Mrs Cop Episode 7 Brief Recap

Do Young learns a cop’s main responsibility isn’t just catching the criminals. They also need to prevent the crimes to happen. This episode opens her eyes that preventing sometimes is better because reducing crimes rates will make detectives’ jobs easier, right?

Episode 7 Brief Recap

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Do Young points out Jin Woo has intermittent explosive disorder because he focuses on beating someone and doesn’t care about the hostage’s wellbeing. A cop like him will do more harm than good.

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Tae Yoo and his lawyer assures Jae Won if things go well, he may not serve 5 years prison sentence. And nothing much will change although he’s currently in prison so let’s just take it as a short break. Tae Yoo meets with Chief Yeom later that day, discussing about the drug dealer his team just caught making the Chief curious if this powerful man is also involved with drug dealers. Well of course he is.

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Because the latest case deals with drug dealers, Violent Crimes team is supposed to hand over the case to the narcotics team. But based from her finding, Young Jin believes the huge discrepancy between the amount of drugs they grow and sell came from foreign source so clearly she’s not ready to let the case go. At least they can work together. Chief Yeom who spots a familiar face on this drug dealer case file, yells at her to hand it over!

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Violent Crimes team returns to child trafficking case, the maknaes are ordered to find Jang Eun Young. They meet with her friend Da Kyung who lead them to Eun Young’s place. Do Young doesn’t think a human can live at this messy place but Jin Woo finds a docket dated yesterday’s date so someone does live there. Her mother ran off hence she lives alone.

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They found out the sauna she frequently visits so hopefully they’ll find her there. What about President Wang? He was there during their stakeout but now they lost him.

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Fortunately Kang Ji Yeon regains her consciousness, she wanted to kill the man who killed her friend however Captain Choi points out she’d die if Jin Woo wasn’t there. Her statement makes Do Young tears up, she’s so angry with Jin Woo she even submitted a thorough report about his action to Captain Choi, but his action saved the hostage’s life.

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Do Young might not see Ji Yeon suddenly pulled out the knife that day so it’s understandable she made a huge fuss. Jin Woo smiles, it’s the first time she saw him smiling so she’s wondering why. His answer surprises her, “because I like the way you are”. Swoon.  Captain Hong teases who won the fight, both of them reply, “we didn’t fight”. 😀

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A young girl is tied on the pole in the creek. If her mom doesn’t pick up the phone in 10 rings, it’s game over for her. Mom, please pick it up! Please save your daughter!

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Do Young’s thorough report about Han Jin Woo is excellent, Captain Choi praises she can become a reporter. 😀 She mentions there’s always be misunderstanding & conflicts for people working in a team / working together but if Do Young wants to fight, she cannot lose to the men. It put a smile on her face because she hasn’t lost to anyone (yet). Captain Choi knows it too, this female detective has been placed first at everything.

About why Violent Crimes team currently handles the runaway kids case, Young Jin points out the main goal of a detective: to prevent accidents & crimes. If they let the runaway kids be, they can commit violent crimes. Prevention is better than putting people in prison, right?

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A young woman successfully retrieves a mobile phone at the sauna. When the owner begs her to return the phone back, she agrees because she needs the rewards money. Innocently, she gets into his car but this guy is creepy.

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He saw her at the sauna & knows she stole the phone so he’s not letting her go that easily. Threatening to report her to police unless she plays with him. Fortunately she reacts fast, throwing a cup of coffee to his face then she runs as fast as she can. Violent Crimes team is around this area, trying to find Eun Young when they hear a pleading scream from this poor young woman.

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They quickly follow them and catch the man who wanted to molest his victim although of course he denies the accusation. Young Jin can’t believe her eyes when she sees Jang Eun Young in front of her.

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Seo Seung Hoon is grilled by Violent Crimes team at the station. Nobody believed that he planned to turn her to the police without any other hidden agenda especially when he locked his car’s door. Eun Young asks if he really saw her stealing the phone but from the CCTV, it’s proven she did steal it. So jerk Seung Hoon writes a totally different scenario, accusing her to seduce him first. An accusation she denies although she confesses she’s hungry hence she stole. Because Seung Hoon’s criminal record is clear, of course the detectives now side on him so he’s free to go while Eun Young is dragged to the interrogation room.

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They give Eung Young delicious food hoping she’ll spill the beans about the syndicate’s hideout who tried to sell her to Japan. She refuses because they don’t trust her so she doesn’t trust them either. This is not her first time stealing mobile phones but she’s not afraid. It’s working out better for her because at least she have a place to stay and will not starve in prison.

