One Warm Word Episode 4 Recap

It’s amusing watching people’s different reactions when they discover a hidden secret. And once they’ve been discovered, they take different paths. Jae Hak starts blaming his wife for invading his privacy, and doesn’t put any effort to work on his marriage. On the contrary, Sung Soo reflects on his mistakes, begs for his wife’s forgiveness and tries to change into a better man, husband & father.

As Sung Soo is doing everything he can to re-gain his wife’s trust and love; Jae Hak is driving Mi Kyung crazy with his ignorance. It looks like Jae Hak & Mi Kyung marriage was over on their wedding day – but now… as one more person finds out their hidden secret, will this person help them to salvage their marriage or crush it?

One Warm Word Episode 4 Recap

Jae Hak’s mom hears all the commotion from her bedroom. She sarcastically believes it’d be better if Mi Kyung followed her advice and just let it (her husband’s affair) go.

Jae Hak is perplexed his wife hasn’t changed a bit although she’s discovered his secret which surely made her hates him so much. But she doesn’t hate him, if she does, she would have already ended their marriage. This is her biggest problem – she loves him so much to the point that she’s too scared of losing him. She’s afraid he would choose that woman because she knows he never loves her.

He blames Mi Kyung for trailing Eun Jin and caused that hit-and-run accident; asking her to stop blaming Eun Jin as he was the one who first started the affair. Mi Kyung slaps him, before informing him that she never asked anyone to follow Eun Jin & her family. If she’d want to do it, she’d do it herself.

Eun Jin blows a whistle to attract people’s attention in the car parking lot, to protect herself from that mysterious man who kept following her. She hit him with the trolley; twice; although he’s trying to explain who he is and why he’s here. He shows his photo ID, explaining that Jae Hak contacted his company, Private Guard corporation and his company assigned him to guard her.

Because he’s a newly employed guard, he’s very attentive – he escorts her to her car, follows her to her house then opens her car’s door for her. Choi Shi Min introduces himself to a very confused Sung Soo, apologizes to Eun Jin then runs off. Eun Jin can’t explain why Shi Min is her personal guard, why he followed her all the way to her house and ran off when he saw Seung Soo.

As bad things keep happening to Eun Jin and her family, Sung Soo forbids her to drive at night. It’s better to be careful, right? And until now, they still haven’t solved the mystery behind that hit-and-run accident.

Min Soo arrives home, proud that his teacher complemented him and promised to start teaching him to make a broth. Then he notices his noona looks upset & down; Mi Kyung pretends nothing is wrong although he can sense something’s wrong and begs his noona to tell him. She quickly asks him to take shower.

Jae Hak is still busy working at his study room. His wife asks if he’s going to sleep. She knows he can’t sleep in different places – Jae Hak sarcastically tells her that the cat is thinking about the mouse. But in this situation, Mi Kyung believes she’s the mouse and her husband is the cat. But Jae Hak insists to sleep wherever he wants to sleep, and it doesn’t matter to his mom because she already knows about all this madness. However, Mi Kyung believes that if her mother-in-law knew about this, she would have already chased this mouse & cat. Mi Kyung knows that her MIL usually takes sleeping pill if she can’t sleep; now Jae Hak is wondering what else does she hide. She explains she has poured out everything, he is suspicious she still hides something else.

When asked when did she start following him; she asks if he really likes her as he run out as soon as she called – unaware he left his mobile phone. Now, he’s furious his wife rummaged his phone. He did his best to keep his family together, his wife was his bastion; and today he’s lost his last bastion. But Mi Kyung tells him he has lost his last pushover.

He definitely has lost his mind, did he think Mi Kyung will accept Eun Jin?

He orders her for not touching Eun Jin; and to resolve this problem themselves without involving her.

Mi Kyung is upset with Jae Hak’s feigned ignorance; he should be on his knees begging for her forgiveness now. He admits he has an affair, but the fact that his wife invaded his privacy has crossed the line. Now, he cannot trust her anymore. Then he leaves.

Min Soo is aware something is off with his brother-in-law; Mi Kyung who’s still at her husband’s study room quickly locks the office’s door – still pretending nothing’s wrong.

Eun Jin’s family is enjoying dinner together – Eun Jin formally apologizes to her mother, she cooked her favorite food. Eun Young is wondering what’s going on between her mom & her sister – she’s been living alone and enjoying it as she’s now responsible for her own life – so it’s like she’s been living under the rock.

