Mrs Cop Episode 10 Brief Recap

After 20 long painful years, Park Dong Il believes now it’s the time for Kang Tae Yoo to pay back his crimes. Meticulously he prepared everything but he forgets one important thing: his opponent is a very powerful man. It’s almost impossible for him to win this rotten race and it’ll be even harder for Young Jin to uncover the truth about her father’s death. Meanwhile, this episode marks the start of two adorable love stories 🙂

Episode 10 Brief Recap

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Young Jin knew she’d find her sister at their father’s grave, she went there everytime she failed her exams. Nam Jin doesn’t know their father was killed let alone she knew Dong Il killed him so it’s best to keep her in the dark especially because she’s not in a good mood today. Young Jin is astounded Dong Il visited the man he killed & introduced himself as his hometown friend to her sister. She warns she may go crazy if he appears in front of her family. And please do not beg for forgiveness! But he knows he’ll see her again… soon. If his plan works out.

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Do Young is enjoying her vacation by playing go-stop with her flatmate who tells her to return Jin Woo’s keychain before she arrests her for valuables’ embezzlement. She’s clearly bored doing nothing at home. Meanwhile, Jin Woo is cleaning up his messy room then packing his girlfriend’s stuffs. He gazes at her picture one last time before he put in the box.

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Bored Do Young sends texts which unfortunately gets ignored by Jin Woo who’s currently climbing a mountain to get fresh air. She anxiously waits for him to read and reply the texts but he turns off his phone.

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Jin Woo reaches a camping site where he meets with a lovely noona (Hye Ri / his late girlfriend’s sister?) who advises him to forget the past & move on. He’s trying to forget her by returning Hye Ri’s stuffs to her.

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Not having any luck, Do Young sends a picture of his keychain hoping he’ll contact her back. Hours later Jin Woo turns on his phone and as soon as he sees the keychain, he calls Do Young who rejects & ignores his calls. It’s her payback time!

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Because she’s not answering nor replying to his texts, he rushes to her apartment but she’s out buying new snacks & beer. He bangs on the door, yelling at her to open it. Do Young quickly hides in the emergency stairs when she realizes he’s here but she forgot to silent her phone. So yeah, he finds her. 😀

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She warily returns the keychain knowing he’ll be upset. He snatches it angrily because it’s very important for him. It’s understandable he’s angry but at least he should thank her, if Do Young didn’t pick it up, he could’ve lost it forever. He sarcastically thanks her so she tells him to do it sincerely. He glares at her, advising she shouldn’t live like this.

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She grumbles after he left. But she doesn’t know that cutie Jin Woo checks the texts, stares at her from outside then smiles. Aww… he’s already falling for her, isn’t he? 🙂

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Holiday is over. Violent Crimes team is back at work. Workaholic Do Young cleaned up their desks & meticulously prepared case’s documents. She’s the only one who’s happy to be back at work 🙂 Jae Deok complains about the pile of documents on his desk, they’re just back. At least give them an hour or two to check their emails or have a cup of coffee 😀 But Young Jin didn’t put those documents on their desk, it was Do Young.

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Violent Crimes’ new case if about car theft, mainly four wheel drive vehicles [SUVs]. Baed on her research, Do Young assumes those stolen cars where exported to Russia where there’s high demands on this kind of vehicle. Young Jin orders them to thoroughly investigate this case under wraps.

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Chairman Kang believe it’s possible to prepare 300 gold bars (in short amount of time) to secure new investment funds from China. His secret plan: Madam Park Mi Young who knows him really well. In exchange of quietly preparing gold, she requests a nice necklace. But if she can’t do it, he threatens her neck will be cut off.

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Dong Il hasn’t killed the man who indirectly caused his daughter’s death. He’s still holding a grudge because although Chairman Kang manipulated him, this man shouldn’t took away the money of his daughter’s hospital bill! Maybe he plans to kill him and Chairman Kang together. With his loyal friend as his accomplice, he prepares drugs & long gun. Bae Dal Hwan lends Dong Il a car although he doesn’t have any licence, don’t worry, he put a tracking device inside. Dong Il gives the car key to his friend, so he can get the poor guy anything he wants before he kills him today.