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Surprisingly, Young Jin let her go because she’s just an immature kid. But it’s also because she wants to dig more information about sex trafficking gang. Do Young is speechless! Before she confront Young Jin, Jin Woo talks some sense to her that cops are also human – they shouldn’t put a hungry kid in prison. The phone has already been returned to the owner, she admitted her fault, problem’s solved, right? Jin Woo advises her for not repeating the same crime again. The maknaes drive her home, Jin Woo drops Do Young there to get as much information from Eun Young. But catching a criminal is probably so much easier for her than getting immature kid Eun Young to talk.

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She follows her around to find she’s stealing food and begging money from people to play game in the internet cafe. Eun Young committed 15 different violations in just few hours, meticulous Do Young of course wrote everything down. But she can’t charge her. It’s frustrating. Jin Woo points out it’s okay to discipline them when they rebel. Then he tells her to continue watching Eun Young.

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Eun Young’s mom tears up after Young Jin says her daughter is a garbage after she abandoned her. If she wanted to throw her away, then give up the parental right so they can put her in a better place. At the moment, she doesn’t have anywhere else to go.

Eun Young knows it too well the world is really harsh, people are being thrown away when they’re no longer useful. She also feels offended with the way Do Young look at her, as if she’s a scum. It’s like a slap in the face for Do Young who realizes she treats her unfairly.

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She finally opens up a bit after she helped Do Young getting a drink from (broken) vending machine. Do Young is a good fighter so she gives a few tips and tricks. If they’re fighting with woman, they need to grab their hair so our opponent will lose her balance, fall to the ground giving us the opportunity to get on top of them & push them so they can’t get up. The trick fighting with man is trying to get as weak as possible because the  majority of men won’t hit the woman first. Then kick him with our foot. Nice teaching, cop! Do Young then apologizes for treating her like a scum. Eun Young can only shakes her head as Do Young cusses and offers to buy chicken & beer. Forgetting she’s still a minor.

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The next day Do Young finds Eun Young hitting a young girl, taking money from her – she regrets teaching her how to fight. Eun Young cusses at Do Young who orders her around like her guardian, boldly confronts to hit her. Frustrated Do Young has enough, she tells her to do whatever she wants. Steal, sell her body, anything she wants to get money. Eun Young yells she will so get lost! Do Young will never forgive her if she sees her committing a crime again.

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Jin Woo feels his team mate is very worried although she pretends she isn’t. Inside, Eun Young breaks down in tears because she probably hasn’t received that much care & love from anyone. Clearly she regrets yelling at Do Young who returns & leaves food & money. You did well, Do Young.

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Meanwhile, the others are inspecting Shin Myung Ho’s club, he’s known to sexually assault a minor and has an ankle monitor to prevent him committing the same crime. But the employees don’t let them to meet their boss. Eun Young messages President Wang’s hideout place to Do Young so the team can ditch the club & moves straight to his hideout room.

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As usual the maknaes pretend to be a couple so they can get the key to his room.

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They burst in as President Wang is threatening the poor girls in the room. Do Young rushes to save the girl, extra-sensory Captain Choi shoots him with a teaser when he’s going to hit Do Young from the back.

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He’s dragged to the station to hand the list of all the girls he took. But Young Jin think it’s not everyone because there’re many more runaway girls on the list they haven’t found. If he’s not lying then where are they? Both Jae Deok and Do Young are frustrated with Captain Choi’s persistence to find the missing kids because they’re not missing person team. While Jin Woo think if it’s possible they’re dead unnaturally.

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While Ha Eun is growing up well but after carefully observing her moodiness lately, her teacher advises children need stability and safe protection of their parents. She wants to meet Ha Eun’s mother too, when can she meet her? Nam Jin can’t promise anything. Nowadays she’s busy preparing for her exams so perhaps it’s also the reason why Ha Eun isn’t well looked after lately. Or maybe because of the MSG Captain Hong used? Nam Jin buys food from her.

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Ha Eun comes home, annoyed at her aunt who tied her hair weirdly (according to the other kids who teased her). She then complains about the dresses aunt bough (although Nam Jin bought them because she liked them). Ha Eun is clearly in bad mood, she even orders aunt to get out because she doesn’t like her. Aigoo. She’s a good girl when mom is home, so why is she acting like this to her aunt who’s always there for her? In tears, Nam Jin calls her sister but nobody picks it up.

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Young Jin is too busy finding the missing kids, she didn’t come home & slept at work. The police found one missing girl she’s looking for in the river, sadly she’s dead. Because of the bruise on her hand, Captain Park think she’s tied up then her body was dumped in the water.

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Seo Seung Hoon finds a new victim, a girl who found his missing phone. He takes her to a secluded place then put a loud music so nobody suspects anything.

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Song Ha Yoo was reported missing two months ago and as of now they still can’t determine the exact time of her death. Captain Choi proposes to investigate this case as part of missing girls serial killer case.

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