Mrs Cop Episode 12 Brief Recap

Violent Crimes team would never imagined there’s a bigger crime behind illegal stolen car trade. But this illegal gold smuggling isn’t merely a smuggling case, why would a construction company smuggling gold? And why everything is connected to Kang Tae Yoo’s company? Young Jin finally finds her father’s real killer and it’s time for her to face him!

Episode 12 Brief Recap

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Patrol cars are dispatched to find the car where the CCTV camera last recorded the car’s movement. Young Jin decides to check suspicious warehouse nearby because the car is nowhere to be seen. On the way, unknowingly they pass Secretary Yoon’s car and unblock the way for the truck holding the gold bars inside car batteries. Do Young spots the batteries but isn’t suspicious of anything until they find the missing car (with no gold) and car batteries’ debris in the warehouse. Patrol cars are quickly dispatched to chase this truck & set up barricades to block the roads.

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After hearing police sirens, the truck driver is panicked so he speeds up, continues driving although police orders him to stop. But suddenly there’s a car coming in front of him. To avoid hitting this car, he loses balance and the truck flips.

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All gold bars are scattered on the street. Chairman Kang who watches the news is enraged, yelling Choi Young Jin’s name! The driver has been arrested and they’re looking for the person behind this. If the owner of the gold doesn’t surrender himself, 13 billion won will go to the national funds.

Lawyer Kim is worried Chairman Kang’s investment & construction plan will be in trouble since they can’t give what China side requested, so he orders her to sell his stocks. But he’ll lose his management rights! He follows her advice by giving her 20 billion won to make a deal with them. Then he orders Secretary Yoon to ensure nobody will know he’s the gold owner.

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After getting a tip Madam Park was collecting large amount of gold, he met with her suspicious she’s smuggling it. But knowing her experience in the money laundry field, she always keeps her mouth shut. He tried to make her talk about Chairman Kang earlier but his effort was unsuccessful. Young Jin advises him to seduce her (it’s for work!). He refuses although he brags he can do anything to Madam Park but there’s a woman he can never get, she’s sitting in front of him right now – Choi Young Jin.

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Jae Deok and Se Won can’t get the truck driver to talk while Do Young and Jin Woo don’t find any concrete evidence nor witness from the warehouse. Everyone’s going crazy. They believe this case isn’t merely a gold smuggling case but there’s something bigger behind it hence the owner doesn’t want to come forward although he may lost his 13 billion won. Young Jin orders her team to investigate Madam Park and Park Jangan-pyung’s associates.

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Park Dong Il is still critical so Young Jin goes to his place hoping she’ll find anything that can answer her curiosity about his last text message. She finds his diary & a picture of his young daughter. Prison’s chief explains she passed away half a month after he’s imprisoned and during the funeral, he furiously yelled he didn’t kill anyone. They didn’t think of his word seriously, thinking he could be too embarrassed & upset in front of his late daughter.

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When Young Jin visited Dong Il at the hospital, a journalist bumped into her so he wrote article about Chairman Kang’s kidnapping case! Chief Yeom throws a fit, blaming Team 1 for leaking the news. Park Jong Ho defends team 1, maybe there’s someone else who leaked it. Chief Yeom is worried people will accuse police for covering it up. Young Jin admits she met Reporter Kim, although she didn’t tell him anything but he found out himself.

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Chairman Kang blames Chief Yeom who blames the journalist. It’s a chain of blaming game. If Park Dong Il wakes up, they’re screwed! Tae Yoo suggests working together to make sure he won’t talk forever, Chief Yeom refuses to work with him again.

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Park Man Shik made 3 calls to Secretary Yoon whom Do Young recognizes as Kang Tae Yoo’s secretary. Of course he pretends he doesn’t know this guy. When Park Man Shik calls, he doesn’t answer it pointing out he doesn’t answer unknown numbers due to growing number of spam calls. He refuses to give his phone for Jin Woo to check, if he insists, he will only give it if Jin Woo has a warrant. Jin Woo points out only guilty people wanting a warrant to check for their personal item but it’ll be too late to ask for forgiveness if he brings a warrant and finds Secretary Yoon is guilty. After Jin Woo leaves, he quickly calls his accomplice, Prosecutor Ko.

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Do Young is suspicious if Chairman Kang is behind this, Jin Woo advises her (if it’s true) they need to be extra careful because going against powerful Chairman Kang isn’t easy. It’s cute Jin Woo confesses he likes her more and more because she’s daring & honest.

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Unfortunately her request to check Secretary Yoon’s phone is rejected by prosecutor-in-charge, Prosecutor Ko! She explains they only want to check his phone log in relation to gold smuggling case. He argues there’re 20 people who spoke to Park Man Shik 3 times so is she going to check their phones & personal info as well? He points out as police they need to protect individual rights, the point Do Young understands but she insists they must check Secretary Yoon’s call log if not, she threatens to put him on the investigation list too! Wow, a rookie detective threatening a prosecutor? You’re brave, Do Young!

