One Warm Word Episode 3 Recap

A secret never stay hidden forever, the truth always prevails. No matter how hard people are trying to hide their secrets, their problems, sooner or later, people will discover them. For Jae Hak and Eun Jin; they know they cannot hide their relationship forever; they’re not naive but obviously they don’t realize that Mi Kyung has already found out about their “humane relationship”. People say the quiet ones usually are the ones who’ll attack and cause extensive damages; so they’d better get ready because Mi Kyung will do anything she can to “torture” them.

One Warm Word Episode 3 Recap

Jae Hak pulls out micro memory card from his car’s (cctv) camera and asks his assistant to take his car for a service first thing tomorrow morning and to tell him if there’s something odd about the car.

While she’s in the shower, Mi Kyung recalls her husband’s cold treatment and connects all the dots with Eun Jin. Suddenly, Eun Jin appears in front of her, her husband is behind her and he lovingly undresses her bathrobe. But because of the moisture in the bathroom, she’s unable to see what happens next. When she wipes the shower screen, her husband and Eun Jin have gone from her sight.

Sung Soo is at the flower shop, he’s buying a flower bouquet for his mother-in-law. The florist advises him that it’s much better for him to choose flowers based on women’s taste, as he picks roses only because of easy-pick (he thinks roses are women’s favorite flowers). Not all women like roses, everyone has different taste.

Confidently, he presents this gorgeous yellow roses bouquet but unfortunately, he didn’t understand his mother-in-law’s taste so his first attempt to win his mother-in-law’s heart ended up in big failure. Na Ra is furious that Sung Soo only cares about his own feelings although he’s the one who made a mistake.

As he doesn’t have any other way, he kneels down in front of Eun Jin and her parents. He apologizes for everything his mother-in-law thought about. Dae Ho tells him that a man should never kneel down carelessly. But Sung Soo argues that if he’s not doing this, Na Ra will never forgive him.

Na Ra believes a man who cheated once will do it again, so she wants to see the call log on his handphone. If Sung Soo is a real man as he thinks he is, he should already come to apologize before they called him. Eun Jin defends her husband who’s been really busy lately and is still mourning his father’s death. She orders her husband to get up then explaining to mom that only a couple knows the exact things that happened between them. Yes, he made a mistake, but she was wrong too. Neither of them are perfect. Dae Ho nods in agreement.

Na Ra threatens them that she won’t leave them alone if Eun Jin comes crying to her and talking about divorce again. Eun Jin promises she won’t whine about divorce to mom, in fact, mom should start letting her daughter living her own life. Because in life, people can learn when things go wrong – they can learn from their mistakes. Na Ra believes learning from your own mistakes will only give you pain.

Eun Jin has been really dependent to her mom; did things as what she asked her to do. But she doesn’t want to live like that anymore. She doesn’t resent her mother, but she knows she should live independently. She complains mom who always says that Sung Soo is like her real son, but only nice to him so that he could treat Eun Jin nicely. Na Ra explains she really cherishes Sung Soo like her son, hence, this whole situation really upsets her. And if he’s her real son, she’d already killed him for betraying his most precious person.

Sung Soo understands the reason Na Ra went overboard, he’s been avoiding her calls – everything was his fault. He’s glad his wife took his side and defended him. Many times in the past, he felt really lonely because his wife rarely took his side and he felt really small in front of his parents-in-law.

On the way home, he tells Eun Jin there’s a witness from that car accident and he’s going to check the progress of this accident investigation at the police station tomorrow. Sung Soo promises he’ll catch the guy which caused that accident, that’s his personality – once he says he’ll do something, he’ll do it until he accomplishes his goal.

Jae Hak is checking his car’s cctv camera record. He doesn’t find anything suspicious – it’s just his wife’s cleaning his car.

Sung Soo turns on the radio and is surprised with the song which’s currently playing. It’s A Good Person by Park Hyo Shin, coincidentally it’s the song which was playing when they kissed for the first time. He knew Eun Jin really liked Park Hyo Shin so he bought this album when it came out to impress her. Eun Jin is amazed Sung Soo still remember that small details, Sung Soo tells her that they should treasure this special memory. Eun Jin believes they lost their romance right after their marriage – which is natural, says Sung Soo. But she has a problem here, she’s trying to make the intangible things (such as love & romance) tangible.

