Mrs Cop Episode 6 Brief Recap

Episode 6 Brief Recap
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In a shocking twist, Young Jin finds out after analyzing the CCTV camera that a woman entered the building where Eun Jung lived at 00:46 then rushing out in panic 20 minutes later.

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Through their findings, there were two people around her place around the estimated time of her death. Professor Jung Il Ha and her co-worker at the flower shop Kang Ji Yeon. After Jung Il Ha’s wife found out about his affair, Eun Jung wanted to end it but Il Ha begged her not to so he had a clear motive to kill her. Jae Deok refutes Do Young’s statement because an educated university professor should know he’d be the suspect if he kills the woman he’s having affair with. While Jin Woo think his educated background led him to meticulously removed the evidence from the crime scene. Based on circumstantial evidence, he’s the prime suspect but Captain Choi boldly concludes it’s not him.

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Why? Because he left Eun Jung’s place at 4 minutes past midnight and she sent her last message at 12 minutes pas midnight. If he killed her before he left, she wouldn’t be able to send the text to Kang Ji Yeon. A dead person can’t send a message, right? Based on their findings, it was sent real time (not scheduled). So Professor Jung is innocent. Jae Deok lectures enthusiastic Do Young that spirit, willpower and passion are great attitudes to possess but she should check the basic documents first.

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The team’s maknaes are sent to Kang Ji Yeon’s place but nobody opens the door. Eagle eye Do Young realizes the curtain was opened when they arrived but now it’s closed so she’s at home. Having no luck earlier, they turn to the security guard asking him to call her to move her car.

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As soon as they see Ji Yeon in the parking lot, Do Young greets her. Jin Woo then asks why didn’t she open a door. His question makes her stuttering in nervousness. She quickly gets in her car & drives away so brave Jin Woo run to stand in front of the moving car to stop her from running away from them. To avoid him, she steers to the right & crashes her car. Han Jin Woo is crazy! They take her to a hospital for a general check up, fortunately she’s okay albeit shocked. After getting an ok sign from the doctor, they handcuff her & take her to the station for a thorough investigation.

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She admits coming to Eun Jung’s place that day after Eun Jung told her to come but she didn’t open the door so she returned home. Do Young inquires why she didn’t call her at all. And why didn’t she call her workplace the next day if it’s true she was unwell. It seems like she didn’t need to make a call because she went inside Eun Jung’s place to kill her. She refutes explaining she’s considerate to Eun Jung who had sleeping troubles so after ringing the bell once and nobody answered, she thought her friend was sleeping and didn’t want to disturb her. She was too ill & woke up late to call work the next day. Tearfully she states she didn’t kill Eun Jung, why would she kill her?

Young Jin finds out President Wang took the runaway girls to Japan after one girl Jang Eun Young couldn’t leave the country because of a travel ban.

She then took Captain Park to a nice restaurant. As a cop, he’s suspicious so she points out it’s the reason he’s not getting married. He should know when to pretend he didn’t see or hear something. Great tips.

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Anyway, she’s here to ask him a favor because Foreign Affairs Division couldn’t help her to trace the runaway girls in Japan. Because her team is busy with Eun Jung’s murder case, she hands this case to her division’s head.

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Do Young & Jin Woo get a vital evidence from the forensic that there’s a small blade piece lodged inside Eun Jung’s neck bone. It looks like the killer had some trouble getting the blade out so s/he shook & forced it out. They then find out from the stationery store near flower shop Eun Jung worked that the female employees often bought the same blade because it breaks way too often.

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The team moves to Kang Ji Yeon’s place where Young Jin finds a weird looking candy and Do Young finds the same blade. Suddenly she looks terrified and screams. What’s the truth, Ji Yeon?

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She confesses her earlier statement was wrong ~ she came to Eun Jung’s place but she’s already dead. But she didn’t kill her friend. She feels sorry for pulling the blade out of her friend’s neck, she’s sorry Eun Jung was scared, in pain, died just so she could live. She’s sorry for leaving her alone there. 🙁

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Captain Park requests Captain Choi to conclude the case because Kang Ji Yeon’s motive is clear (Eun Jung lent 70 million won to her), they’ve found enough evidence including CCTV recording. But Young Jin insists she’s not the killer nor she believes these two women would kill each other for this massive amount of money. She asks him to postpone the announcement.

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Her team is also frustrated with Young Jin’s insistence that Ji Yeon is innocent despite the lie detector test proves she’s lying. Now they’re back to square one. Ji Yeon is free thanks to Young Jin.

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Although she’s busy with this murder case but she’s coming home tonight bringing cake for her cutie daughter and sister who’re currently having jjajangmyun for dinner. Yum. She praises it’s delicious because her daughter fed her. Of course she’s so stingy to praise her sister’s cooking. Mom and daughter then eat the noodle together, too cute. After a fun dinner & shower, Ha Eun is ready for bed. Young Jin put her daughter’s book back in the bookcase only to receive a complain because Ha Eun arranges her books in order she read them.

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She returns back to work joining sleepy Se Won to recheck the CCTV camera. Eagle eye extrasensory Young Jin finds something’s odd. So she goes to Eun Jung’s place to see the exact place where the killer threw the blade. Then she enters her bedroom and realizes Eun Jung arranged her books in alphabetical order (she has similar obsessive compulsive disorder like Ha Eun). She checks the books which aren’t put in alphabetic order & finally finds the vital evidence to find the real killer.