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Se Won and Jae Deok find out Madam Park is also dealing with statues.

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They meet with the sculptor, asking about the piece of statue they found. He stutters.

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As expected, Chief Yeom scolds Do Young for getting too emotional and interrogating the prosecutor. He warns team leader Young Jin will be demoted if it happens again. Based on Young Jin’s expression, Do Young realizes she went too far but she’s upset he looked down on the police. She’s worried she’ll put their team on prosecutor’s bad side so Young Jin advises her to listen to her seniors from now on, especially her team leader. She nods 🙂

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Park Dong Il’s will to live is very strong, he regains consciousness albeit barely & is still intubated. Unfortunately he can’t answer Young Jin’s desperate question if he killed her father. On his mind he apologizes for hiding the truth from her because of his revenge, he planned to tell her everything after Kang Tae Yoo is dead. But… his plan fails 🙁 She begs him to answer yes by blinking his eyes, unfortunately Young Jin is already escorted out of his room when he blinks his eyes. Kang Tae Yoo also heard Dong Il is awake, he orders his secretary to take a good care of it.

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Young Jin runs into a lady (who runs the small restaurant) coming out of Dong Il’s room, she refuses to tell her who she is and how did she know Dong Il. Young Jin follows her home, hoping she’ll talk but she doesn’t even let her to come inside.

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They acquired evidence that Madam Park sold sculptures (sold for 100 million won each) to KL Construction who then smashed the expensive sculptures in the warehouse. It’s clear now Tae Yoo got the gold bars from Madam Park then he tried to smuggle it to China. For slush funds? Now it’s time for investigate Secretary Yoon but look who’s here!

Prosecutor Ko! He advises them to let gold smuggling case go & hand it over to prosecution department but both Park Jong Ho & Choi Young disagree especially because now they have substantial evidence & facts. They will find the gold’s owner.

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None of the team members studied tax / tax laws so nobody can properly investigate concealed funds, money laundry, embezzlement, etc. Do Young argues they still can investigate so he continues the law, finance, etc are very complicated hence it’s best to do whatever they do best & hand over this case to experienced prosecutors. Chief Yeom has given his approval! This annoying rude prosecutor keeps looking down on Team 1. Prosecutor always wins against police, that’s why many people study hard to be a prosecutor.

Young Jin argues to Chief Yeom who advises her to hand the files over. She doesn’t mind to work with the prosecutor! But he refuses to give in. Sigh. Very frustrating.

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After losing her fight, she goes home feeling disappointed and guilty. She feels bad for not understanding her only sister’s feeling & always on Ha Eun’s side. Nam Jin points out she didn’t do anything wrong when her sister apologizes, it’s all her fault for being not competent. Young Jin raises up her spirit by praising her effort to raise up Ha Eun while studying, it’s not easy to raise up a child. She encourages her to do whatever she wants and don’t worry about other people’s opinion. Don’t worry, your sister believes in you & she will always support her. Awww…

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Park Dong Il is doing better today so his doctor removes his intubation. Chief Yeom suddenly becomes very worried so he furiously agrees with Tae Yoo’s idea.

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Dong Il recalls the day Tae Yoo killed Young Jin’s father. He agreed to be the murderer instead in exchange of Tae Yoo’s saving his daughter. He held the knife, smeared blood all over his body to prove he killed him. He even told Tae Yoo to quickly escape before police came.

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He calls out for Choi Young Jin, begging the nurse to call the police and to call Young Jin. The nurse agrees to call her, leaving him alone in his room. Police who guards his room doesn’t suspects when a Doctor aka Secretary Yoon enters his room, turns off the light, closes the curtain then injects a liquid to send him off peacefully.

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Young Jin arrives as the doctors are frantically trying to save his life. But it’s too late, he dies before revealing the truth.

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After spending most of her life feeding various gangsters, the ajumma believes despite Park Dong Il used his fists but his soft heart wouldn’t let him to kill anyone. Frustrated Young Jin yells so who killed her father if Dong Il didn’t do it? The ajumma yells back she doesn’t know, she also pretends not knowing Tae Yoo when Young Jin asks about him.

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Suddenly, someone opens the door. It’s Kang Tae Yoo! Young Jin asks why he said on his statement he doesn’t know Park Dong Il. She knows Park Dong Il didn’t kill her father and it looks like this man in front of her, was the killer. She bites her lips, tears up asking if he knows her father Choi Sang Ik. He points out the statue of limitations has expired so let’s move on.

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But no she won’t. Boldly she accuses him of killing her father then she points out her teaser to him, threatening to put him in the same room as his son. Then he threatens her back, she’ll join her father soon. Not a great idea to threaten a police officer, Sir! She tasers Secretary Yoon who’s on the way, then pulls out her gun, ordering him to go on his knees but he refuses, challenging her to shoot him… now!

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