My Wife is Having an Affair This Week Quotes & Narration

My Wife is Having an Affair This Week is a JTBC drama based on Japanese drama by the same title about the male lead PD Do Hyun Woo (Lee Sun Kyun) who suspects his wife Jung Soo Yeon (Song Ji Hyo) of cheating after he read messages on her phone from a mysterious man about their planned secret meeting in a hotel. Wanting to save his marriage, he turns to the internet seeking strangers’ opinions whether or not his wife is having an affair. At work, his team plans of filming a new program about infidelity which stresses him out even more. His friend Lawyer Choi Yoon Gi (Kim Hee Won) blatantly cheats on his wife Eun A Ra (Ye Ji Won). Starring Lee Sun Kyun, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Sang Yeob, BoA, Kim Hee Won and Ye Ji Won; this drama airs every Friday & Saturday on JTBC.

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Episode 1

If there’s no chance the marriage will ever break up, would you not cheat with another woman or a man? -Choi Yoon Gi-


Episode 2

“Hurting someone, is that love?” -Do Hyun Woo-

“Tell those who think infidelity is love to stop kidding themselves. Adultery is a crime! A sin! Even when you do it, it is immoral! When I do it, it’s immoral!” -Do Hyun Woo-

“When a woman cheats, it’s not a matter of whether the husband forgives her or not. It depends on whether the wife has the heart to return to that family.” -Choi Yoon Gi-

“Wedding anniversary starts with paper then cotton, leather, wood. It starts with something soft and goes towards something more solid like silver and gold means that a couple’s affection towards each other (should) become more solid as time goes by” -Kwon Bo Young-


Episode 3

“If you were to barge in & beat up the other person due to your emotions, you might feel better for a little while but nothing is going to change. What would your wife think of you if you were to do something like that? Are you truly ready to end things with your wife? If there’s still time left, try convincing her not to go. You must first think about your child and prior to it happening, how you will find the road to healing” -Netz’ advice-

“If I don’t catch him then I’m okay. When he’s putting an effort for not getting caught, that means there’s a chance he’s still in love with me and that’s what I want to believe” -Eun A Ra-

“Cheer up! We should rely on each other when we are having a hard time” -Do Joon Soo-

“Have you made your decision? If you are still thinking about it, wouldn’t it because you still love your wife? If you still want to barge in, you should do it to get your wife back & not to punish her – if you want to return to how it was before or if you want to end everything. In any situation, violence isn’t the solution. Your weapon shouldn’t be your fists – it should be love. Show both your wife & that man how your love for your wife is much greater.” -Netz’ advice [Myunmokdongok]-

“If I loved him, I shouldn’t ran away. Even if we would’ve ended up breaking up, I should’ve made things clear” -Kwon Bo Young-


Episode 4

“A couple’s relationship sags too” -Kwon Bo Young-

“Breaking up can still happen without a rush. Firstly, put down your fists. What took off the traveler’s clothes wasn’t the blowing wind but it was the warm sun. Approach her with a sincere heart and listen to what she has to say.” -Netz’ advice [Myunmokdongok]-


Episode 5

“If you take revenge on this man, your wife might hate you. What you have to do is – face your wife, not seeking revenge because revenge is a cowardly move”  -Netz’ advice [Myunmokdongok]-

“It’s your decision what kind of life you want to live” -Do Hyun Woo’s Mom-


Episode 6

“Marriage isn’t something you can have & give up that easily. Living separately sounds simple but it will not be easy reversing it once it happens” -Do Hyun Woo’s Mom-

“If you only live based on your instincts, you are an animal not a human. If you can’t control your instincts, you should go live in a zoo!” -Kwon Bo Young-

“You can meet someone whom you don’t have to calculate with or speak a foreign language to understand” -Do Hyun Woo-

“Having your heart waver, it’s human nature” -Do Hyun Woo’s Mom-

“Whatever the reason, infidelity can never turn into romance” -Ji Sun Woo’s wife-

“When you think back to the time you put the ring on your wife’s finger and made your vows, an answer will come to you. The wedding ring is on the left ring finger, the weakest finger which probably means we should live supporting our partner’s weaknesses” -Netz’ advice [Myunmokdongok]-

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