Eun Young’s liberal thinking drives everyone’s crazy – so Sun Ah tries to stir away from her sharp mouth by asking about something else. Mom is wondering how she survives working in a service industry (bank) as she speaks out her thought without thinking. She assures mom that she endures everything in order to eat & live.

Eun Jin tells Eun Young that family is more important than co-workers and customers; so Eun Young shouldn’t do this, otherwise, her family will leave her and all she’ll have left is her customers. Mom agrees with Eun Jin.

Dad advises that life is like a movie, nothing will go bad if you listen to your parents. He’s pleased Eun Jin and Sung Soo has made up & are smiling. He then calls his wife by her name, which Eun Jin happily shares that her dad is in a very good mood. He proudly shared that his wife & him have come to this world and spread their seed their family is growing & expanding. Sung Soo almost breaks this happy mood by asking his father-in-law to talk to Eun Jin so he can do the same – expand his family. Did he already forget the postnatal depression Eun Jin had gave birth to Yoon Jung?

After a quick reminder from Na Ra, Sung Soo remembers that harrowing time, so he cancels the “baby” talk, he promises they’ll live happily ever after.

Mi Kyung warns Jae Hak that tonight will be the last night he’ll be able to sleep deeply.

Dae Ho and Na Ra are discussing about the most difficult topic – death. Na Ra is wondering who’ll die first, Dae Ho thinks a man should go first, but Na Ra doesn’t want to send him first, so she’ll go first. But as the older one, Dae Ho insists he’ll go first. Na Ra wishes they’ll go together. As they’re getting older, Dae Ho realizes that there’re so many precious things in life; and just by keeping him on his side & not doing anything like what they’re doing now; is very precious.

Na Ra playfully tells him she doesn’t like not doing anything 😀 He hugs her tightly. Na Ra believes their duty will be done after they marry off Eun Young. They’re wondering if their children realize their parents always think about them.

Eun Young asks Sun Ah to fill out bank’s application form; and in return, Sun Ah who’s currently writing a paper about adultery & family system; wants Eun Young to convince Eun Jin so she can interview Eun Jin about this topic. Sun Ah wants to know why Eun Jin didn’t accuse them (?) for adultery – she wants to know her physiological grounds why she came up with that decision.

But Eun Young tells her sister-in-law to ask Eun Jin directly, as their relationship hasn’t been good lately since she told her family about Sung Soo’s affair. Eun Young is wondering why her lively sister changed a lot after her marriage – that she cried over a guy who cheated on her. She believes her sister should just get a divorce.

Sun Ah tells her that she wouldn’t think like this when she’s married – divorce is not a simple thing.

Then, someone rings the bell – ah, it’s Jin Chul aka Sun Ah’s husband. When Jin Chul brings up about marriage to a jealous Eun Young – she explains that there’s nothing more inefficient that meeting a stranger to make a family. Sun Ah thinks Eun Young has never received any comfort / kind attention that only a man can give to a woman – such as: the intercourse 😀

Sun Ah can easily talks about anything to Eun Young as they share the same mother & sister. (I love her!) Jin Chul tries to complicate things by explaining that his wife and him share the same mother & sister; and they’re also legally married. Hence, they’re a couple which get along well, their hearts, their bodies, they perfectly fit the perfect drama’s couple. They show their cute affection to each other, making Eun Young embarrassed looking at them. Sun Ah tells Eun Young that if she gets too jealous, she’s the one who’ll lose. She warns them that Eun Jin & Sung Soo used to be so affectionate too; but they’ve talked about divorce.

Sun Ah believes another word for a crisis is a chance. If people change their crisis into a new chance, then a couple can rekindle their love and make it grows even bigger.

Sung Soo boasts that his female work-colleagues are envious Eun Jin gets to live with someone like him. Eun Jin’s expression changes, so he explains that he doesn’t talk much with them, they only talk when they’re having meals together).

Eun Jin mops the floor, Sung Soo tells her he’ll do it; then he carries her to bed. With a very scared & nervous expression, she stares at her husband who playfully tells her that the one who’s supposed to offer (…) doesn’t even think about it 😀

She’s wondering why her husband changed so much lately; he explains he’ll try to equally put his effort into his family & work. He wants to be the best husband and father. Because he wants his wife to be happy again, he wants Eun Jin to talk & smile whenever she sees him. Straight away, Eun Jin tells him he shouldn’t change for that reasons alone, as it’s been 10 years since she got used to him.

This breaks Sung Soo’s happy & optimistic mood; asking why his wife is always so optimistic to their daughter but never does the same thing to him. Eun Jin believes a person will never change. As proven now – he gets mad right away when things don’t fit his standard.

