop1102001_zpse76uijth.png  photo MrsCop100601_zpscum92z6t.png
Young Jin decides to quit. She returns her police uniform, ID & badges. She begs Chief Yeom to leave Jae Deok alone as she apologizes for all her wrong doings. Chief Yeom orders her to take her ID & badges back. If she really wants to quit, then do it formally. Don’t worry, Chief! She knows it. Young Jin hands her resignation letter.

 photo MrsCop1105226_zpsgz9zxgem.png  photo MrsCop1105151_zpsrqa1gx6i.png
Park Jong Ho is baffled with her decision. Young Jin explains that she’s been very crazy before that she couldn’t take care her husband and her daughter because she’s too busy being a cop. She forgot that she’s a mom, Ha Eun’s mom! As a cop, she couldn’t even take care dying Jae Deok.

 photo MrsCop1106126_zps2mlqmwfq.png  photo MrsCop1106201_zpsppizodev.png
She’s ready to leave but suddenly, Se Won advises they’ve just got a call about a rape with similar pattern as Sang Hyuk’s crime! She can’t overlook her detective instinct. She can’t turn her back on this case although she’s been taken off the case!

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