Eun Jin: so why do you have to keep the marriage if you don’t love that person?

He believes it’s because of the time they’ve spent together, their daughter and their parents.

Jae Hak is still trying to figure out the mysterious person who’s been trailing and threatening Eun Jin when Mi Kyung comes to his study room. He explains he has something urgent that he needs to do; and his wife pleads him to look at her. She then sits on his lap. She tells him she wants to check something today…

She wants to check about… love. Does he love her?

She hugs him, but he stays silent and stoic.

Sung Soo is taking Eun Jin for a walk and he holds Eun Jin’s hand. But she doesn’t hold his hand back. He notices that it’s hard for him to ask her to hold his hand / to sleep with him; but after his father’s death, he realized that Eun Jin and Yoon Jung are the most important people in his life. Eun Jin is speechless, so he tells her this won’t do. He then takes her to a corner trying to find the romance they’ve lost. He then kisses her. Aww…. Eun Jin initially was scared someone will bump into them, but they’re married couple so this is not illegal, right? =)

As one couple is on the right path to rekindle their marriage, Mi Kyung is crying her heart out – her husband ignored her again.

The next morning, Eun Jin drops Yoon Jung at school. As she’ll pick her up later, she asks Yoon Jung to wait for her, don’t go anywhere. Curious Yoon Jung asks why she can’t go anywhere, when mom tells her there’s no reason; she informs mom that she heard there is nothing in this world that does not have a reason. Mom can’t accept defeat that easily, so she tells her she loves Yoon Jung.

Jae Hak’s assistant mentions the car service found a location tracking device under his car and this device usually used by the illegal detective agency (who’s paid for digging an affair / someone’s privacy). Jae Hak asks his assistant to cancel today’s schedule because he’s meeting Eun Jin to discuss about what happened last night.

Eun Jin wants to draw boundaries and she prefer not to be connected with Jae Hak anymore, but he believes they still can have humane relationship. Unfortunately, both of them already have someone in their lives so this humane relationship can no longer exist. And beside being threatened and followed; what Eun Jin most scare of at the moment is someone finding out about their relationship. Her family will be deeply affected and hurt. She admits it’s also her fault and both Jae Hak & her should take responsibility for their own sides. She hopes they won’t meet again. They bid their (final) goodbye.

Because she’s not feeling well, Mi Kyung cancels her appointment with Eun Jin. Worried, she texts Mi Kyung back. A mysterious person calls Mi Kyung explaining about some sort of accident so she asks to stop all the work. She’s wondering why she’s the one who has to suffer when these two people are the ones who’re making mistakes.

Her fussy mother-in-law nags her – advising her that a young person should not enjoy lying down; even after she sent her sons studying overseas, she should live her own life and enjoy it. She cuts her MIL’s nagging by offering to make a bulgogi sandwich – now her MIL is wondering if she can read her mind as she wanted to ask her to make a sandwich.

At the cooking class, one of Eun Jin’s friend (Young Gyung) is posting today’s dish on her SNS account then she browses one of her friend’s SNS account. This friend had an affair and today is her wedding day. She might be lucky and enjoying her life, but that other person’s wife is the one who suffers.

They’re discussing about the fact that there’re many divorces and remarriages lately; even the cooking instructor is now enjoying her second marriage and it’s also her husband’s second marriage. But Eun Jin friend believes that there are also people who have patience.

Because they have one hour free time after cooking class, Young Gyung is taking everyone to a special place where they’ll enjoy a “special” show – it’s a wedding party. She knows the bride, but the bride doesn’t know her. That bride is the woman who had an affair!

Young Gyung explains that there are people who believe that it is sad to live with a man who doesn’t love them anymore

Choi Anna (the cooking instructor)’s first husband loved to shower her with “I love you” but suddenly on her birthday, he confessed he didn’t love her anymore and wanted a divorce. She didn’t want a divorce and lived a hellish marriage. So she gave up in the end as it’s not worth it & painful to live with a man whose heart has left her. She doesn’t enjoy this “show” so she leaves.

