Mrs Cop Episode 5 Brief Recap

Finding a great team member for Violent Crimes Division isn’t easy. They need to have similar passion, motivation and goal so the team can work well together. Captain Choi’s biggest task to date is not catching a criminal but to pick the right team member(s). What’ll she do if two capable officers appear in front of her?

Episode 5 Brief Recap
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Choi Young Jin hasn’t forgiven Park Dong Il. He killed her father! She already gave him a chance to beg for forgiveness when she was ready to forgive him but back then he believed she should never forgive him nor should he receive her forgiveness. He promised one day… he will beg for it.

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Brand new day, brand new case. A lady is demonstrating in front of KL Construction for causing her husband’s death, upset they said it was caused by accident. They rudely tell her to leave as their boss Kang Tae Yoo arrives at the site. She’s also told to leave by the demonstrators fighting for their rights. Because they’re in a labor union & have already received assembly permit to protest, Min Do Young and the team arrive to ensure everything is under control. Traffic controller Han Jin Woo joins the team to control the traffic.

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But traffic control is clearly not his passion because after he saw the group of men harassing the poor lady, he steps up to control them despite the objection from Min Do Young currently in charge. She’s not his boss so she can’t order him around.

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He goes ballistic when the demonstrators rudely drag the poor lady to the ground. His intention may be good but what was he thinking? Fighting with a group of strong men alone isn’t doing him any favor. And why did he try to regulate people who already have assembly permit? He’s a traffic controller not a gangster.

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Do Young is startled but Jin Woo decides it’s best to ignore her and goes home instead because it’s time for him to call it a day. He then buys soju & drinks his sorrowfulness in his dark bedroom. Young Jin still hasn’t given up on him, sending a text encouraging him to stop hiding only because things are hard. But she will think he’s a coward if he don’t contact her by tomorrow. Picture of his late-girlfriend is still on his bedside. Poor Han Jin Woo 🙁

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Violent Crimes team is going through applications to pick their new team member. They’re teasing Se Won who was chosen because he looked foolishly brave when Do Young arrive asking a huge favor to join the team. Jae Deok doesn’t understand why a Police University graduate wants to work in this team because she’ll get much faster promotion if she stays in the Intelligence Division. But she never aims for a faster promotion, she became a cop to catch criminals. She’s willing to do anything, take any test to show her skills to become Violent Crimes’ detective. Young Jin has already seen her talents whilst they worked together in the special task team but it doesn’t mean she’s going to pick her.

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Do Young is very persistent, she doesn’t leave them alone until they give her a chance. She’s like their fanatic fans 😀 The men love her eagerness and of course her nice face & body, giving Young Jin a headache.

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Finally she decides to give her a test. She gives her a case without explaining what crime Bae Dal Hwan did. Min Dong Young is in if she can bring him within three days. Jae Deok and Se Won believe it’s easier to bring a famous criminal than Bae Dal Hwan. Captain Choi gave a nearly impossible task only because she couldn’t say no. But where is the guy she picked?

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Here he is. He’s one day late though. Han Jin Woo doesn’t want to argue so he bids his farewell but Young Jin is willing to give him a chance too. She hands him the same case as Min Do Young (to bring Bae Dal Hwan) within 3 days. Unlike Do Young, he only take Dal Hwan’s picture. Too confident maybe? Both Jae Deok and Se Won think their Captain doesn’t want either of these prospective team members to join the team hence this impossible task.

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Do Young starts by looking at vehicle registrations to find tickets Dal Hwan received. Based on her research, he used different luxury car everytime he received a ticket. Suspicious? Her cop friend Hyun Jung guesses maybe he’s a designated driver but all the tickets were handed out during day time and the cars were registered at the same place. Jin Woo contacts his long-time friends aka thugs to find someone who knows Dal Hwan. He generously gives them 30000won & 3 hours. When they complain the fees are too low, he reminds them a customer is a king. He rests as the thugs are running against the clock to finish the job.

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Unfortunately Dal Hwan’s ex-cellmate Carlos can’t give him the information he needed so he’s chasing another man who can lead him to this highly sought man. Do Young is also working tirelessly interviewing people who may know Dal Hwan’s whereabouts. Until they finally find out the car service center he works.

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Luck is clearly not on Jin Woo’s side today because he loses him so Do Young is the one who catches him by tripping him with her car’s door. She quickly puts a handcuff on him, joins by Jin Woo. They meet again 😀 This is a very important case for them so nobody wants to lose hence they handcuff Dal Hwan to their own hands. Then they argue who caught him first and about the ethics in their line of work while very thirsty Dal Hwan is begging them for water.

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They’re still arguing until Jin Woo needs to go to the restroom. Finally Jin Woo uncuff himself but of course Do Young would never let him win. She quickly drags Dal Hwan who steals a hair pin and finally unlock the handcuff.

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He runs outside, Do Young chases him. Twists him around to handcuff him but unfortunately he’s way too strong for her. Jin Woo caught up with them and quickly kicks his back, punches him and together with Do Young, they put a handcuff on.

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He lectures Do Young for losing a culprit they’ve caught, which is worse than dying for a detective. They still argue who caught him first while Dal Hwan is yelling what crime did he make.

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Violent Crimes team is in shock they caught Dal Hwan. Of course they’re not giving up. Do Young, I caught him first. Jin Woo, I caught him first. Dal Hwan begs them to let him go first because he’s done his job. He’s wondering who are these people and what’s she doing to him after getting him a job? Young Jin apologizes to Dal Hwan who tearfully & furiously tell them for never contacting him ever again.

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She needs to make a very important decision but she can’t. Jae Deok believes they broke the rules by catching Dal Hwan together while Se Won think she should keep her words. So Jae Deok suggests the three of them should vote. CALL!

