One Warm Word Episode 2 Recap

Eun Jin is astounded when Sung Soo accuses her of having an affair, she can’t say anything to defend herself.

Jae Hak respects Eun Jin’s decision to end their relationship, he wants to meet her for one last time but decides it’s best for them to walk their separate paths starting from now.

Flashback to Jae Hak who went to Eun Jin’s neighborhood at night, hoping to bump into Eun Jin there. He surrendered everything to fate and they bump into each other. Eun Jin didn’t believe in fate, but happy to see him there.

Eun Jin narrates: “there was a time when I believed it is a fate to love only one man in my life. As I live my life, I learned that a fate is a fantasy people made. Ultimately, choices decide one’s life. I have already pressed the reset button of my life. But even if I press the reset button for my life, the reset function did not work. I didn’t know that by then.”

In the present time – the next morning, Eun Jin trembles when she sees another mysterious letter on her letter box. The sender wrote another threatening message: “have you ever heard of team punishment?”

Puzzled and scared; she screams and falls into the floor when she sees her mother at home. Mom was supposed to leave earlier but decided to stay back to clean her daughter apartment.

Eun Jin keeps saying nothing is wrong, she tries to hide two mysterious threatening letters from her mom. Mom really wants her daughter to share her secrets. Keeping secrets by herself would make her sick, anxious – depressed. Mom believes Eun Jin has depression she’s suppressing all the pains alone. It’s a very dangerous (a sickness) living as a time bomb because it can blow up anytime. Because she can’t (doesn’t want) to talk things through to her mom, mom wants to take her to psychiatrist. But Eun Jin blames mom who keeps pressuring her to talk. She’ll decide whether she’ll check herself up to the psychiatrist or get a divorce.

As the eldest & the most successful son (he is the youngest HR team manager at his bank), Sung Soo is under pressure to decide the best place for his mom to live after his father passed away. But if mom wants to move to Seoul, she can stay with him.

His mother-in-law calls but he decides it’s best to ignore her call which makes Na Ra incredibly upset. She believes he’s cheating again as Eun Jin has been acting really strange lately. Dae Ho believes they will be able to sort out their problems themselves – parents are middle men, right. But Na Ra wants to find out more about this.

Mi Kyung is cleaning up her husband’s study room. She finds a very expensive bracelet (which Eun Jin returned to Jae Hak) on his drawer. Her mother-in-law thinks it’s Jae Hak’s present for her and sarcastically complements Mi Kyung for having the luckiest and easiest life.

Mi Kyung and Eun Jin meet in front of their cooking class, Eun Jin is wondering why eonni Mi Kyung still talks to her in formal speech.

Today, they’re discussing about quinoa at the cooking class and Mi Kyung informs the class she knows one department store which sells these seeds. Hence, Eun Jin asks if eonni can accompany her to buy these seeds today.

Min Soo is working diligently serving the customer – today is his first day working at this bank.

Eun Young is frustrated with the same customer (cameo by Kim Jin Soo) who keeps visiting her and this time he writes a message asking to meet her this weekend. Eun Young explains she can’t meet a client outside office hours – it’s a rule set by her manager. Kim Jin Soo then gets up – wanting to talk to her manager to sort out this problem (!). He also calls her by her name, Eun Young. So Eun Young tells him that if he keeps doing this, she’ll report him to the police for sexual harassment. When he grabs her arm, she fed up so she calls the security guard (Min Soo) “ahjussi… ahjussi” – hoping he’ll help her out.

Min Soo calmly asks what’s going on – Jin Soo tells him that Eun Young has gone crazy. Eun Young explains that this customer comes to deposit $30 every day – and she believes he does that to see her.

Jin Soo admits that he came to see her… because she resembles his late mother. He came here to see Eun Young when he misses his mother.

Eun Young doesn’t believe him – assuming he just made up that cheesy reason. Hence, he shows Min Soo the picture of his mother, who looked like Eun Young. He really wants his children to see how beautiful his mother was, through Eun Young.

Eun Young is shocked; speechless. Then she promptly apologizes to him before running to the back trying to calm herself down and reminding herself that customers, security guards are the King. She has to maintain her composure and to smile.

But no… she believes the guard is not the King, he is a soldier! (Hahaha)

As today is the first time she met Min Soo, she’s trying to establish a good working relationship with him. She starts by complementing his good personality. Soon afterwards, she starts arguing about that customer who creeps her out – he came to see her everyday, he winked at her. Hence, it’s normal to think that he liked her, right?  Min Soo chuckles.

Eun Young asks why Min Soo told her that she’s wrong and should apologize to that customer – did he really have to go that far? Yes, reply Min Soo.

