[Drama 2015] Oh My Venus


Title: Oh My Venus 오 마이 비너스
Previously Known As: Oh My God
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: 16 November 2015 – TBA | 23 November 2015 – TBA on KBSWorld
Air Time: Mondays & Tuesdays 22:00 KST
PD: Kim Hyung Suk (My Husband Got a Family)
Writer: Kim Eun Ji (Drama Special The Reason I’m Getting Married)
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Brief Synopsis

Lawyer Kang Joo Eun hires Personal Trainer Kim Young Ho to regain her figure back through exercise and diet. Fate brings them together to heal each other’s painful past as they start to love each other because of their inner rather than their outer beauty


So Ji Sub [Kim Young Ho] | Shin Min Ah [Kang Joo Eun]


 photo 59742c40-d016-4169-8c01-afa8caba863a_zpssamsd8jk.jpg photo b32fe530-b04b-45b7-b2ca-3cf74e1d02b3_zpsubd1ixoa.jpg photo 7f69aac1-d8c6-4a83-9bca-e624ef18ecd7_zpsfa17txng.jpg photo 8e97438e-32bc-4116-a581-d3f330653946_zpsz1etmqte.jpg
So Ji SubShin Min AhJung Gyu WoonYoo In Young
as Kim Young Ho as Kang Joo Eun as Im Woo Sik as Oh Soo Jin

People around Kim Young Ho

 photo 82b59c69-97fd-44d7-b8f5-4d31d05ab021_zpsaeyipu99.jpg photo 745e91c6-fad5-442c-9298-921387da929b_zpsahhwg1k5.jpg
Ban Hyo JungChoi Il HwaJin Kyung
as Lee Hong Imas Kim Sung Chulas Choi Hye Ran
 photo ee815681-ebee-4d3d-b92f-dc7c674fb595_zpsjojw1up5.jpg photo 91e62694-71fe-435e-b466-aed9dc7a2917_zpsblfwzlpk.jpg photo 2bf329fa-1217-4199-8e9f-615b5cc2ffd0_zpsfgnkt7jj.jpg
Kim Jung TaeSung HoonHenry Lau
as Choi Nam Chulas Jang Joon Sungas Kim Ji Woong

– TBC as Kim Young Joon
Choi Jin Ho as Min Byung Wook

People around Kang Joo Eun

Kwon Ki Seon as Kwon Ok Boon
An Ji Hun as Kang Jae Hyuk
Jo Eun Ji as Lee Hyun Woo
Kwon Soon Joon as Ko Min Joon
Song Yoo Ha as PD Ko

People around Im Woo Sik

Kim Jung Suk as Law Firm President
Hong Yoon Hwa as Secretary Jo Hyun Jung

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