Mrs Cop Episode 8 Brief Recap

A runaway young woman’s life is at stake, Violent Crimes team races against the time & crazy serial murderer to save her. They only have 1 hour and puzzling clues to find the place she’s locked. Even if she’s alive, they need to take her to hospital ASAP due to hypothermia. Can Young Jin, Jae Deok, Se Won, Jin Woo and Do Young save this innocent young woman?

Episode 8 Brief Recap

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After making a shocking proposal to investigate Song Ha Yoo’s case as part of missing runaway girls serial killer case, other detectives shake their heads because Young Jin made premature conclusion disregarding the rules that they need at least 3 similar murder cases (with concrete evidence) and a cool-off period before they can conclude those cases as serial murder. Captain Park argues three is the minimum set by FBI while he think Korea should set a minimum of 2 murder cases. He brings up famous criminal profiler Pat Brown’s advice that the sooner they investigate, the sooner they’ll catch the killer hence the more chances they can protect innocent victims. Captain Yeom points out the impact on citizens if they’re wrong. Murder case cannot be treated like an assault case, they need to be careful about the social ramifications as well. She needs to present them with a plan before they can break the news of this shocking runaway girls serial killer case to public.

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Dong Il follows a man to the restroom then calmly knocks him, put him in the rubbish bin and wheels him away. In another place, Secretary Yoon chokes President Kim to death so nobody will suspect his boss Kang Tae Yoo is related to the drug business.

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Somewhere else, Seo Seung Hoon locked the poor young woman (who found his phone) in his car, filled with gasoline. He thought everything is going according to his plan but as he’s locking the garage, two detectives who’re in that area (they were following President Kim) run into him so he quickly runs. He’s hit by a passing car (Tae Yoo’s car) and as he stands up, he stares at Tae Yoo who orders his secretary to drive as fast as he can when he spots two detective chasing after this young man.

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As promised, Do Young treats Eun Young with delicious fried chicken (no beer because she’s a minor). Wait, there’s more… They arranged her mother to meet her here. Eun Young is upset they conned her but when her mom holds her hand, she starts to cry. They really missed each other. Do Young is relieved mother and daughter finally made peace. Young Jin who waited outside congratulates her on a job well done.

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Seung Hoon is a very smart man, before he killed the young woman, he sprayed the CCTV camera with black paint so Violent Crimes team doesn’t have any concrete evidence except a crucial information from the narcotics team who chased him last night. CCTV camera around that area only caught his back so it’s pretty much useless because he ran very fast.

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As they analyze a useless CCTV recording, they notice a passing by car so they note down the car’s plate number to check it’s black-box and hopefully will help them to find the killer. Young Do finds out the car is registered to KL Construction Corporation, owned by Chairman Kang – Kang Jae Won’s father. The team is suspicious why Chairman Kang was in the factory industrial district especially because the factories there are all closed late at night.

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Not wasting any time, the team split up. Young Jin, Jin Woo and Do Young meet with Chairman Kang while Se Won & Jae Deok look for his car in the basement. But these two guys are bickering instead of thoroughly checking the blackbox. Kang Tae Yoo maintains his innocence pointing out he wasn’t in that area last night, he doesn’t even know who drove that car because he’s not the main caretaker.

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Secretary Yoon shows the car’s trip log pointing out nobody used it last night but it’s caught on CCTV in that area! He argues the driver could’ve took it without permission. Of course he shouldn’t drive Chairman’s car without permission, if that what really happened then he’ll be fired. Chairman Kang isn’t worried because cops don’t know his connection with the narcotics case and without search warrant, they can’t search his car. His lawyer advises him to delete the files, get rid all evidence to keep him safe. He then orders Secretary Yoon to remove the car’s black box memory card.

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Jin Woo believes he saw Secretary Yoon before they met at the airport to arrest Kang Jae Won. But Secretary Yoon brushes it off because he needs to get the car out to drive Chairman Kang to his next appointment. He tells the team to speak with the driver who knows nothing. Without search warrant, Jae Deok and Se Won can’t search the car so they reluctantly let him go.

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Seung Hoon is meeting someone in KL Construction’s lobby (when Chairman Kang hurriedly leaves) to report he took care everything so they won’t face any problem. Violent Crimes team chases Chairman Kang, asking him to cooperate so they can search his car. Secretary Yoon already removed blackbox memory card so he obliges.

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When they ask about the memory card, Secretary Yoon replies Chairman Kang doesn’t use black box due to privacy but Se Won insists the memory card was there (when he checked the car)! They’re definitely lying so Young Jin orders a body search. His lawyer argues they don’t have the rights because there’s no official warrant so the team back off and let Chairman Kang go.

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The team also leave so does Seung Hoon who saw everything. He’s all smiles.

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While Violent Crimes team is frustrated because they now face a roadblock without the blackbox’s recording, Chairman Kang is watching the recording from last night which has the evidence of him (Secretary Yoon) killing President Kim. Seung Hoon’s face is clearly captured on the recording.

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Seung Hoon at the moment is reading KL Group’s confidential report listing the bribes they gave to Prosecutor Ko, Chief Yeom and others. Where did he get this report? It’s getting interesting now that when Chairman Kang believes he has the upper hands, this young man beats him. As the classical music loudly plays, Seung Hoo visits two young women locked in the sauna, they’re scared to death. He’s elated because the witness of his crime won’t be able to say anything.

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Because they have two suspicious runaway girls murder cases, it’s enough to conclude those are serial murder cases. Public especially parents of the missing girls are now overly worried, so do the cops because they haven’t caught the killer yet. Well they don’t even know who he is, how will they catch him? As a mother herself, Young Jin promises to find the missing runaway girls.