He asks if Eun Young has asked that customer the reason why he came to see her regularly. No, she’s never done that. Min Soo explains Eun Young made her own assumption and accused that customer with her own thought. Moreover, she embarrassed him because of her own thought. Although she couldn’t take it anymore, but that customer didn’t do anything wrong to her. She should blame it to her own thought & assumption. Hence, it’s proper for her to apologize to that customer.

Min Soo: “if you put out your thoughts into words then you should also put your responsibility out”

Eun Young admits defeat and Song Min Soo introduces himself. He asks for her guidance & support.

At the cooking class, the teacher introduces quinua seeds; Mi Kyung tells the class that she knows one department store which sells these seeds. At the end of the class, Eun Jin asks Mi Kyung to come with her to buy these seeds.

Eun Jin then tells Mi Kyung that her husband is a lucky man as she handles everything well – her sons’ education (they both attend prestigious schools in the States), housework, taking care her in-laws. Although Mi Kyung never told anyone she’s good, but people can see how competent she is just by looking from the outside. She also never show off her money.

When asked why Eun Jin keeps talking about her personal life to Mi Kyung, she explains that because she thought Mi Kyung hates her. And she follows her mother’s advice to talk to someone. It’s a bit weird isn’t it? Because people usually talk to someone close to them. But Eun Jin doesn’t want her closest people to be disappointed in her, as she really cares for what people’s think about her.

Mi Kyung asks why a person who really minds about what people’s thought do that kind of thing? [….]

She brings up what happened few years ago when Eun Jin hit her husband and the woman who he had an affair with. She tells Eun Jin that people knows a lot of thing about her, but they pretend not knowing anything.

Eun Jin then thinks that there’s no secret in this world, which Mi Kyung agrees. What goes around always comes around and if you don’t pay for your faults – then your children will.

She asks if she felt much better when Eun Jin screamed at that woman. Eun Jin explains that no, because her face kept popping into her head and it would be so much better for not meeting her at all. If it happens again, she will just hit her husband.

At the supermaket, Eun Jin is suspicious a mysterious man spying on her.

An ahjumma is asking Yoon Jung about a bakery, because it’s closeby – she asks the ahjumma to follow her. Her grandma has told her that she must not follow a suspicious person, but this time, the stranger is the one who’ll follow her – so it’s okay.

Eun Jin is hiding in the corner, but thankfully Mi Kyung is back. Her face is as pale as a snow – it looks like a panic disorder but she really feels like someone is spying on her. To prevent any suspicion from Mi Kyung, she tells her that she got a cold – but Mi Kyung narrates that an affair is not a cold, it’s a cancer – you can also die from it.

Then her mother calls, asking if Yoon Jung called her. She’s missing.

Eun Jin then recalls all the events that happened lately, the car accident, the mysterious blackmailing, the suspicious man who’s spying on her; so she yells at mom asking her to contact the police.

As she’s rushing home, she remembers Mi Kyung’s word of advice that her children will pay for her mistake. She begs nothing will happen to Yoon Jung.

Mi Kyung comes to Min Soo’s workplace as she wants to see her step-brother on his uniform and to meet him. They talk about Mi Kyung’s late mother, Min Soo was really scared of her. Mi Kyung explains that when their dad told her mom that he would take Min Soo after he broke up with Min Soo’s mother, she thought her mom would not accept Min Soo.

Min Soo tells noona that hatred and love are like two sides of coin.

She had a negative model (her parents) since she was young – that it now becomes her marriage perspective: she will never fight with her husband. She feels like she can endure everything or if not, everything will fly away like her dad.

But at least Mi Kyung is not ashamed of her birth, unlike Min Soo who is an illegitimate child. Mi Kyung has her solid boundary: a family. She could hid her secrets in that boundary as it can only be known by people who live in the same boundary. Since he was born, his existence was a harm to everyone. But it’s good to talk about this because hiding the pain is not good. The pain on their youth could hurt the life they have now.

Min Soo asks noona if she loves her husband, which she replies he’s her everything. Although it’s an arranged marriage but it was the marriage she wanted. Hence, she’ll do everything in her power to protect him.

Meanwhile, frantic Eun Jin reports Yoon Jung to police station because she’s worried someone kidnapped her daughter but the policeman brushes her off as Yoon Jung has only gone missing for 3 hours. The policeman suggests her to look for her daughter again or maybe she could have harmed someone or someone’s threatened her?

Soon afterwards, her mother calls letting her know that Yoon Jung is safely home.

Eun Jin spanks her daughter and threatens to hit her again if she goes somewhere without telling her family. Teary Yoon Jung explains the reason she did it because she wanted to know if she was important to her mother. So she went to some places but time went so slowly. She hugs her mother as she thanks mom for hitting her. Now she knows mom really loves her. Eun Jin is going to give a mobile phone to Yoon Jung with a  location tracing service on it.