Young Gyung has continually shared “her sister-in-law” story, but truthfully, it’s her own life. Her husband is having an affair, after everything she’s done to him (financially, she upgraded his life). He wanted a divorce, but she insists she would stay by his side and “wreck” his life. She wants to take side of women whose got wrecked because of their husband’s affair. Because if she stays silent, then this whole world will be filled with people who steal someone else’s husband.

Young Gyung’s friends attend this wedding party, and they make funny faces & chaos during the big group shot. 😀

Mom-in-law asks Mi Kyung to handle her problems herself, and don’t cause any ruckus in the house. And don’t think about affair too seriously, just let it slide & ignore it. Because if she’s making any problem, he’ll lose his affection towards her and it will be hard to win him back. She knows her son is not a man who will show his real feeling to anyone. But as a mother who raised two sons, Mi Kyung knows from experience that her sons often show things that she least expected. Unfortunately, Jae Hak and her sons are different; so don’t treat them the same.

Choi Anna visits Mi Kyung at home as she’s worried Mi Kyung who’s always been so strong is unwell. Then, she whines about what Young Gyung did – trying to “ruin” a woman’s life who’s trying to let go her past & move on to live a happier life. Maybe because of Young Gyung’s sister-in-law, she’s been too obsessed with this “affair” thing.

But Mi Kyung is wondering if it’s really her sister-in-law’s trouble. Maybe it’s her own story as women typically don’t want others knowing about their misery. Women usually hide their marriage misery while men talk about it when they’re drinking with their friends.

She believes Mi Kyung will never get taken advantages by anyone as she’s very sharp. But like every one else who’s an expert when it comes to other people’s life and amateur with their own lives, it’s the same for Mi Kyung.

Eun Jin is helping Yoon Jung with her study and today they’re studying about personality. As one of the character in the book she’s reading doesn’t struggle and lives comfortably, Yoon Jung believes he won’t be able to handle hard work well. But Eun Jin explains that So Ji Sub from drama (Sun of the King – Master’s Sun? :D) is good at everything although he’s from a wealthy family. Cute Yoon Jung informs mom that it’s just a drama.

Back to her study material, Yoon Jung sharply answers her mother’s questions which lead mom believes that she doesn’t need to teach her anymore. She’s too smart.

Yoon Jung is a bit disappointed mom doesn’t want to help her with her study. Eun Jin explains that Yoon Jung shouldn’t give all these smart answers now as they’ll lose their sparkles when her teacher asks her about it. She advises her daughter to be confident, answer questions as they way she wants to answer it. It makes Yoon Jung feels good.

Then, Mi Kyung calls asking to meet up as she’s already promised to meet.

Eun Young has another difficult customer today and thankfully Min Soo comes to her rescue. The customer is happy with the apology and gifts. After he left, Min Soo lectures her for being a hypocrite (as she was talking about that customer behind his back) and reminds her how difficult it was to gain employment at this bank (>3.6 GPA, >850 TOEIC score, foreign language skill and graduated from top six university). But from her behavior, it looks like she didn’t have all these amazing skills / experience. She is furious with his sharp observation (accusation), sarcastically asks why a bodyguard dares talking (lecturing) a full-time employee.

Suddenly, her heels broke and she almost falls down on the floor so Min Soo comes to her rescue again. He tells her she’s capable of many things, which she shyly agrees.

Mi Kyung is going to meet with Eun Jin, she wears the bracelet which she found on Jae Hak’s study room.

Eun Jin orders Yoon Jung not to open the door unless it’s her mom / her dad as they’re not expecting anyone today.

A car is once again trailing Eun Jin’s car… Finally we find out the stalker’s identity.

Eun Jin has already ordered a drink for Mi Kyung, then Mi Kyung narrates: “I came because I was curious what kind of woman my husband likes”

She then tells her that she doesn’t like anything fusion, for her, if it’s Korean food – then it’s Korean food. If it’s western food, then it’s western food. She doesn’t like these food to be mixed up – she prefer things the way they’re supposed to be. But for today, she’ll try the fusion drink Eun Jin has ordered for her.

