Lee Seung Gi, Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Ja Ok, Kim Hee Ae and Lee Mi Yeon set off to Croatia for Noonas Over Flowers



Noonas over Flowers, the second backpacking project variety show featuring talented actresses Yoon Yeo Jung (66), Kim Ja Ok (62), Kim Hee Ae (46) and Lee Mi Yeon (42) and multi-entertainer Lee Seung Gi (the trip’s tour guide / porter) who brought more luggage than his “noonas”. He’s quite famous for changing his clothes 4 times a day (during his glorious 1n2d days – boy I really miss him so much in variety, miss his heodangness & his wittiness), so for this 10 days trip, he probably packed 40 set of clothes in his huge Zero Halliburton suitcase. 😀 ROFL 😀


But I think he brought Korean food (his mom’s home-cooked side dishes + kimchi) on the pink-black suitcase. He should already learned lots important tips from his hyung, Lee Seo Jin who was the porter for Grandpas Over Flowers that it’s better to be well-prepared, than trying to find a Korean restaurant in a foreign country. And if food is well-taken care of; he can use the money for a nice accommodation, Lee Mi Yeon has already mentioned that when she travels, she likes to stay in nice hotels. Hehe…

Seung Gi is reunited with 1n2d PD Na Young Seok & writer Lee Woo Jung  (who’s currently busy juggling this show along with Reply1994), and his The King 2Hearts on-screen mother Yoon Yeo Jung.

The “noonas” looked really relaxed and excited for the trip. With perfectionist well-prepared Seung Gi as their tour guide plus evil PD Na who will get flustered and give in to their demands (women are master of negotiators, maybe they won’t even have to play Go Stop game like what the grandpas did to get extra money for the trip, PD N will simply give the money when the noonas ask for it ㅋㅋㅋ – can’t wait to see how the “noonas” & Seung Gi out-wit & out-smart PD Na :D), they’ll surely have a great time exploring beautiful Croatia and make lovely & treasured memories with each other. Noonas over Flowers premieres end of November on tvN.

The “Noonas” fantastic chemistry – sisterhood rocks! =)

NoF_airportdeparture_bc2 NoF_airportdeparture_bc2-1 NoF_airportdeparture_bc2-3 NoF_airportdeparture_bc2-6 NoF_airportdeparture_bc2-5

Maknae Lee Mi Yeon helping eonni Yoon Yeo Jung with her luggage


Handsome Tour Guide / Porter boy man Lee Seung Gi is here


NoF_airportdeparture_bc1-4 NoF_airportdeparture_bc1-5

NoF_airportdeparture_bc1-3 NoF_airportdeparture_bc5-4

Lee Jae Ha & his mom =)

NoF_airportdeparture_bc5-2 NoF_airportdeparture_bc5-2-1

PD Na handing over the trip’s pocket money


Briefing Time


Lee Seung Gi meticulously checking the “itinerary” (?) or the script (?)


And discussing it with his “noonas”


The Crowd



Cr pic as labeled

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