Sung Soo is doing a presentation for prospective employees at Shin Chun Bank giving witty comment why they should choose this bank as their employer.

Eun Jin left a message, asking him to be careful and to drive safely and hope nothing happened when he couldn’t answer her call. He’s wondering why she’s worried about him, then smiles.

He explains he has a presentation at the college where they both attended and he met their Professor. He tells her he’ll come home early.

Then, Yoon Jung backs hug mom – Eun Jin asks her for not reading her face and she knows Yoon Jung is doing all this because she chose to live with Dad. But Yoon Jung tells mom she’s not reading her face, she’s worried she hurt her mom. Mom tells Yoon Jung she’s happy that her daughter has a warm heart that she chose dad (who’s the weak one from her perspective). Yoon Jung asks mom to live together, all they need to do now is to change mom’s mind. She doesn’t want to become a pitiful kid when her parents are divorced.

Min Soo who works at a noodle shop at night greets his brother-in-law who got him the job at the bank. He explains he tried his best that he didn’t show he got this job from him and he would never forget Jae Hak’s kindness.

Then, Jae Hak starts speaking in sageuk tone and Min Soo follows. He will serve his brother-in-law until his bones melt away. 😀

Jae Hak takes him to rock climbing and exhausted Min Soo begs Jae Hak to stop climbing. Why did he take him here instead of drinking?

Jae Hak doesn’t want to drink when his head is messed up, it hurts his ego. He prefer to do rock climbing.

Min Soo persistence paid off – now they’re enjoying fine wine. Min Soo explains that wine is just a beverage – not an alcohol. Jae Hak asks Min Soo to come working at his office after one year working in that bank – but Min Soo who doesn’t want to be a burden and is not suitable for an organization refuses his offer. He prefer to own a noodle restaurant – he prefer to make and do things his own way.

Jae Hak notices his brother-in-law talks like a stranger, in which he tells him that they’ll become strangers when he breaks up with his noona. Noona is everything to him and he will never make a joke about noona.

So basically, his relationship with Jae Hak depends on Jae Hak’s marriage. Jae Hak tells him don’t worry, as he will never break it off first.

Meanwhile, a drunk Sung Soo is trying to dig information from Jin Chul, wondering why he’s here and if he was sent by his mother (aka Sung Soo’s mother-in-law). Jin Chul tells him that he’s here because he missed his brother-in-law. He’s wondering why his noona keeps pestering her husband after what happened 5 years ago?

Sung Soo can’t tell everything Eun Jin did to him, but he could write 12 books out of all the harassment she’s done to him. (ha!) Sung Soo only committed one mistake but Eun Jin has been really strange after she gave birth to Yoon Jung (her postnatal depression was no joke!).

Jin Chul’s wife – Sun Ah – didn’t experience this baby blue and Jin Chul explains that it doesn’t happen to any new mothers. Some get it, some doesn’t.

When she went through that baby blue, she refused any help from her mother – insisted to do things herself. She didn’t want her husband to touch her, she quit her job. And now she blames Sung Soo for ruining her career that Sung Soo is really scared to go home. He lives a stressful life and his wife doesn’t try to understand him at all. They’re talking about how they give money to their wives, and yet, it feels like women are the only ones who make all sacrifices.

So Jin Chul tells his brother-in-law to go for it! They toast – Jin Chul is the only one who really understands Sung Soo. He then takes his drunk brother-in-law safely back to his noona.

Sung Soo collapses on the couch, as Eun Jin asks him to get up and sleep in the room, he starts sobbing. Calling his dad…. That he’s such an unfilial son to his dad.  Eun Jin just looks at her mourning husband without trying to comfort him.

After Sung Soo calms down, they finally get to talk. He tells her that he can cry in front of her without any worry – he can’t do that in front of any other woman. He shows her what his father had until the end of his life – an article that Sung Soo is the youngest HR at his bank. He didn’t realize that his father cared for him because he looked at him like he’s nothing. But now, he realizes that he’s a very unfilial son. His parents raised him up, sent him to school & college; then he got married – has a family but he only visits his parents once or twice a year.

One of the reason why he rarely visited them was because Eun Jin didn’t get along with his family. His dad didn’t like Sung Soo fall for a Seoul girl – and it the started of their restrained relationship. But Sung Soo ignored his father’s objection because he really wanted and love Eun Jin; he believed he’d fulfill everything after he married her – Eun Jin also thought the same. But they didn’t realize that marriage could also mean a whole new chapter in their life.

Sung Soo pleads that he doesn’t want to get a divorce after what happened in the past. It’s time for Eun Jin to let go the past.

Eun Jin believes that once her husband knows the truth, he will change his mind (about her affair?)

Hence, she is going to put the divorce off now, let’s talk about it later. Moreover, she can’t get a divorce until she knows who that is (the stalker?)