Eun Jin brought presents for Mi Kyung – quinoa and a bracelet.

Mi Kyung narrates: “I thought women who have affairs are really strange women. I never imagined they would look so normal like you”

She assumes Eun Jin’s life been going well because she can only gives this kind of present when she has spare time & money. But then, Eun Jin confesses that she wants to die… She’s not doing well now, nothing’s good been happening in her life lately, in fact, she’s hitting a rock-bottom at the moment. But she’s still living and has to meet with other people, carry on with her life and smile at them. She doesn’t know why she can easily share this to Mi Kyung – but she feels like she’s unharmed when she’s with her.

Mi Kyung harshly informs her that she doesn’t really like her, but this is the reason why Eun Jin likes her – Mi Kyung’s honesty means that she doesn’t really care what others think about her.

But she doesn’t know that Mi Kyung can’t easily share what’s on her mind to Eun Jin – the real reason why she wanted to meet her. So she pretends that she was wondering about Eun Jin since she left abruptly that day (when Yoon Jung went missing for few hours). This prompts Eun Jin to believe that Mi Kyung really cares for her. Hence, because her daughter is alone at home and she’s busy with her paperwork – so she has to leave.

As they leave the cafe, Eun Jin recognizes the bracelet which Mi Kyung tells her that it’s anniversary gift from her husband. She “complements” her model husband up to the point that she’s sick of his “kind” attention; Eun Jin mentions that it’s good to live with that kind of man. Mi Kyung touches the “affair” bit by telling her that he was also good to date. Eun Jin is envious with Mi Kyung who looks like a woman who’s loved by her man, she mentioned she also received the same bracelet, but she returned it.

As Eun Jin leaves, Mi Kyung narrates: “Even though I want to be nice, I can’t help but hate you”.

Sung Soo and the police still haven’t found the culprit behind that car accident, as the car which the witness saw was an illegally licensed car. Moreover, the place which sold the car recently closed.

Na Ra is still upset with Eun Jin’s “resentment”, she has no other word to say to her. Sun Ah thinks it’s natural for a parent-child relationship to have lots of regrets as there hasn’t been anyone who hasn’t been hurt by their parents / children. Na Ra is wondering if Sun Ah has regrets towards her, but she explains that because they met after they had their own values of life, then there’s no problem as they have acknowledged each other. Na Ra believes it’s easier to live as a family with strangers. As it’s not easy to let their children go after parents lived as their servant (feed, clothed, raised their children) for 20 years.

Sung Soo is still trying his best to steal his mother-in-law’s heart by giving a box of her favorite seafood – abalone. She smirks, she approves his effort as she asks him to stay for dinner – she’ll steam these abalones which are good for men.

He asks Eun Jin’s parents if they’re surprised with her behavior that day and smiling as he informs them he lived with that side of her for almost ten years. Now Na Ra is accusing him of talking behind her daughter’s back. He stutters a bit before explaining that she became like that after marrying him, so he asks them to try to understand her. Dae Ho is wondering why women are so temperamental after getting married, Eun Jin was a calm woman before.

Sung Soo thinks it’s all men’s fault, so Dae Ho advises him to just listen to women to maintain the peace in the family. He nods in agreement.

Sung Soo promises that he’ll change and will try to accommodate Eun Jin as she’s been a really accommodating wife. Na Ra is pleased with his promise as she knows all along he’s a good man, and the fact that he’ll try to live for his wife starting for now makes her happy. She explains as men get older, they usually need these five things: a wifey, wife, his children’s mother, housewife, and lastly wife (in English). Dae Ho thinks women need: a daughter, money, health, friend and lastly sauna. His wife, Na Ra, trains her really well every day, and he advises Sung Soo to do well to his wife.

Eun Young’s crisis continues as during closing time, her register is short by 20000 won. Her brother calls inviting her for a midnight snack, he’s also still at work. He’s trying to keep a close relationship with his sister after his marriage, but Eun Jin follows other people’s advice that she should not be too close with her brother in order to become a loving sister-in-law. Jin Chul reminds her that his wife Sun Ah and his mother get along nicely, in which Eun Jin believe that sooner or later, they will go on their separate ways.