Eun Jin’s advice strives Sung Soo to try even harder now. He promises he’ll change… into a better man.

He starts by mopping the floor cheerfully.

Later that night, as Sung Soo is sleeping peacefully; Eun Jin recalls the humane relationship Jae Hak told her earlier. Then, Sung Soo pulls away his blanket – and Eun Jin gets up, tucks the blanket around her husband again.

The next morning, fussy mother-in-law complains Mi Kyung keeps cooking meat for her. She pretends she didn’t hear her MIL’s whinge, she’s prepared mushroom salad that her MIL likes to help lower her cholesterol & blood pressure.

Jae Hak who pretends he has an early meeting, trying to skip the breakfast. But his mom orders him to eat breakfast before he goes as everyone work to eat & live and there is not anything in this world so important that people have to skip their meals. He obliges then asks if mom heard anything last night. She tells them she took her sleeping pill last night so didn’t hear a thing.

She asks Mi Kyung to arrange a plane ticket to Hawaii as she wants to visit Hye Hwang (her grandson). When Mi Kyung asks about the sudden trip, she explains that’s her personality. She has to go if she wants to go.  She tells her daughter-in-law that it’s her job to make what’s impossible possible.

Mom has a private conversation with her son; the reason why her husband chose Mi Kyung as Jae Hak’s wife. Not only because she’s smart & humble, but because she has nobody and no place she can go back; so they knew back then, she would be faithful and patient. Jae Hak’s father never went below her expectation when he was alive; but Jae Hak is different. She nags Mi Kyung regularly hoping that Mi Kyung would pay less attention to her husband and focus to her MIL so she wouldn’t notice her husband’s (affair).

She advises that Jae Hak can meet another woman shortly while living with Mi Kyung, but if he abandons her to live with that other woman, his life will be ruined. She’s going to visit her grandson for a week, during this time, Jae Hak must endure everything Mi Kyung does to him; and says anything he wants to say to her. As her mother-in-law, she will always be Mi Kyung’s master; but she cannot do this while her son is having an affair.

And she has to ensure Mi Kyung will never know that her MIL knew about Jae Hak’s affair. Because if she knows, Mi Kyung will ask her MIL about the final judgement (a divorce).

As soon as Jae Hak arrives at work, Eun Jin calls. He doesn’t answer the call. Eun Jin then writes a message, thanking him for his kindness and she’ll take care her own business. But she deletes the message right away.

Jae Hak calls back – Eun Jin is thankful; but she doesn’t want a personal bodyguard. And please tell Shi Min’s company that he was very attentive and faithful, he did a great job. She then tells him to live well; both of them apologize to one another – as they’re the ones that created this situation in the first place. He confesses it’s from his side, and someone they both know. Eun Jin is wondering if Jae Hak’s wife knew…

They decided to meet – and Eun Jin asks about his wife’s personality. He admits that he doesn’t know his wife really well; Eun Jin knows that a woman will start a war after she finds out her husband’s betrayal. She will plan a strategic survival tactic to win against her enemy; she’ll get crazier. And the woman who was really devoted with her husband would usually do the most unexpected thing. As Eun Jin did the same thing.

Jae Hak explains because he doesn’t understand his wife, he can’t negotiate and discuss anything with her. Eun Jin advises him he won’t be able to understand her. She knows her fate is in Jae Hak’s wife hands who knows everything about her. But she also has another problem – it’s Sung Soo’s obsession with that accident – she doesn’t know how to stop him as once he starts on something, he will pursue it until the end. Jae Hak believes Mi Kyung will never hurt Eun Jin; and if she would take the responsibility if she caused that accident.

Eun Jin knows she has to tell Sung Soo about this because it’ll be better for him to hear it from herself than from someone else. She has already planned to do it and settle everything with her husband; but it’s delayed because of that car accident. She planned to reset her life. Throughout their affair, she’s very scared & anxious everytime she saw Jae Hak, he apologized because he didn’t know her feeling. As a person who obeyed social norms until she met him, she crossed the line and got confused with herself. Jae Hak is the same; he always lived upright & responsible; but everything felt down when he crossed that line. He believes Eun Jin is more sensitive about this and he apologizes he can’t help her solving this problem. Eun Jin knows today’s society is very brutal to people who crossed the line – especially when it’s about love, they’re more brutal to women. Hence, she advises him to accept things that he can’t understand without trying to understand them. Jae Hak appreciates Eun Jin’s sincerity; a woman who continually battles with her heart.

