Mrs Cop Episode 16 Brief Recap

Chairman Kang Tae Yoo is full of greed but he’s actually a coward. He chooses the easy way out, killing innocent people to shut their mouth to cover up his crimes. His minions are loyal to him because money does talk but until when will they continue to protect this evil man? Chief Yeom also loves money so will he keep supporting wicked Chairman Kang? Or will he follow his conscience?

Episode 16 Brief Recap

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After noticing the desire to kill Chairman Kang on Young Jin’s eyes and her confession that this man killed her father, he asks her a favor… kill Chairman Kang. Then he’ll reveal why he knew Chairman Kang would never talk.

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Violent Crimes’ focus is to catch Chairman Kang’s minions – Western District gang who manages international hotel near the airport for him Park Jong Hoo is bewildered that Chairman Kang is somehow involved whenever there’s money. His secretary was part of this Western gang in the past. Jin Woo finds out this gang will gather for their member’s funeral today so Jong Hoo briefs all four teams of Violent Crimes to sweep through this gang. They’re free to use their weapons because these guys are very dangerous. The plan is to surround them in a secluded area after the funeral finishes so there’ll be no innocent citizens around.

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Jin Woo has various kinds of weapons on his trunk, he tells worried Do Young to shoot from behind if she notices he’ll get hurt. But she doesn’t want to shoot (in case she misses) so please fight well, Jin Woo. She nags like his real wife. 🙂

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SWAT’s former ace continues to brag although he’s not as strong as he used to. Young Jin nags, advising him to let the younger guys to fight while he’s ordering them around after he told her to stay in the car. Their constant bickering makes them look like a married couple.

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Violent Crimes team catch up with the western district gang, blocking their bus so they can’t escape. In the middle of empty street, they fight… fight… and fight…

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When Do Young sees her partner is struggling, she shoots the bad guy’s leg. Jin Woo put his thumbs up, well done Do Young. She threatens them to shoot again with her last four bullets and the gang surrenders.

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Kwon Sung Chul loses his entire gang so Tae Yoo plans to transfer everything about the casino he manages. The superintendent proudly announces the gang who’s involved in various crimes (fake labor union, illegal sports betting, illegal stolen vehicles export, illegal people smuggling) has been arrested.

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Chief Yeom who’s enjoying his suspension receives a tip about Park Jong Ho and Superintendent who’re secretly investigating him.

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KL Construction gains public’s sympathy by paying double compensation for victims of fire accident, citing they’re morally responsible. Violent Crimes team isn’t buying his media play because those workers fought for their unpaid wages but now they’re dying, Chairman Kang suddenly changed his heart. He even formed a fake labor union! Jae Deok figures out Chairman Kang lost a lot of money due to workers protest halting Project City’s construction so by delaying resolving this incident, he’ll lose more money hence this generous compensation needs to be given. Because of this incident, Future City’s Director is fired and they’ve already appointed new BD director, Cho Yong Chan. Through Madam Park, Jong Ho finds out this man is sided with powerful Congressman Kim.

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If Project City is successful, Chairman Kang will reap more profit than double compensation he promised to pay fire incident’s victims. Jong Ho believes Chairman Kang intentionally caused a fire incident to get rid the workers & fire their BD director so they can hire someone they can control with money.

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After concluding Future City’s fire wasn’t an accident, the team inspect the crime site to hopefully find any clue. Western gang refuses to say anything while the fire accident victims are still in critical conditions. They can’t get any information.

They then go to pay respect to six innocent victims who lost their lives. Heartbreaking to see beautiful little girl asking her devastated mom when dad is coming home.

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To cover up his crimes, Lawyer Kim has arranged to spread top celebrity alleged drug use while Secretary Yoon hands generous compensation to one of the worker (Jae Young’s father) to keep him quiet. Threatening his son will get hurt if he tells the truth.