Eun Young’s work colleague asks if she finishes her card marking share and advises her to maintain her scores if she want to get a promotion, so she calls it a day and asks oppa Jin Chul to pick her up. Although she initially refuses to go with her brother, but his sixth sense told him she didn’t fill her card making share. Hence, he asks her to pay for today’s snack. And they go to the noodle restaurant where Min Soo works.

When they arrive, he politely tells them that the restaurant is now closed (although it’s not closing time yet) because they finished the necessary ingredients. This restaurant only prepare ingredients for the day.

When Jin Chul knows that they work in the same bank, he pleads Min Soo to serve them considering his working relationship with Eun Young. But Min Soo can’t do that, he would never do that to his late father. He asks them to come back here on their next date (he assumes Jin Chul is Eun Young’s boyfriend).

But the reason why Jin Chul invited his sister for a midnight snack is because he wanted her to loan him money. He made 20 million debt because of shares and Sun Ah didn’t know about it. Eun Young advises him to adjust his spending based on his salary, not the other way around.

Na Ra is spoiling Sung Soo like her real son and Dae Ho is pleased they’re drinking together again. Sung Soo praises the steamed abalones which taste exactly like the ones in the Japanese restaurant.

Then, Jin Chul & Eun Young arrive home. Mom didn’t cook rice for Jin Chul & Eun Young, as they’re hungry so Sung Soo invites them to his house as Eun Jin always has rice at their home. It’s been a long time since the whole family eat together, and Sun Ah really wants to see Eun Jin. So, off they go.

Eun Jin is worried leaving Yoon Jung alone at home again, so she tells Yoon Jung she can’t open the door unless it’s her family. This prompts Yoon Jung to ask mom if bad guys will come to their house as she keeps repeating the same instruction over and over again.

Mi Kyung arrives home and her mother-in-law sharply asks who is it now. Is she a married woman?

Mi Kyung throws the expensive bracelet and the bracelet Eun Jin gave her to the bin.

Mom-in-law is trying to test by nagging her about a strange smell in her bedroom. But sharp Mi Kyung knows the smell comes from her MIL cardigan (mixed in mango chutney and soy sauce), so her MIL is wondering how come Mi Kyung never makes any mistake although her mind is wandering off.

As soon as Jae Hak arrives home, Mi Kyung sprays him then orders him to wash up. Mom is wondering if a weird odor coming from him as well, advising him that her nose is very sharp.

At the grocery store, that mysterious man is spying at Eun Jin from afar. When she looks at him, he runs. Then, she hears a woman’s scream – that man accidentally hit her. Suddenly, Eun Jin remembers she saw this man before. She hurriedly leaves, but he follows her. She whistles until everyone in the parking lot hears her, threatening him that people are watching and there’s CCTV so when he runs, he’ll be caught.

He tells her this is a misunderstanding.

Mi Kyung is preparing a nice warm bath for Jae Hak, explaining although he doesn’t like it, she’s doing her best and he should at least appreciate her.

He is wondering if she’s in a bad mood because of his mother, but no, it’s not because of her. He tells her he won’t eat dinner tonight as he’s tired (he rarely skips dinner).

After a nice relaxing bath, Jae Hak retreats to his study room, he is perplexed when he hears his wife’s voice echoing “I trusted you, I loved you. If you cheated once, I lived thinking I could get over it. Since you are a great man. You… are mine until you get old and wrinkled. I will hold it in. I have to.”

That voice comes from his car’s cctv recording. His wife recorded this message after she finished cleaning up his car. Jae Hak trembles in fear, then, his wife arrives bringing a drink to him.

Straight away, Jae Hak asks if it was her.

Mi Kyung confesses it was her.

He’s furious that his wife asked a man to trail him. He’s mad that his wife acted as if she didn’t know anything, while in fact she knew everything.

Mi Kyung is livid that her husband is blaming her. After everything she’s done for him, he never loves her. In desperation and anger, she throws things on his study room. Mi Kyung explains that they could live a beautiful happy life. He has a very kind mother, and she’s trying her best to be an obedient daughter-in-law. But Jae Hak ruined everything. She screams in anger, calling her mother. She’s gone crazy.


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