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It’s been ten days since they found the second victim but they have no clues at all. The killer killed her 15 days after he killed the first victim. If they still can’t catch him, Young Jin is worried he’ll kill his next victim soon (based on his killing pattern, she predicted in 5 days). She’s stressed out, nobody knows the killer’s motive. Captain Yeom promises to help as much as he can because his reputation is on the line here. Captain Park tells her to eat to gain energy and advises her to lean on someone. Don’t be too hard on herself. Because this serial murder case is now exposed, people are stepping up to find other missing kids so many runaway kids were found & safely returned home. They can’t catch every single bad guy, sometimes when it doesn’t work out according to what we want. That’s life. That’s why there’re many unsolved cases.

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Jin Woo and Do Young have been in stakeout watching runaway kids for three days. Fighting boredom, she asks about Jin Woo’s precious casino chip keychain. He replies it’s important for him because it’s a gift from his girlfriend who passed away in an accident. She apologizes for asking that insensitive question but he says it’s okay because she didn’t die because of her. Then she asks why he likes her. He sweetly points out it’s because of her spirit & temper. It’s up to her to think it positively or negatively.

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After days without any clue, a troublemaker young man who’s trained by Dal Hwan reports he spotted runaway girl Se Young at one internet cafe, she’s a game addict. But she disappeared after meeting someone she met in the game chat. But they haven’t found anything about Nal Ae so the maknaes go to the game company to check their login records.

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They bump into Seung Hoon who works there so he helps checking their login records. Oh no… He advises there’s no record of Se Young’s login after her disappearance and the person who chatted with her is an elementary schools student who still regularly logins to play the game.

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Jin Woo is looking at the sketch of the game currently being developed, it looks scary.

Se Won believes the culprit bought a fake ID to hide his real identity but because he’s still playing the game, they can find him based on the computer’s IP. Unfortunately, he logs in from an internet cafe so Young Jin requests the game’s company cooperation to let them know when this man is online. The killings were 15 days apart so they only have 2 days left to catch him.

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Two days have now passed, it’s the day. The team has been in stakeout outside the internet cafe for two days and they’re dead tired. But finally they receive the call they’ve been waiting for. He’s here.

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But Jin Woo who saw a man hitting his woman can’t stay still. Street fight -v- serial murder, he chooses to get involved in the street fight. Frustrated Do Young goes to the internet cafe alone as the other guys are currently running an errand (buy food). She bumps into a suspicious man who quickly escapes but thankfully Jin Woo arrives to help Do Young arresting this man.

She’s angry Jin Woo was too blind, they could’ve lost a serial murder suspect & someone could die because he couldn’t stand seeing a woman got assaulted. He admits he’s wrong but at least they caught him, right?

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No, because they caught the wrong man. He bought that user ID because of it’s high level but he was in prison at the time of the murder. He probably ran from Do Young because of his chronic offender but he never has any sex-related crime.

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After playing with a friend’s dog, Ha Eun wants to raise it. She cries, doesn’t want to leave so the kind friend allows her to take the dog for few days but Aunt Nam Jin refuses. Ha Eun never wanted a dog before so what’s going on now? Does she want a dog because she can’t play with mom? If there’s something she wants, Aunt Nam Jin will do anything for her but please let her know why Ha Eun has been really moody lately.

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Ha Eun replies Aunt is really busy lately because of her studies but no matter how busy she is, her niece always comes first. She then shyly tells Aunt that there’s a boy she likes but please don’t tell mom this secret. She wants a dog because the boy’s mom owns veterinary office. How cute. Thank you for sharing your secret Ha Eun, don’t you know your Aunt was worried sick?

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Seung Hoon is ready to kill his next victim who’s freezing to death in a locked cold storage. Unlike his two past crimes, he’s going to make this more fun by getting the police to save her.

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He tells Young Jin to login to the game as a solo player. In order to beat him, they’ll have to find and save her in the radius of the cell tower that sent the text within the set time limit of 1 hour. The game is over if they call or send text messages and call other cops. No they can’t ask any question. If they don’t want to participate in the game, of course she’ll die.

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They ask Captain Park’s help to find the location, warning him for not sending any cops to the vicinity. But it’s a huge area so Team 3 won’t be able to search the whole area themselves! Based on the mist on Se Young’s picture, Young Jin knows she’s locked in a cold storage so they need to find it ASAP. Chief Yeom orders to send more teams there but Captain Park is in charge here so without his permission, they can’t mobilize the other team. He’s risking his job to save the girl!

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After searching cold storage database, they find there’re 7 in that area. With only 15 minutes left, how will Team 3 search all seven? Even if they split up, there’re two storages left. Young Jin then asks to be connected to the area’s security company to check the CCTVs of the cold storages in that area. Based on his past history, the killer would painted the CCTV camera in black so one isn’t working at the moment. They find one malfunctioning camera although there’s no warning. They report it back to Young Jin who instructs Jin Woo to drive as fast as they can to this cold storage. They arrive but is this where Se Young is locked?

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Yes it is! Se Young is alive. OMG, thank God. Young Jin hears an alarm clock, the timer is now 00:00. Then shockingly, the clock changes to a picture of Chairman Kang with his mouth being crossed out in red! What’s going on here?

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Jin Woo suspects the killer is still here so he tells Young Jin to take Se Young to hospital while he stays behind to catch him. Do Young volunteers to stay with Jin Woo.

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They find the killer but he drives away. Even though they shoot the car but they still lost him.

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Dong Il gets a job as a cleaner in KL Construction, he spots Young Jin running furiously during his orientation. Although she doesn’t have any appointment, she burst through the door, yelling at Chairman Kang to hand the black box’s memory card because he clearly saw the murderer’s face.

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He will give it to her… if she can get his son out of prison! OMG. Young Jin is too angry to say anything. She grabs his collar…

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