Mrs Cop Episode 9 Brief Recap

Choi Young Jin proves why she’s worthy to be called Mrs Cop, a great cop who throws away her pride & shame to catch the criminal at all costs. She’s supported by fantastic team members who have brains and brawn. Unfortunately, the corrupts are still there – Chairman Kang gets more powerful people on his side. This episode we find out Chairman Kang’s crimes started from 2 decades ago.

Episode 9 Brief Recap

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Captain Yeom is enraged Violent Crimes team lost the killer and Se Young is currently fighting for her life. He suggested to send more people to the crime site but they refused (because Seung Hoo threatened to kill Se Young if they did). Before another innocent life is lost, he must be caught ASAP. Then he reprimands Young Jin for recklessly assuming Chairman Kang saw the murderer’s face & ordering him to hand over his car’s memory card because if Captain Yeom is in his position, he would never give it to the person who put his son in prison! Just suck it up, Young Jin!

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Based on broken fragments & tire track found on the scene, the team found out the culprit’s car plate number last 2 digits and it was made by company K. He used a burner phone so it’ll be hard to locate him but at least they can find the car’s owner which may be the suspect. Of course it’s possible the culprit used a different car.

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Seo Seung Hoon’s arm is injured. He stares at his game’s scenario (ice) then browse news about his latest victim who’s currently in a coma. Laughing that the police is disappointed they lost the suspect.

Police find the car belongs to a bankrupt corporation hence it’s untraceable. They thoroughly search the car & found a chemical cleansing component but there’s no other evidence such as fingerprints, etc. They’re dealing with a very slick smart murderer. The only one who knows his face is Chairman Kang! Captain Park threatens he won’t be able to help her if she causes another trouble with Chairman Kang. But Young Jin needs his help.

So she comes to his office again, this time she’s calmer. As a parent, he should sympathize with parents of young girls who may lost their precious child because he refuses to help. But Tae Yoo maintains his innocence, that he didn’t see the culprit’s face and he isn’t a grudger who purposely hid the evidence out of revenge because police took away his son. She promises there won’t be any legal problem if he hands over the evidence and help her identifying the killer.

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He suggests her as the weaker person to bend over then so she kneels down! Tearfully apologizes for being rude to him earlier. Tae Yoo tells her to get up, praising her boldness and persistence to catch the culprits disregarding her pride & shame. But he hasn’t seen the murderer nor he has any evidence. Frustrated Young Jin leaves empty-handed. Crazy.

Young Jin starts over trying to find any concrete evidence. Starting from inspecting the river where the first victim was found. The victims had different causes of death based on forensic reports: drowned, poisonous gas and the third victim could’ve died from hypothermia (freezing to death). Besides the victims all runaway kids, the killing methods are different. But the killing methods were the same: he didn’t kill them (directly) himself, he set time before the victims passed away and he called someone (the girls’ parents, Young Jin after they announced this serial killing case to public) before he killed them. It seems like he’s playing a game as a hero, saving these poor abandoned girls by killing them.

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Se Won notices a meticulous culprit missed out few things on the mission texts that he sent Young Jin. And if they look at the missions diagonally, it says you saw me! Creepy. He’s giving them a hint that the team saw him before. Jin Woo finally remembers the very cruel game scenario he saw at the game development company (Seung Hoo’s office). Coincidentally, the stages are exactly the same as the victims’ cause of death. 1) Fell in water (drowning) 2) Poisonous gas (locked in the car filled with poisonous gas) 3) Ice (locked in cold freezer) 4) Volcano! They need to catch him asap before he uses fire to kill his next victim. Like he said, they saw him before (when they caught him and Eun Young).

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They call her back to check the car found at the last crime scene. She sits in the front seat, sees the crack on the windshield and straight away confirms it’s definitely this car. Based on her testimony and his cell phone’s locations during the times he committed the murders, they believe the culprit is Seo Seung Hoo who works at game development company. But they can’t act recklessly, he’s a brutal murderer so they must ensure the girls’ safety first before they can arrest him. As police, they must prioritize protecting netizens’ lives before capturing the criminals.

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They receive help from Team 3 to tail Seung Hoo. Based on their investigation, they find out he doesn’t live alone. Most likely he locked the girls at his house. It’s time for them to arrest him!

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Sharp Seung Hoo figures out he’s followed by two cops who couldn’t disguise properly. Of course they lose him. Fortunately, Captain Park has mobilized the other team to raid his house where they find Na Ree locked in the sauna room.

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Seung Hoo is finally captured on CCTV camera (seems like he did it purposely) so Team 1 is sent to catch him. Chief Yeom sent backups to block the surrounding roads. Seung Hoo is trapped. Young Jin threatens if they fail, they’ll die in the Han River. Wow, tough boss! But before they catch him, they’re making bets who’ll win. Se Won who brags he runs faster than Seung Hoo or the killer. Guys, gooooo!

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Seung Hoo is a fast runner! So Young Jin sends maknae team to distract him. He surrenders before Jin Woo breaks his arms.

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I don’t know whether Seung Hoo is a psychopath or a very crazy man who think he’s a hero who saved runaway trash kids (who’ve been thrown away) by killing them. The kids who died before they bloomed into a flower. Thanks to him, many runaway kids have come home now. But he’s still a murderer so laugh all you want when you face your death, Seung Hoo!

Se Young regains consciousness, thank God.

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After suffering for days, Young Jin kindly gives her team break as long as they want. Workaholic Do Young is more than happy for 3 days break but changes it to 4 days then 1 week after her team members glare at her. Captain Choi agrees!

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Dong Il arrives at the small restaurant (where President Kim was killed), recalling the old times where Tae Yoo ordered his senior to kill someone. >.< He refused because he wouldn’t see his daughter again if this victim was a cop. But Tae Yoo argued Dong Il’s daughter couldn’t get surgery without money. He begged President Kang to keep his promise. It’s a deal! The person behind Young Jin’s father’s death was President Kang?

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The restaurant’s owner advises Dong Il for not coming to this place again, he should forget everything. Dong Il who wants to kill Tae Yoo is curious if Tae Yoo regularly comes here but she refuses to say anything.

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After he left, Tae Yoo arrives. He spots Dong Il’s back. As promised, she doesn’t say anything about Dong Il – only says that he’s a regular customer.

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Then Prosecutor Kang and Tae Yoo’s lawyer join them discussing about Chairman Kang’s next dirty plan. He receives the related documents aka bribe aka money.

Young Jin is finally having her well deserved break. Before dropping Ha Eun at school, her daughter (who’s currently in love) asks about her hairstyle. Young Jin: it’s pretty. She doesn’t believe mom is sincere but for Young Jin, her daughter is always pretty.

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Then she cooks jajangmyun for her sister who is nervous because the result of the civil service exam is out today. Unfortunately, she didn’t pass the exam 🙁 Young Jin is back from buying groceries & mad her sister hasn’t done the dishes. But she soon finds out why.

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Nam Jin visits her father’s grave, surprised to see unknown man there. Dong Il coincidentally is there to pay his respect to Captain Choi Sang Ik. After losing her father, Young Jin raises her sister up like she’s her mom & dad. Suddenly, Nam Jin spots her sister, glaring at Dong Il! Young Jin is here!

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