Nam Sang Mi joins Lee Jun Ki in Joseon Gunman


Last week The press reported that Nam Sang Mi (Goddess of Marriage, Lights & Shadows, Time Between Dog and Wolf) was positively considering Joseon Gunman for her drama comeback. Was so excited when I read that she’s in the final stage of contract’s finalization, I didn’t want to post anything about her casting news unless it’s finalized to avoid any disappointment.

This morning, her agency confirmed that she has been cast as heroine Jung Soo In. Through ups and downs of life, adventurous & brave Jung Soo In grows up into a strong & tough woman. This drama is set in the 19th century, will be interesting to see how the strict laws differ between the treatment of males & females in this late Joseon period. I hope we’ll get to see Soo In breaks the mold, leads & opens the way for women to explore the new world that previously was restricted to them.

Nam Sang Mi joins Lee Jun Ki who’s been cast as hero Park Yoon Kang. Son of the greatest swordsman in Joseon, Yoon Kang exchanges his sword with a gun to avenge for his father & sister’s death. They’ve previously worked together in 2007 MBC drama Time Between Dog and Wolf, so excited to see their reunion in Joseon Gunman.

Joseon Gunman premieres in June, it follows Golden Cross.

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