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The votes are in. Welcome to Violent Crimes team, Min Do Young & Han Jin Woo! The team is now complete. But Jae Deok refuses to be paired up with either of the new members due to personality clashes. He’d rather resign than to be their partner. So Young Jin pairs the new members together. Jin Woo is assigned to take care Do Young because he’s her senior.

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Maknae Se Won is happy he’s no longer a team maknae now. Young Jin explains she calls Jae Deok’s wife Chief Hong because she’s been taking care the detectives’ late night-snacks up to their socks & underwear and has lots of experience rookies should learn from her. Because they’re now in the same team, Do Young apologizes for their unpleasant first meeting and promises to do her best. She’s 27 yo, newbie detective while 29 yo Jin Woo already has 5 years experience under his belt.

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The team welcome party last all night until they crash in the living room. Nam Jin walks around in the whole mess, takes pictures & tries waking them up by screaming wake up everyone to fire to thief! Maybe because they’re detectives, everyone gets up when she yelled thief. When Nam Jin threatens to post the pictures in the Police department’s website, Jae Deok & Se Won hilariously request her to photoshop their face.

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Their first case as a team of five is to find a run-away girl. The team’s response is lackluster because hey we’re much better than finding run-away kids. So Captain Choi has to remind them again she is the Captain, Jae Deok sarcastically tells the newbies that they need to agree to whatever the Captain says. Even if she says a pen is a sausage, they’ll need to nod. Anyway, back to this case. Apparently these run-away young girls are used in sex-trafficking business so they don’t just look for run-away kids but they’re looking to catch the culprit behind this shady business.

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They’re doing undercover to catch two young guys who forced young run-away girls working as sex workers. Captain Choi hid with one of the girl and the team successfully capture them to hopefully bring them closer to catch the culprit.

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But they don’t know their boss President Wang’s face, they only received his instructions.

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The next day, they decide do a stakeout. Initially they didn’t want to put the poor young girl as a bait because she’s suffered enough but Do Young is too tall to disguise as her. But she’s willing to take the rest as long as they catch President Wang. Moreover, she’s worried about her friend whom she lost contact after they got her.

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Just then, the team is called to a nearby murder crime scene. Young Jin begs Park Jong Ho to let them off the hook today because they’re in the midst of important stake out in the middle of busy intersection but he argues it’s this team’s turn to go to all crime scenes this week. Captain Yeom will be there soon so the team must arrive before him. As expected, Captain Choi makes her own decision to continue the stakeout.

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The poor girl is clearly worried & nervous as she’s looking around afraid someone may take her away. Young Jin asks Do Young to let her know she should  be more natural. She quickly passes on cold drink to her to hopefully make her feel better but she blurts out thank you detective in front of a passing man.

The team is restless after waiting for 30 minutes without any result so they move to the murder crime scene. They get there before Captain Yeom but Captain Park is already here. But wait, did they just leave the run-away girl alone?

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While the other detectives are confused with the murder motive because there couldn’t find any trace of evidence, extra-sensory Captain Choi can pin-point what happened to Lee Eun Jung because her lover left traces. She’s confident he was there on the night of the accident. Everything (sofa, clothes, shoes, curtain, etc) in her place is lacking in color but there’s a red underwear hanging in the balcony which is definitely not her style. It’s her lover’s preference who maybe killed her after they drank wine (because Young Jin saw two wine glasses).

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The team gets this case but Captain Choi wants it to be transferred to another team because she knows how horrendous handling murder case is. They can barely go home, the risk and the pay isn’t great too. But there’s good news: Chief Yeom offers one million won as a reward. For Young Jin, it’s still not enough for five people. So Captain Park adds one more million. In the end they settle for 2.5million.

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Do Young can only shakes her head. She looks more annoyed when the team focuses on the reward money (by playing the ladder game to decide who’ll get the most) instead of investigating the murder case. Young Jin think the reward money will motivate them more to catch the culprit.

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Okay let’s investigate. The team arrive at Professor Jung’s house and Young Jin asks questions straight to the point in front of his wife. Based on their reaction, it’s clear they know about his affair with Lee Eun Jung. Young Jin continues her blunt question, asking when did he last sleep with Eun Jung. She’s stabbed & killed last night and he was captured on the CCTV around the time of Eun Jung’s incident making him the prime suspect of this murder case. His wife can’t even put an alibi that her husband was home that night.

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But Young Jin suspects he’s not the killer so she’s here to get more evidence to clear his name and to avoid him getting dragged to the police station to be formally questioned. So did he or did he not kill her? He steals a glare to his wife who looks very nervous before yelling to the detectives to leave his house.

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Do Young is shocked Young Jin boldly brought up his personal life in front of his wife, they should be more respectful although he’s a murder suspect. They can ruin a perfectly good family. But Young Jin believes they should never help a cheater and based on their reactions, his wife knows. Do Young then brings it up to Senior Han who points out a guy who’s cheating on his wife isn’t a perfectly good family. He tells her to observe instead of arguing but she’s asking a question here. Anyway, Young Jin is hungry so let’s go, guys. Are they dating here? He then asks for a car key.

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Jae Deok and Se Won are investigating Eun Jung’s workplace to find anything strange. But their only female employee isn’t coming today. Do Young interviews the delivery guy to find out if he really saw Professor Jung. He insists yes, he also heard them fighting & yelling you want to die.

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She then investigates his phone record to find he talked more to Eun Jung than to his own wife.

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In another room, Young Jin is checking the CCTV camera from Eun Jung’s place & streets around her place. After finding out she got into a taxi, she requests a blackbox from this taxi.

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But the woman in this taxi is not Eun Jung!

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