Mrs Cop Episode 14 Brief Recap

Kang Tae Yoo’s crimes are way bigger than everyone could’ve imagined. Backed up with powerful politicians, corrupt cops, gangsters and his brilliant mind, Violent Crimes team can’t keep up with him. But this time around, it’s Chief Yeom who shows his true color!

Episode 14 Brief Recap

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Kang Jae Won collapses on the ground after being shot multiple times while Jae Deok who’s shot by Jae Won is fortunately okay. Tae Yoo cries in agony, telling his son to wake up! Sadly he passes away on his dad’s embrace. Park Jong Ho and Jin Woo arrest Tae Yoo who warns Young Jin she’ll pay for it.

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He painfully & tearfully let his only son go. Because of his son’s funeral, they let him go but he needs to report to the police station as soon as it’s over. Of course he asks his lawyer to push it back but Jae Deok and Se Won are here to take him to the station for obstruction of justice. Chief Yeom argues this man has just lost his son because of a cop, Captain Park replies it’s a self-defense because he pulled the gun first! Meanwhile Young Jin (who knows he’s her father’s killer) doesn’t want to arrest him just because of minor offence, so she let him go now.

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Tae Yoo points out she should’ve killed him instead of killing his son because the person who kills anyone’s child can never be forgiven. She replies there’re things that needs to be repaid, such as a revenge for the death of a parent. Young Jin warns she has a much bigger plan so please be extra careful! She throws the handcuff key because she doesn’t want to touch him. Get out now, Chairman Kang!

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Knowing Do Young is having a hard time, Jin Woo texts her wanting to console her. She isn’t replying so he texts he knows because she’s his partner and his work wife hence please come outside if she really considers him as her partner. It touches her heart so she agrees to have a drink at Jae Deok’s wife’s restaurant who’s grateful for them for saving her husband’s life. If Do Young didn’t shoot Jae Won, Jae Deok could’ve lose his life.

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Jin Woo finally opens up. After his girlfriend passed away a year ago, he spent his days drinking until Choi Young Jin offered him to join the team. She sadly passed away doing what she loved most, mountain climbing and she sacrificially cut the rope to save him. He put a gun to his head but couldn’t even kill himself. It’s hard. He understands Do Young’s dilemma because it’s her first time killing a criminal. In the past she thought bad people are better to die but after what happened, she feels troubled. Jin Woo understands it well, a criminal is also a human being.

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Do Young snaps when he advises she should take responsibility. For what? His crimes were too big and he could kill Jae Deok! She didn’t do anything wrong. He replies, please say sorry and get over it, move on! She cries, I’m sorry. That’s it Do Young, that’s more than enough to get over your guilt.

Kang Tae Yoo is already planning his revenge. If he’s caught, then he can easily insist it’s a mistake. Now he just need to find trusted skillful people.

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Violent Crimes team is at the nightclub tonight for a crackdown, for work & to have fun. In the middle of their awkward dances, Young Jin spots the boss Mabbaki. Let’s get to work, guys.

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They punch the bodyguards to meet Mabbaki who’s not happy cops are here interrupting his business. Young Jin tasers one bodyguard who pulled out his knife to stab Se Won. Then she introduces herself as the crazy ajumma extrasensory Choi who bit Dong Choon and Jae Shik.

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Back at the station, Jae Deok brags about their captain who’s a slow runner & can’t fight well but she fought the gangsters with her toughness when she was young. Jin Woo knows it because he was once hit by her.

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Mabbaki advises Kang Tae Yoo isn’t like gangsters she used to fight in the past. He’s way more dangerous, smarter than many educated people and he’ll do anything whenever he smells money. He read law books when he was in prison and closed his gangster business to open construction business. By threatening people to win bids, handing them to cops, his business flourishes. People like Mabbaki who aren’t as smart, mostly were tricked by Chairman Kang. Young Jin only wants to get information about Tae Yoo so Mabbaki is free to go.

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Young Jin drops Ha Eun at school, she’s followed by a mysterious man. Is he one of the mobs sent by Secretary Yoon?

There’re around 5000 people in 200 gangs around the country which depend on KL Construction’s money. Tae Yoo’s connection is everywhere including politicians so it’s even harder to expose his crime.

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The man is trailing Ha Eun who’s currently on a date with her bf and tired Aunt Nam Jin (dragged to accompany them). Suddenly, he appears in front of them! Nam Jin is worried because they’re nowhere to be seen so she calls her sister who rushes to find them. Oh noooo.

