Mrs Cop Episode 17 Brief Recap

Chairman Kang Tae Yoo’s world crumbles down as his trusted people are either arrested or betrayed him. Will he choose the easy way out or will he boldly admit his mistake & pay the hefty price? His accomplice Chief Yeom knows his crimes and corruption are unforgivable, what will he do when Young Jin and Park Jong Ho arrive to arrest him?

Episode 17 Brief Recap

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As Young Jin is fighting for her life & struggling to escape, her daughter comforts her Aunt thinking she’s upset after her mom scolded her earlier. Cutie Ha Eun kisses her Aunt, begging her to forgive her mom. Cutie. Nam Jin is wondering, where is your mom, Ha Eun ya?

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She runs trying to find Young Jin and is shocked watching her sister bravely fights with a mysterious man! Fortunately Young Jin is okay. To protect her family, she tells Nam Jin to stay at her friend’s place with Ha Eun and don’t say anything to Ha Eun.

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Young Jin orders Ma Tae So (he still owes her about the fake tipping case) to find out who hired this mysterious man to kill her. If he still refuses to talk, feel free to bury him alive. Wow. This guy can only speak Chinese and he believes Korean cops can’t kill him. News travels fast, Tae Yoo receives info that his man has been captured.

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The guy who’s actually a Korean, promises to behave and spills the beans after he’s almost buried alive. He’s lucky Young Jin didn’t call her team members, they can easily beat / shoot him to death!

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Worried Jong Ho checks on Young Jin to ensure she’s okay, he’s also ready to kill this man. Jong Ho wants Young Jin to be guarded all the time but she declines. She think this man is part of professional contract killers which are well connected to a gang, but it’s very tricky as the person who does the job and the person who hires him don’t know each other. The only clue she has is Doctor Hwang in Ansan.

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Young Jin boldly comes to Tae Yoo’s office to show that she’s alive and based on the fortune teller, she has a strong forceful destiny so nobody can kill her. Don’t waste your time trying to kill this lady, Tae Yoo. She then threatens him with the secret file from Seung Woo in exchange of killing someone.

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Thanks to his friend who’s working at National Intelligence Service, Jong Ho gets information about Doctor Hwang‘s whereabouts. He gives fake secret document to delivery boy to lead them to him (who called his minion to kill Young Jin). After beating his minions on the way, they present list of his crimes which are severe enough he may get a death penalty. Pretending to be busy cops, he orders him to just go back to China to get his punishment there. His trick works, this man cooperates with Jong Ho’s demand and gives him the contract killer’s account details. Because it’s a dummy account, they can only search people who deposited money into this account.

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Surprise surprise… Secretary Yoon was one of them!  Young Jin plans to shake up Tae Yoo’s people first before she releases secret slush funds file knowing he has a lot of powerful people backing him up. Due to lack of evidence, they can’t arrest Secretary Yoon nor Chairman Kang yet.

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Chief Yeom packs up his belonging including his treasured police uniform, he’s ready to leave this behind him & start anew. Jong Ho is enraged, listing the crimes & corruption his friend did. The friend who took a good care his juniors in the past. He really wants to shoot him! Then he yells that Chairman Kang almost killed Young Jin.

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Trying to choke back her tears, she asks if Chief Yeom knows all along that Chairman Kang killed her father. His silence means it’s true. She wipes her tears, pulls out handcuff to arrest him but he requests to change into his police uniform first.

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He puts on his uniform, staring outside as he smiles. Then he put a gun on his head to shoot himself! Young Jin and Jong Ho panicky dash inside after hearing the gun shot but Chief Yeom is dead. He left a note apologizing to upright police & detectives who keep their integrity despite their small salary. Superintendent promises to arrest Chairman Kang and his minions, if they can’t arrest these people then they’re not worthy to be called this nation’s police.

Tae Yoo believes his powerful backups will help him because there’re too many people involved in his dirty plan and secret slush fund. And he’s going to Chief Yeom’s funeral to show people that he’s still rocking and alive.

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He runs into Young Jin and her team. Straight away Young Jin calls him a trash and she hates both him & his sin. This crazy man coolly admits he killed her father, sarcastically apologizing for not attending his funeral. Young Jin grabs his collar furiously, threatening to kill him if he says her father’s name again. Do Young replies his sarcastic remark as she didn’t attend his son’s funeral, coolly apologizing for shooting him to his death. Then, everyone promises they’ll come to Chairman Kang’s funeral! Wow. Bold move guys!

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Do Young and Jin Woo get a statement from Kang Jae Won’s doctor who faked his medical diagnosis, who confirms their suspicion that Prosecutor Ko was behind this.

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Do Young shows KL Group slush fund record, pointing out that his name is on this list. So will he come with them to the station quietly or by force? Knowing it’s best to co-operate, he follows them quietly.

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Congressman Kim is aware Chairman Kang’s arrest warrant will be issued today hence advising him to find a way out & escape instead of panicky calling him as he’s currently busy with Lawyer Kim who promises to take care his corruption. As expected both Lawyer Kim and Congressman Kim betrayed him.

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As soon as the arrest warrant is out, Violent Crimes team sprints to Tae Yoo’s office but this guy has already escaped with Secretary Yoon to the small restaurant where they hid some of his money. Then they quickly drive away. After checking the CCTV camera, Young Jin put him on no-fly list & nationwide wanted list. They’re wondering who leaked the info to Chairman Kang who clearly knows the police are coming to arrest him.

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Tae Yoo temporarily moves to a small motel but the situation is looking dire because police around the country is looking for him. Doctor Hwang & Western gang were arrested, his account was discovered and they couldn’t contact Lawyer Kim. He laughs crazily hearing his secretary’s idea to run away.

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Everyone is working tirelessly to catch Tae Yoo especially anxious Young Jin who neglects her body and her daughter. Jong Ho treats her for a meal then sends her home to her family. She promises an intense night (of drinking) after they catch this crazy man.

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After staying at Ah Ra’s place, Ha Eun continues begging her Aunt and now mom to get a dog. Nam Jin flatly refuses because Ha Eun can’t even clean her room so how will she take care a dog? Young Jin whispers mom will take care the dog before giving her cutie daughter kisses attack.

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Lawyer Kim is now under Violent Crime Team’s radar, they follow her around to find Chairman Kang but surprisingly she’s currently busy with her other client Congressman Kim Ki Joon. Based on the slush fund file, most people on the list are somehow connected to her so she’ll get in touch with him sooner or later. Jin Woo believes Tae Yoo is currently hiding without planning any legal attack. Lawyer Kim advises Tae Yoo for not calling her again (he called her to tell him about his plan to go overseas temporarily).

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Lawyer Kim is escorted to the station where Young Jin lists her connections who received bribes. As a lawyer, she should know that Chairman Kang’s plan to kill labor union for Future City is violation of her duty as a lawyer, in other words, she’s accomplice to murder. Young Jin threatens to arrest her first before Chairman Kang but Lawyer Kim lectures law only works with evidence.

Do Young finds Tae Yoo’s burner phone when checking Lawyer Kim’s phone records. Finally they find his hiding place!

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Tae Yoo writes a note before driving to a secluded place & pour the car with gasoline. This crazy man laughs hysterically! Violent Crimes team and the backups have arrived to arrest him. Jong Ho assures Young Jin that they’ll catch this crazy man soon but suddenly they hear a loud bang and a fire!

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When they arrive, Secretary Yoon is screaming crying. He tells them Chairman Kang is gone.

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