Mi Kyung tells MIL that she couldn’t any ticket to Hawaii for today; her MIL is ready-to-go. So Mi Kyung offers an alternative – a plane ticket to Jejudo this afternoon and MIL can rest at a villa there. MIL agrees, and she asks Mi Kyung to come with her (to cook her meals). Mi Kyung tells her that a cook will go to the villa. But she still prepares side dishes for her MIL.

One of the maid found the bracelets that Mi Kyung threw to the bin, she tells the maid to throw it away. The maid asks if she can have the expensive bracelet, Mi Kyung emphasizes she must throw it away. But, MIL who sees it, asks the maid to give it to her. She keeps the expensive one, and asks the maid to throw the other bracelet (the one Eun Jin gave to Mi Kyung)

Eun Jin comes to the police station alone, asking them to close the case. The police agrees with her decision, as it’s very hard to locate the illegal car. The policeman tells her that a case sometimes can be related with another case; so although the case is closed, they still can find the culprit behind this on another case.

She tells Jae Hak that she has closed this case so he doesn’t have to worry about this anymore.

There’s a newly appointed guard starts working at the bank today – he’s the son of the bank’s main customer company’s CEO. Eun Young is a bit suspicious as their branch doesn’t have a big company as their customer, moreover, she’s wondering why he’s not working at his parents’ company. So, she think he actually comes from a service company. She always thinks and calculates thing very carefully; as if she never trusts anyone. She can’t let things past easily and get caught. Her work colleague think that’s the reason she can’t get a date.

They meet with Min Soo in the lobby; and together they have a coffee break. Eun Young’s work colleague’s husband calls; so Eun Young is alone with Min Soo. She tells him that the man who went with her to the noodle shop is her brother. Min Soo is wondering why she didn’t tell him at that time, is it because Eun Young like him?

She asks, if there’s any reason why she would like him. She then lists her ideal man (someone from top 6 uni, more than 50 millions saving, etc…) and he doesn’t fit into her criteria. He tells her that she also doesn’t fit his criteria as he doesn’t like a woman who’s above him based on the standards set by today’s society. He prefer a housewife, a woman who can perfectly respects him – who leans on him , who he can feed. He wants to have a normal marriage. He wants a woman whose heart is warm & she’s strong. She can’t be warm but weak or strong but cold. It looks like both of them are dumping each other.

Eun Young think he comes from a wealthy family, because it’ll be harder to forgive a woman with no job than a woman who’s ugly. He informs her that he’s an orphan and he got a job here thanks to his brother-in-law. She tries to guess his “birth secret” thinking that his brother-in-law stole Min Soo’s father company and became the sad price. Min Soo’s mother was the second wife (Eun Young guessed it correctly!).

Mi Kyung escorts her MIL to the airport then she’ll go to Choi Anna’s place as requested by Choi Anna. Her MIL advises that if Mi Kyung loses Jae Hak, she’ll lose everything. Moreover, does she have anything she own that she earned herself?

Mi Kyung explains that there’s nothing that she owned herself; but without her; her MIL must call taxi / company’s driver. MIL loses the argument…

Eun Jin arrives at the cooking school, Mi Kyung is upset as she thought Choi Anna only called her. Choi Anna asks Eun Jin about her hit-and-run car accident case.

The reason why Choi Anna called them; is because she wants Eun Jin and Mi Kyung to assist her for a cable cooking show “I am Choi Anna of a nothing but special cooking”. Choi Anna practices her lines; while Eun Jin complements her pronunciation,  fashion etc, Mi Kyung is not comfortable with Choi Anna’s low cut top as lots of women will watch this show so as the cooking instructor, she should be more responsible with her fashion & style.

Mi Kyung stares as Eun Jin who’s enjoying Choi Anna’s food as she recalls her husband’s plea for not touching Eun Jin as he’s the one who started the affair & she did nothing wrong. Suddenly she gets nauseous. When Eun Jin is trying to help her, she brushes her off. This prompts Eun Jin to ask if Mi Kyung knows her, if she knew her before they met in this cooking class. Mi Kyung tells her that she first saw Eun Jin at the cooking class.

Choi Anna ask if Eun Jin and Mi Kyung will help her again, Eun Jin happily tells her she will. She’s surprised to see Yoon Jung and Sung Soo waiting for her; they both introduce themselves to Choi Anna who keeps complementing they look really attractive and good together.