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To execute his plan, he goes to work as a cleaner at Chairman Kang’s company where he meets his rival in the restroom. Tae Yoo isn’t suspecting anything. He secretly put the drug in the office’s fridge (replacing his liquid medicine) just before his secretary enters to prepare it for him. Tae Yoo drinks it and immediately falls asleep. Dong Il’s plan is going well. While his secretary is away from her desk to pick up flowers at the lobby (Dong Il’s friend is pretending to be flower delivery), Dong Il put Tae Yoo on the rubbish bin & wheel him away. Nobody is suspecting anything at this point. Until Secretary Yoon realizes his boss is missing 2 hours later. But Dong Il, his friend and Tae Yoo are gone already. From the CCTV camera, Secretary Yoon finds Dong Il’s vehicle plate number & immediately sends people to find it.

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Through his friend, Dong Il sends Young Jin a text, the day for me to beg for forgiveness has come.

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Car theft case that Violent Crimes team is currently investigating is baffling. The modus of the crime is simple. The theft left a fake note on the car’s rear windshield lying he accidentally damaged the car, as the car owner read the note, he steals it.

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Secretary Yoon quickly gathers important directors to find out their opponent. He predicts the culprit doesn’t want to kill him, if he does, he would’ve already killed him at the spot. Soon after, they find out ex-convict cleaner Park Dong Il was the one who dragged him away. They threaten Dal Hwan with a knife hence he has no choice but to hand over the car’s tracker. Meanwhile, Violent Crimes team is rushing to the location after Young Jin received Dong Il’s text. He revealed he’ll kill someone today and wants Young Jin to arrest him. He’ll reveal everything afterwards so please hurry, don’t be late.

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Talking to Tae Yoo is like talking to a wall. He refuses to answer why he fooled Dong Il, pretending he forgot about it as it happened long time ago so Dong Il jogs down his memory. For the last 20 years, he endured living thinking about his revenge. Finally the day has come. Tae Yoo mocks him, points out he should never let his emotions drive his life – useless revenge is only what stupid people do. Will killing him bring his daughter back to life? No! So he should live a good life by grabbing good opportunity.

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The thug is dragged to meet his boss who’s not happy to see him. Dong Il plans to kill both of them today. He gives them a chance to defend themselves with a knife. As he counts to three, the gangster quickly crawls to grab the knife but Tae Yoo beats him. Dong Il instructs Tae Yoo to kill the thug, threatening he’ll die if he doesn’t kill this guy. He put a knife on his neck, poor guy is scared to death. Dong Il instructs his friend to pull the trigger, which he does and kills the thug. Suddenly, Tae Yoo stabs Dong Il’s friend.

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Then he attacks Dong Il, the long gun is now on his hand so he sarcastically points out Dong Il has lost his chance to threatens him with money or something good. He pulls the trigger! Oh no. He shoots him 🙁 Dong Il collapses on the ground.

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Despite his blinding pain, Dong Il apologizes to Young Jin who just arrived. She quickly orders Jin Woo & Do Young to take him to hospital while crazy Tae Yoo laughs confessing he just killed those people. His minions arrive to save their boss. He’s safe… for now.

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Pretending he’s too traumatized & tired to talk about what just happened, he refuses to say anything to Young Jin who can’t do anything when his doctor orders her to leave. His lawyer points out Tae Yoo was defending himself when those people tried to kill him. There’s also a valid evidence of Dong Il kidnapping him. So the culprit is Park Dong Il while Chairman Kang is the victim. It’s so frustrating.

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Violent Crimes team is back on investigating the car theft because there’s nothing else they can do now about Chairman Kang & Dong Il who’s currently still fighting for his life. But suspicious Young Jin orders Jae Deok to investigate Kang Tae Yoo. The team glares at her because everyone knows that this powerful wealthy man isn’t an easy opponent. They’ll be in troubles. Thankfully suspicious Captain Park has done his own research, he promises to support them from behind. He cutely asks Young Jin if he looks cool today, supportive Do Young put her thumbs up. I love team 1 🙂

Madam Park has collected 300 gold as requested. Wow. She’s good! She asks for bonds instead of cash, which Tae Yoo happily gives her.

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Aunt Nam Jin accompanies two lovebirds on their date but Ha Eun blatantly tells her to leave. This girl >.< Her face lights up when Park Jong Ho arrives. When she introduces her friend, Uncle Park teases he’s her boyfriend, she cutely nods. Park Jong Ho makes Ha Eun incredibly happy today. He pretends to be her dad in front of Jae Young. They then leave this very young couple alone. He promises to set Nam Jin up with a really awesome guy according to her standard. Awww she’s jealous 🙂 Don’t worry Nam Jin, you’ll find your soulmate soon.

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While Team 1 is busy investigating car theft case, Young Jin is back at the hospital worrying sick about Dong Il’s life.

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Kang Tae Yoo smashes a statue to reveal 300 gold inside. It’s all his. Those precious gold.

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