Mrs Cop Episode 4 Brief Recap

Girls powers are truly amazing! We can count on extrasensory Choi Young Jin and Min Do Young to solve the puzzles and arrest the real killer although corrupt cops are everywhere.

Episode 4 Brief Recap
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Young Jin hands the pickets back, advises the young daughter to sit in the bench so they don’t to apply for the permit. Do Young is frustrated Young Jin helps people who break the rules but in her defense, she actually helped them for not breaking the rules. Cops are responsible to prevent accidents & crimes but Do Young’s principle is to be strict with those who break the laws. Do Young: who is this person? Jong Ho: you don’t know extrasensory Choi? Of course she knows, she admires her skills but she didn’t recognize her.

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Today is extrasensory Choi’s first day back at the station. As expected Chief Yeom opposes it but the media found out that sub-station chief Choi Young Jin solved the mystery behind Mi Kyung’s case so they need to bring her onboard on the special task team. They decide to put Park Jong Ho to lead the team while she’s in charge of the investigation.

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Tae Yoo points out that his son is currently working on a huge project hence he can’t lose him over a small accident. He needs his son… Police? They can find their own culprit as a scapegoat. Frustrated Chief Yeom refuses to help him again, he can’t sacrifice police’s pride. He has enough with Tae Yoo’s never ending demands.

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In front of Jong Ho, he tries to shift the blame to the prosecutors who (according to him) requests to cover up their fun times with the young girls at Mi Kyung’s production company. That’s the reason why he tried to close the case ASAP but thanks to Choi Young Jin, she will catch the killer even if people threaten her. He can’t wait until the killer is arrested.

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Jong Ho and Young Jin introduce themselves to the special task team. Officer Min Do Young from the intelligence division joins the team (Jong Ho chose her) and earns the first butt hit from Chief Choi 😀 She apologizes for not recognizing Chief Choi earlier.

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Tae Yoo decides it’s best for President Han to speak up and turns himself in although his lawyer & secretary advised him to take care this case very quietly. In the meantime, he asks a favor from Prosecutor Ko in exchange of possible promotion in the very near future. His secretary offers President Han unregistered bond of 50 billion won and 50 billion won cash once he’s released from prison. President Han is suspicious because many people refuses to pay after the job is completed but he chickens out after Secretary Yoo threatens him with a knife. He has no choice except following the script given to him.

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The investigation continues. Based on the point of the rupture, Young Jin believes Mi Kyung wasn’t hit by a blunt weapon. After analyzing Mi Kyung’s 127 blog posts, Do Young found Mi Kyung’s habit of writing three dots at the end of her sentences and misspelling Gae. Suspiciously, the word Gae in her suicide note was spelled correctly and the sentences didn’t end with three dots. Hence, Young Jin orders the team to track the IP address where this suicide note was posted (or edited) and to find anyone who knows her ID & password. She praises Do Young’s amazing research & analysis.

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The production company are taking care their artists’ SNS account because artists nowadays are active on SNS and causing mess but they only give the password to the account’s owner. Nobody else knows the password. Do Young points out that the blog post was edited after Mi Kyung was killed, from an internet cafe in Gangneung.

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After analyzing the internet cafe’s CCTV camera, they then find out MD Productions’ President Han edited her blog post (to write the suicide note). Young Jin instructs her team to keep an eye on him quietly & track his phone records. Unfortunately he turned off his phone so they can’t locate him but it’s suspicious he lied to the police saying he was on business trip during the time of Mi Kyung’s death. The team moves fast, he’s already banned from leaving this country. If they still can’t catch him by tomorrow, a wanted notice will be put up.

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Chief Yeom notifies Tae Yoo that police will arrest President Han soon but he doesn’t realize that it’s exactly what Tae Yoo planned. He’s put President Han as a scapegoat, a culprit that the police want to catch.

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After the news breaks that President Han is on the wanted list for killing Mi Kyung, Tae Yoo orders him to turn himself in. And he does. He surrenders himself. The team is speechless, it’s too easy to capture a killer. He confesses but Chief Yeom yells at him wanting to know the truth. Young Jin orders Chief Yeom to leave to continue the investigation.

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President Han follows the script to convince Young Jin that he’s the real killer. But he tells a secret to his girlfriend who visits him in the prison.

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He then goes through another interrogation, this time it’s a lie detector test. He calmly answers all the questions but Young Jin starts to get curious when he answers the question exactly the same as his statement as if he memorized them word-by-word. Hence she repeats the same questions over and over again to agitate him. She knows right away he’s a scapegoat, so does Do Young! They then check the hotel’s CCTV and bill to conclude that his alibi didn’t match. He explained he took a cab to Gangneung because he’s drunk but he ordered wine at the hotel.

