My Spring Days 4 Official Posters

MBC revealed four official posters for the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama My Spring Days (Spring Day of My Life) starring Kam Woo SungChoi Soo YoungLee Jun HyukJang Shin Young.


My Spring Day is a human melodrama about a single father of two Kang Dong Ha (Kam Woo Sung) who falls in love with Lee Bom Yi (Choi Soo Young). Lee Bom Yi is a daughter of hospital director & chairman who lives her life to the fullest after she received a heart transplant from Dong Ha’s wife. She also undergoes personality changes (cellular memory) which she inherited from the donor’s memories (commonly experienced by heart transplant patients).

 photo MBCMySpringDay_bc1_poster_zps913187c2.jpg

After losing his wife in an accident, Dong Ha lives a quiet life. He’s still feeling guilty because he couldn’t protect his wife. On the other hand, Bom Yi is pressured to live as if she’s Dong Ha’s wife.

 photo MBCMySpringDay_bc2_poster_zpsca50cea0.jpg

My Spring Day is a warm melodrama about two people who meet because fate (and Dong Ha’s wife) brought them together. They’ll heal each other’s pain & guilt. A special love story between two people who really miss each other (Dong Ha and his wife who passed on her memories to Bom Yi).

 photo MBCMySpringDay_bc4_poster_zps8bbebfeb.jpg

Four fantastic actors with acting chops that shouldn’t be questioned. Even on the poster above, they masterfully conveyed their delicate emotions & expressions. Based on the posters, stills and teasers, Kam Woo Sung & Choi Soo Young chemistry is pretty good. Their characters also have huge age gap, so their 20 years age gap shouldn’t be a huge problem here.

Besides the two lead actors, I’m also very excited to welcome Lee Jun Hyuk back ^^ He’s playing as expert thoracic surgeon Kang Dong Wook who’ll fall in love with Bom Yi and is Bom Yi’s mom preferred son-in-law. Bae Ji Won (Jang Shin Young) still loves Dong Wook although he loves another woman & plans to propose to her. Both of them work at the same hospital, run by Bom Yi’s mother Jo Myung Hee (Shim Hye Jin).

 photo LJH_MySpringDays_bc1_zpsfc484bec.jpg  photo JangShinYoung_MySpringDays_bc1_zps5c3fc345.jpg

My Spring Day premieres next Wednesday, 10 September 2014 on MBC.


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