She brings up her loyalty that she stayed loyal to him – so she’ll keep the option open. Sung Soo promises to make up to her until they die. He tries to kiss her – asking what if he does it without her consent, in which she replies he’ll feel awful.

She keeps saying sorry, obviously it’s been a while since she let him touch her. Sung Soo asks her to start trying, but she doesn’t want it.

Jae Hak and Min Soo arrive home together – Jae Hak’s mom asks why they met outside when they can have a drink at home. She’s also wondering when Min Soo’s going to get married and advise him to choose the right woman as he’ll ruined for three generation if he marries the wrong woman.

Jae Hak complements Mi Kyung’s cooking with a simple word, and he doesn’t like it that Mi Kyung nowadays is trying to confirm his feelings.

Mi Kyung is incredibly hurt & upset. (obviously because she knows her husband is having an affair!)

Jae Hak recalls his conversation with Eun Jin who asked what would happen if people saw them. He confidently told her that they’ll talk about it when a problem occurred as it’s not good to worry in advance. Just pretend they met for eat and talk, everyone can do the same thing, right.

At home, Sung Soo is picking up his wife’s handphone – a pure liquid maker is calling. (he’s none other than Jae Hak – who hang up as soon as he heard Sung Soo’s voice).

Flashback to a rainy day – Eun Jin was waiting for Jae Hak in front of a restaurant – wet. She told Jae Hak she told she wouldn’t feel anything, that she would be an honorable wife to her husband. But she confessed she loved Jae Hak more, and she felt sorry for her husband. Why?

Jae Hak explained because he’s her family – he’s her spouse.

Eun Jin was wondering if their relationship would end – Jae Hak believed if they’re not greedy, it would never end.

Back to the present time – Jae Hak is enjoying alcohol alone and his wife is walking slowly towards him, asking about the bracelet which she found when she cleaned his study room. She asks if it’s a wedding anniversary present or if he’s going to give it to someone else?

As it’s very expensive, this kind of jewelry usually be given to a lover, so she asks if he has a lover? Or if he bought it for her.

He tells her he bought it for her.

So, she gets up to prepare snack for him as she just received an expensive gift.

Jae Hak asks her to stop trying to be perfect at all time. She should enjoy imperfection if it’s imperfect. But if she enjoy imperfection, their family will never work out right. His parents never allow imperfection.

The next day, Jae Hak receives a phone call from Eun Jin who asks him to meet up. He leaves right away although he has important schedule and forgets to bring his mobile phone. His wife sees her husband running down the stairs; she goes to his office – talk to his secretary then check the last caller on his mobile phone.

“Na Eun Jin…”

She then calls Eun Jin, asking if she can talk now. At that moment, Jae Hak arrives so she tells Mi Kyung she’ll call back later.

Eun Jin asks if he receives mysterious mails and if he’s being threatened by someone who knows about their relationship. Because Jae Hak doesn’t know anything about this, Eun Jin believes this person comes from his side because he/she only threatens her. She’s wondering if his wife knew about this, but he believes if she knows she wouldn’t be able to hurt her directly as she could only cry.

Eun Jin wants to know who did this because she’s scared for his family. This is the only reason why she asked to meet, then she leaves.

Then, Eun Jin calls Mi Kyung back apologizing for cutting off the call. She asks why she called.

Mi Kyung wants to talk in person – so she invites her to meet her.

Later that night, Jae Hak is still to solve the puzzle about this mysterious person who knows their relationship and is threatening Eun Jin & his family. He notices a car trailing him so he speeds up, then purposely stops his car – but the driver speeds away from him.

Brief Comment

It’s obvious that someone from Mi Kyung’s side is spying on Jae Hak and Eun Jin; but at the moment, we’re still not sure who. I still don’t think it’s Min Soo because he’s working at two places every day, maybe they hire someone to do this detective job.

Eun Jin is incredibly selfish; she knows that she’s committing a crime here and yet she’s trying to shift the responsibility to her husband by lingering to his past mistake. This is a bit crazy, but Eun Jin reminds me of someone who I know (A) – A could never forgive that her husband cheated on her (in fact, he didn’t cheat on her, they broke up for few months then he dated another girl B. He broke up with B and then married A. After they got married, A found out about B and it’s the start of their marriage breakdown. They got divorced few months later).

But in this drama, Eun Jin is playing with fire. She doesn’t love him as much as she loves Jae Hak. On the other hand, it’s clear that Sung Soo really loves her, he even sacrifices his relationship with his family so he could be with Eun Jin. I hope for Yoon Jung’s sake, Eun Jin will be honest and tell her husband about her affair – although the truth may hurt but hiding a secret like this will only make her family and Jae Hak’s family suffer.

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