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Based on the latest forensic result, the killer is a left-handed and the blade by thrown from someone taller than her. Kang Ji Yeon is right-handed and shorter than Eun Jung so she’s clearly not the killer. It’s possible she was sitting down but Young Jin believes there were two people. First was the killer. Second was the one who pulled the blade out that’s why they found blade piece on her neck. But who is the real killer?

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Young Jin: her neighbor – someone who lives in apartment 301 or 302. Why? Because they didn’t see anyone else except Professor Jung, Kang Ji Yeon and the residents on the CCTV camera so the killer must’ve live in the same building. From the CCTV, the lights in the stairs of the third floor was turned on, then a short moment later the light on the second floor was turned on. Because Eun Jung’s house has an automatic light sensor, it automatically lighted up when the killer arrived and left. 35 minutes later, the light was on in reverse order. Bravo Captain Choi! For successfully identifying the killer based on the automatic lights.

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She even found what the killer was looking at Eun Jung’s house. The cover page looks like it’s a novel but it’s actually an account book.

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The team is now on stakeout to catch the culprit by following Oh Young Nam around. Young Jin asks for Ji Yeon’s help by threatening with the weird candies she found earlier.

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They are getting closer to uncover the secret behind this murder case when they arrive at the poppies greenhouse in the rural area, full of illegal goods aka drugs. The employees at that flower shop have history with drugs, either they’re dealers or possess drugs. So the flower delivery business is fake, it’s actually drugs delivery service. After receiving the delivery from the club run by Oh Young Nam, the flower shop disguises it as flowers then delivers it to the clients. They have enough evidence for this illegal drugs business but is still stuck in finding the real killer.

Captain Choi sends Do Young and Jin Woo acting as a couple in a busy subway station where Ji Yeon is meeting Oh Young Nam while the other two surround the platform to protect her and Captain Choi in the CCTV room.

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Young Nam has 100 million won in his bag in exchange of account book that Eun Jung kept. He think Ji Yeon has it now. But this amount of money isn’t enough to pay for Eun Jung’s life! So she asks for another 100 million won then she’ll give the account book. He threatens to kill her with a knife, admitting he killed Eun Jung because she pulled the same tactic. All his conversation with Ji Yeon is being recorded.

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After securing this very important confession, Young Jin instructs her team to arrest him but they must make sure Ji Yeon is safe. The team is stepping closer to Ji Yeon, Jae Deok gives her a signal to leave but she looks terrified.

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Based on her reaction, Young Nam realizes what’s happening now. He grabs her, put a knife on her neck then jump into the train with her. Do Young & Jin Woo thankfully are quick to jump into the train as well while Young Jin drives to the next station yelling in anger because the maknaes are not picking up her call.

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Do Young instructs the other passengers to move and as soon as it’s clear, Jin Woo bravely orders Young Nam to pull down the knife. He walks closer to him although Young Nam screams telling him not to. Suddenly Ji Yeon pulls her blade. Jin Woo then throws his keyring right when she’s going to stab Young Nam but in a twist of turn, Ji Yeon’s neck gets stabbed.

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Jin Woo fights with Young Nam alone, choke his neck until both fall on the ground. The others arrive to arrest him.

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Based on their investigation, Young Nam cultivated poppy flowers to produce opium and did money embezzlement. After Eun Jung realized what happened, she threatened him to spill the beans to their boss so he killed after after she refused to hand the account book. To clear him from suspicion, he sent text message to Kang Ji Yeon from Eun Jung’s phone. Then he looked for this account book in her study room but didn’t realize she put her books in alphabetical order so he put the books back in the wrong places. After looking for 30 minutes & didn’t find the account book, he cleaned all the traces and returned home. Based on the automatic lights Young Jin explained before and this evidence, it’s safe to conclude he’s the killer.

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Park Dong Il is lurking outside Kang Tae Yoo’s office. Meanwhile Tae Yoo is told about the trouble with President Kim’s business as Director Oh Young Nam has been arrested and the illegal business has been exposed. The lawyer assures Tae Yoo will be fine but she suggests him to discard that business so President Kim and he won’t be dragged in the future. But he refuses to give it up now because it continually gives him money so in the meantime. Many people are connected to this business like a spiderweb so the police can’t act recklessly.

Young Jin finds out Park Dong Il has been released from prison so she goes to the car repair shop (where Dal Hwan works) run by Hope Welfare Foundation to give a place & work for ex-prisoners. But Dong Il is out looking for job now. She orders Dal Hwan to keep an eye on him.

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Although the world has changed much for Dong Il but Young Jin tells she hasn’t changed that much. She’s clearly still holding her grudge. Well Dong Il hasn’t changed much either, she agrees because he’s still as shameless as he was before. But she’ll keep an eye to see how he’s living so he better lives properly. If not, she’ll destroy him without any mercy.

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Do Young is still angry after what Jin Woo did at the subway earlier. He didn’t follow Captain Choi’s order, recklessly fought & caught Young Nam and he almost killed Ji Yeon. She argues she doesn’t want to drink with him when he joins her at Captain Hong’s place. Then she drops her honorific asking if he’s a human before throwing a drink on his face yelling he should stop being a cop! She’s horrified thinking about the cases he solved in similar way like Eun Jung’s case and the people who were harmed while he was solving the case. No she won’t treat him as her senior.

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