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Chief Yeom is outraged Chairman Kang killed innocent people just to replace Future City’s Director for money. His greed is indescribable. He believes more buildings will create more jobs and living place for citizens, contributing to the economy. But Chief Yeom disagrees with his dirty agenda of killing innocent people. They’re not criminals! He’s crossing the line. Tae Yoo wickedly believes he can’t live his life without bending the rules. But Chief Yeom has enough now! He may be a corrupt cop who loves money but he’s not a heartless man! He won’t be helping this crazy man again.

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Watching his son playing with Ha Eun and Nam Jin in the park while clutching money he received from Secretary Yoon, Jae Young’s father decides to tell Young Jin what he saw that night. Unfortunately he didn’t see the masked man set the fire but he knows he’s not one of the workers. He comes clean after KL construction bribed him to stay quiet.

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After getting his statement, Violent Crimes team is certain the fire was deliberately set and Chairman Kang was behind this incident. They inspect the crime site again, eagle eyes Young Jin spots hooks which were probably used by the arsonists to escape.

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Doctor Jo Young Woo (cameo by Son Ho Joon’s best friend Yoo Yeon Seok) flirts with detective Do Young, making Jin Woo getting mad in jealousy. He then points out about the strangulation mysteriously detected during the autopsy, clearly not the normal cause of death from fire incident. He continues flirting with Do Young who cleverly identifies the victim (the guard that night) was killed before the fire explosion.

He hands Jin Woo the result of DNA test from the cigarette but found on the crime scene, it’s Lee Jung Ho. Now they need to arrest Lee Jung Ho, the main suspect of fire accident. But who is he and where is he hiding?

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Later that night, Secretary Yoon is dumping a body in the river! He made it Lee Jung Ho drowned to his death.

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Jae Deok’s wife believe Chairman Kang didn’t do his crimes alone, powerful people must be backing him up making him fearless. He doesn’t have any conscience at all. Crazy crazy guy. Jae Deok is frustrated as a cop he can only catch nobodies and sometimes innocent people while the criminal continues to escape. Now Jung Ho is dead, they don’t have any concrete evidence to arrest people behind this fire incident.

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Young Jin agrees to kill Chairman Kang in exchange of important information only Seung Woo knows. Clever guy asks for a contract first in case she fails to deliver her promise. It’s a written contract which will put her in a very difficult situation. She writes the contract then he gives ID and password to access secret information about KL Group slush fund – list of people who received bribes. That includes Chief Yeom!

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After secretly investigating Chief Yeom, Jong Ho finds his relationship with Chairman Kang but there’s no concrete evidence he received a bribe. So they can’t do anything for now.

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She reveals she knows about KL Group slush fund to Chief Yeom, giving him a chance to turn himself in because she respects him in the past. He asks her to give him some time as he thanks her for letting him off the hook. Then he calls his son, telling him dad is doing well and he should listen to his mom.

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Chief Yeom has made up his mind. Stupidly he reveals Young Jin has KL secret slush file! Then he divulges his plan of moving to the USA to be with his family, washing his hands off from Kang Tae Yoo’s mess. Tae Yoo isn’t sure Young Jin has the file because if she does, she would’ve already arrested him.

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Secretary Yoon advises anxious Tae Yoo that there’s no evidence police has his secret slush fund file but he believes Chief Yeom wouldn’t lie to him and only Young Jin (so far) has the file. His motto is dead people can’t talk… is he going to kill Young Jin?

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They pass on Young Jin’s details and picture to a guy who calls his minion to do the job after confirming they receive the money.

It’s now 10PM but Ha Eun and Nam Jin aren’t home. Where are they? Nam Jin didn’t pick up her phone!

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Thankfully they are okay. They were watching movie so Nam Jin put her phone on silent. Of course Young Jin scolds her sister but doesn’t she realize her family always live in fear because of her job?

She goes to the nearest convenience store but forgot her wallet, phone and everything. The store assistant who knows she’s Ha Eun’s mom, allow her to pay tomorrow.

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On the way home, a mysterious man attacks Young Jin. Dragging her to a quiet place, strangling her!

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