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Press Conference for SBS Monday-Tuesday police drama Mrs Cop was held this afternoon. Apparently I’ve been living under the rock because this drama flied under my radar although Kim Hee Ae, Kim Min Jong and cutie Park Min Ha are on it. Haven’t even seen the teasers or posters either. -.- If I didn’t see the press conference pictures, I might still be living under the rock.

The casts had so much fun at the press conference, it’s fantastic to see their off-screen chemistry.

PD Yoo In Sik (far left) is back with another police drama after You’re All Surrounded last year. His other notable works are Giant, History of Salaryman, Incarnation of Money, Bad Family.


Kim Hee Ae shows her versatility as an actress, this is her first time taking up a role as a detective squad chief Choi Young Jin in the violent crimes unit. As a working mom dealing with crimes, she’s very cold at work but is a heartwarming mother to her daughter. Unfortunately because of her busy work, her daughter is mostly raised up by her sister, Choi Nam Jin.

 photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc1-2_zpsvvh3ztke.jpg  photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc1-1_zpslbjq4d2u.jpg

Please don’t shoot me, I’m not a detective nor a criminal ^^ Unlike the other main casts, Shin So Yul‘s character Choi Nam Jin is not a detective. She is Mrs Cop’s dependable younger sister.

 photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc9-5_zpslw6eddkp.jpg  photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc9-6_zpsx0zooixp.jpg

Kim Min Jong plays senior detective Park Jong Ho

 photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc2-3_zpsvbxldau2.jpg

Long-time friends and work colleagues. He’s her boss & gives her a nickname killer ajumma cop

 photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc3-2_zpsfau9h2hs.jpg  photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc3-3_zpsqtqiyqkt.jpg

Showing her determination look, Lee Da Hee is the perfect ambitious detective Min Do Young

 photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc4-1_zpsydigcjsv.jpg

“Full of charisma” Son Ho Jun – he plays detective Han Jin Woo.

 photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc9-3_zpssmxyiu1m.jpg  photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc9-4_zpsddry4n7e.jpg

Go Girls Power!

 photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc9-1_zpsuhmnylul.jpg

Lastly here comes trouble. Violent crimes unit’s maknae Lee Se Won (Lee Gi Kwang) who gives his team members and leader plenty of hard times.

 photo SBSMrsCop_PC_bc9-7_zpsffa1fu7z.jpg

Mrs Cop premieres next Monday, 3 August 2015 on SBS

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