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She brings it to attention to Chief Yeom who argues that many people usually memorize their statement with their lawyers to reduce their sentence. She argues back it doesn’t make sense he could comfortably ate & slept peacefully in a hotel after killing someone. Chief Yeom has enough with her fiction, he orders her to hand over the case to the prosecutors by tomorrow.

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Before he’s transferred to the prosecutor, Young Jin tries to provoke him to spill the beans because it’s clear he memorized the script given to him really well and he’s well compensated. But he stays calm.

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His prosecutor? Of course it’s Prosecutor Ko who’s as corrupt as Chief Yeom. Despite Young Jin’s plea, he tells her to re-check the crime scene instead of bothering him like this. She advises him to stay alert.

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When Young Jin inspects the crime site, she runs into President Han’s girlfriend who came to retrieve the camera. She hurriedly follows her, requesting her to give the memory card. Meanwhile, Tae Yoo and his son are relieved to find the crime scene has been closed. Next… they just need to hide in the Philippines until President Han is quietly safe in the prison because Tae Yoo believes they can’t and should never trust people.

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The special team finally has the most crucial evidence – a recording of Jae Won’s crime. But he’s leaving to the Philippines in 4 hours so they must get arrest warrant ASAP. They must also put a travel ban.

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Tae Yoo and Jae Won arrive at the international airport, unaware that the police have surrounded the place. Just before they enter the immigration restricted area, the team arrives to arrest him. They have the warrant ready and the travel ban is in place. Tae Yoo warns them that their jobs are on the line if they’re wrong but his son abruptly tries to run away making everyone believes he’s guilty. He’s caught and dragged to the police station.

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Young Jin interrogates Jae Won who insists he didn’t know Mi Kyung and he didn’t kill her. She repeats her question but he keeps giving the same answer hence she shows her hidden card – video of him killing her. She advises it’s best to confess so he confesses!

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Yes I killed her!

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Young Jin congratulates Do Young who arrested Jae Won with amazing composure although it was her first time. You did well, Lieutenant Min! Chief Yeom can no longer help Tae Yoo because they had concrete evidence. Tae Yoo now is keeping an eye on Chief Choi Young Jin.

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Young Jin hands Mi Kyung’s diary (that she found on her room) to her mom so she knew her daughter really loved & missed her. It’s so sad to see her breaks down in tears, crying 🙁

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After successfully arresting the real killer, Young Jin spends time playing with her daughter. They’re hugging lying on the grass, sooo cute. Back at home, the sisters are discussing about Ha Eun’s ballet lessons. According to her teacher, she’s talented but she needs lots of supports. Young Jin can easily pay her lessons’ fee but can she support and be there for her whenever she needs her mom? They can’t rely on Aunt Nam Jin all the time. It seems like Ha Eun needs to do it by her own if she really likes ballet.

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Young Jin finally tells her sister that she’s been appointed to Violent Crimes Division. She needs to decide asap before she loses her job. But her sister isn’t happy knowing she’ll be very busy again. However, it’s a great job, good pay. Jong Ho comes to the sub-station to remind her that she doesn’t accept this official appointment by tomorrow. He doesn’t want to force her, it’s up to her.

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Jae Deok’s wife is aware that Young Jin hesitates because of Ha Eun hence she advises that overbearing moms will harm their kid so please follow your heart although her mouth said otherwise. It’s best to tell the truth to Ha Eun straight away because kids nowadays are smart. Jae Deok who’s tired with his job as a traffic officer is more than ready to return to the Violent Crimes Division.

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Young Jin follows her advice. She tells Ha Eun she’ll go back to her old job so she’ll be really busy and won’t have lots of time to spend with her. She may miss lots of important events and won’t be there for her when she really needs her mom. But one thing for sure… her heart… mom’s heart will always be filled with Ha Eun… until she dies. Ha Eun who turned her back while mom was talking, silently cried. Then she faces her mom saying that she’s busy too. Meeting new friends, learning English, going to ballet lessons so she doesn’t have time to play with mom. But she will always think of mom.

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She’s a very understanding daughter. Young Jin hugs her 🙂

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Welcome back, Captain Choi & Jae Deok! They decide to recruit one more member to the team, Han Jin Woo who was unfairly demoted & is still heartbroken over his girlfriend’s death. They want to shape him into a better person because it’s clear he has the right attitude to be a detective who only cares about catching a criminal. She gives her name card.

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Jin Woo sits in the riverside, he holds a keyring and recalls his memory with his girlfriend. He suddenly put a gun on his head 🙁 Fortunately he put the gun down as his tears flow. :'(

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Young Jin is still at work when she receives a phone call. She then looks at the picture of a policeman (her dad?) and is looking so sad.

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In the prison, Park Dong Il (Kim Kap Soo) is given a temporary release to attend a funeral & be the chief mourner. Young Jin pays her respect, looking upset that although he received a life sentence but will be released next month because he’s a model prisoner.

Dong Il: You probably want to kill me. But thanks for coming.

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