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Fortunately, they’re safe. This man is Jae Young’s dad who has a restraining order so he couldn’t see his son.

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It’s been a while since they are cuddling together in the park. Nice isn’t it? 🙂 Ha Eun admits she wishes to have a dad. Jae Young lives with his mom like her but at least he still has a dad. She doesn’t even remember her dad’s face. She also wants to be carried on dad’s shoulder and play sports together on sports day. Young Jin points out her dad is watching over her from the Heaven and is happy she’s growing up well. But Ha Eun is mature enough to know she doesn’t have a dad and that is okay. She’s just teasing her mom. Isn’t she adorable? 🙂

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Nam Jin admits it was hard growing up with her dad so she understands Ha Eun well. She then reveals she’s giving up on government exam to pursue her long-time dream, theater.

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Do Young is furious with the street thug who cut in front of her & drives recklessly. She speeds up, chasing the car, ignoring her friend who advises to let it go. They finally stop but these two women are now surrounded with street thugs. Amazingly, they beat them up and arrest them.

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Those men were sent by Secretary Yoon to find the cop who shot his son. Tae Yoo orders him to keep an eye on Young Jin’s reaction and to ensure those men keep their mouth shut. The mob refuses to say anything despite Young Jin threatens he’ll be charged trying to kill police officers. Because Do Young beat him up, he believes he’s the victim and threatens back to sue them after getting medical treatment.

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Jae Deok and Se Won are amazed Do Young and Officer Song beat up 4 men! They’re tough! Young Jin believes in Do Young’s words and advises her to get an X-Ray on her painful neck.

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Jae Deok remembers he saw this thug at KL labor union office before. They think he’s sent by Chairman Kang to terrorize Do Young and Young Jin after the death of his son. It’s a direct retaliation attack against police so they need to report it to their boss ASAP but Young Jin calms them down. Advising them to pretend nothing happens and to move quietly until they receive evidence to investigate Kang Tae Yoo. She advises them to start investigating and sends Do Young home. Stubborn hard-worker Do Young refuses to rest.

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Jin Woon isn’t afraid of gangster, but he’s scared of Do Young who has no fear. She’s touched knowing he’s worried for her.

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Kang Tae Yoo threatens Chief Yeom that Young Jin may know he killed her father but she doesn’t know the detective in charge was on his side. Even if he can’t control her, find a way to fire her to save her and his own job! Brazenly he calls Tae Yoo a gangster thug, pointing out he’s not as greedy & reckless as him.

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Secretary Yoon and Tae Yoo are very smart. They ensured there’s no evidence and link between the thugs who terrorized Do Young with KL group. The only want to find evidence is to make Kim Sung Min & Cheon Dae Il confess. Their two other friends are still hospitalized. While the others think Kim Sung Min is the hole, Young Jin think it’s Cheon Dae Il. Based on her observation, he rubs his hands lightly showing his low stress level when he’s locked behind bars but he suddenly interlock his fingers & rubbing his hands roughly when they interrogate him showing his low level of confidence & high stress level. So they decide to focus on him instead and let Sung Min go.

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Acting-god Jin Woo burst into the room, lying that Dae Il’s friends fled from hospital. He yells asking where are they now. Another acting-god Se Won advises Jin Woo to turn off the recording. Seems like this method works so it’s time for Young Jin to interrogate Dae Il. He insists he doesn’t know where his friends are, Young Jin points out a victim would never run! She then notices his hand gestures show his low confidence level.

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They drag him back to his cell as Kim Young Min is signed his release paper. Dae Il finally talks after they mock his beautiful friendship with Young Min who betrayed him.

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Chief Yeom who’s worried Young Jin will find out about his corruption, is sharing his plan with Secretary Yoon who keeps looking down on Mabakki. He repeatedly slaps him until he reveals he talked about Chairman Kang at the police station earlier. Secretary Yoon promises to keep this a secret as long as he follows his orders. If not, he’ll die.

Everything’s under control now so Tae Yoo happily hands over the western district to the Ilsan gang as promised.

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Nam Jin receives an unknown package sent by mysterious sender for Choi Young Jin. What’s inside? After finding out the package has been safely delivered, Secretary Yoon whispers something to Tae Yoo. Meanwhile, Chief Yeom orders internal affairs to investigate someone. What about Mabbaki? He’s arrested.

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Choi Young Jin and the team has just received a statement & are going to KL labor union chair. But… Seo Jung Hyuk Lieutenant is here with an arrest warrant! What why? She’s arrested for taking bribes! So that’s Chief Yeom’s plan. Dirty corrupted Chief.

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