[Gallery] Oh My Venus Press Conference

So Ji Sub, Shin Min Ah, Jung Gyu Woon, Yoo In Young, Henry, Sung Hoon and PD Kim Hyung Suk attend KBS2 drama Oh My Venus‘ press conference at Amoris Times Square in Seoul today. Oh My Venus is described as a healing drama about a 21st century Venus beauty-turned-chubby lawyer with inner scar who receives help from a famous personal trainer. This 16 episode romantic comedy drama will premiere next Monday, 16 November 2015 on KBS2.

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 photo 96da0ec9-0dec-43b9-94b0-c9e5678f164a_zpsma4cpknn.jpg

 photo b43a8be1-ee30-45c0-bbd2-d51367dea3ba_zpspr0cpqia.jpg

 photo OhMyVenusPC_bc2-3_zps9wukxj1h.jpg

 photo 1d548dfc-1ecb-4ab4-9b02-4bb933060491_zpsut7ysifq.jpg  photo 0dddf364-4aaa-4d21-8cf5-3123e17d7ec0_zpsfaylqeeg.jpg

 photo 75698a98-52f8-4d2f-937d-a3061fa3f5c5_zpsvxzqngql.jpg  photo 64e1802d-0b13-40f2-a83e-f053a67d758b_zpsrmixwsep.jpg

 photo 7cad0b4e-c163-4e2b-abb7-4734dd1ffd20_zpsogubezne.jpg  photo 5cc510fa-3caf-408c-966a-80839f14cc6b_zpsk7haxmx5.jpg

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