Min Soo arrives home to change clothes before he goes to his second job at noodle shop, the house is empty. He goes to his noona’s room, shocked when he finds the envelope which has Eun Jin & Jae Hak’s pictures.

Soon afterwards, Mi Kyung arrives – when she tells her brother to quit working – he tells her that people need to sweat in any job to survive. He tells her to stop treating him like a kid, as he’s her relative and guardian.

Sung Soo is taking his family to a special place, Yoon Jung is curious about this place as Sung Soo has previously told her that Eun Jin looked the most lovely at that place.

When they arrive at that place, Eun Jin is speechless. Suddenly a flashback of happy young Sung Soo and Eun Jin holding hand flashing in front of her. Sung Soo wanted to visit this place again with his children, in which Eun Jin corrected … with their children. She wanted to have three children, and she promised she wouldn’t make Sung Soo had a hard time alone – they’d do everything together.

Back to the present time, Sung Soo has decorated that place – with roses, balloons and pink banner “Welcome. We’ve been waiting for 13 years, Kim Sung Soo and Nae Eun Jin couple.” Eun Jin is touched with his sweet surprise.

Flashback to 13 years ago, Eun Jin was very happy with this place which Sung Soo has reserved for them. Eun Jin wanted to bring their kids here; but Sung Soo was a bit reluctant as they wouldn’t be able to do what they wanted to do here if they’re here with their kids. Eun Jin pointed a special room – they could do “it” there. Back to the present time, teary Eun Jin stands in front of that room.

Jae Hak arrives home and his wife is eating dinner alone. When he joins her in the dining table, she gets up, sweeps the table because she doesn’t want her husband to eat the food she prepared & cooked.

This is it… both of them can’t hold it anymore. Mi Kyung challenges her husband to talk everything out; his mother is not here.

He asks why his wife even thought of hiring someone from illegal detective agency without any fear?

She thought she wouldn’t mind even if she’d die.

Jae Hak asks who’ll take responsibility when Mi Kyung causes any trouble? It would be him. He’s apologetic towards his wife, he knows it’s his fault. But Mi Kyung doesn’t want to hear his apology.

The first time she suspected Jae Hak had an affair when he started saying words he’s never used – that words were “I’m sorry”. He kept apologizing for every little thing. That woman used to say that words, hence, he did the same thing.

Then, his actions started change and he’s sucked into that woman without realizing that his wife is beside him. He’s dared to accuse his wife of accusing Eun Jin’s hit-and-run accident. It’s the reason why he was really angry, because he didn’t believe his wife and trusted that woman.

Jae Hak is fed up, so he asks what he should do for Mi Kyung. Maybe he should divorce her.

He confesses he’s suffocated with her, he can’t breathe with his control-freak wife who wanted him to follow & move according to her schedule. He hasn’t done anything he wanted to do after his marriage with Mi Kyung. As much as Mi Kyung sacrificed, he also made plenty of sacrifices.

Mi Kyung explains the reason why she did all those things; because she didn’t want to live like her mom. But she’ll live like her mom from now.

Eun Jin is is a bad mood although Sung Soo has prepared everything perfectly for her. He tops up her peach champagne, then she asks how did he know she likes peach champagne?

Flashback to 13 years ago – they both drank peach champagne. Sung Soo asked if she would regret waiting 2 years for him – she promised she wouldn’t regret it, 2 years would be like one day – she would study hard and get a job.

When asked if she believed in love, she nodded; Sung Soo promised he’d only love her, forever.

Back to the present time, Eun Jin believes love changes – Sung Soo knows that nothing in this world that doesn’t change, so it’s natural. Eun Jin really misses that time when a single person was everything for her.

She wants to say something, but today is Sung Soo’s day.

He tells her he loves her.

Eun Jin tearfully asks what he wasn’t like this before. Sung Soo believes they still have long time together, they’ve spent their 20s together, they’ve build their values & identities together. So how could they live without each other now? He begs her to accept him wholeheartedly as they can’t live as half-couple like this anymore.

Eun Jin tells him that after he broke her trust, the betrayal and disappointment she had in him made things really difficult for her. She hated him, she hated herself for trying to hold on to him, she made her own room insider her heart without him knowing. So, he can now choose to open the door to that pandora box – although he may not know what may come out from that box. If he open it, there will be no fresh start. But if he doesn’t open it, then promise her he won’t try to open that box forever. Then, she’ll start over.

She asks Sung Soo to choose… open the box or leave it forever.

Mi Kyung stares at her husband who’s sleeping, then grabs her pillow and suffocates her husband with the pillow.

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