Rain, INFINITE’s L and f(x)’s Krystal cast in SBS drama “My Lovely Girl”

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) will be making his small screen comeback through SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama My Lovely Girl (previously known as Song For You) with f(x)’s Krystal as his leading lady and INFINITE’s L as his rival. Scent of a Woman PD and scriptwriter team up for one of the most anticipated drama this Autumn.


This romantic comedy drama will take place within the music industry where two individuals who carry emotional baggage are healed by love & music. Rain will play Hyun Wook (CEO of the entertainment agency & producer) who slowly opens up his heart again after a painful past after he meets with innocent music producer Yoon Se Na. As they’re working together, they gradually realize that their business relationship have blossomed deeper into a personal relationship. After losing his love in an accident he wished it’d never happen, who ever guessed that he’ll fall in love again with his former girlfriend’s sister, Se Na?

When I first saw the news about this drama, my first reaction was… “another CEO-inspiring singer drama”. Glad they decided to change the heroine’s occupation from singer to composer / producer.

Krystal’s casting news didn’t surprise me perhaps because I was already expecting a huge age gap between Rain and the heroine (based on what happened in YTBLSS [13 years between Jo Jung Suk & IU] & Trot Lovers [9 years between Ji Hyun Woo & Jung Eun Ji]) and a big possibility they would cast an idol. I understand people are questioning this casting news because oh well Rain worked with A-list actresses before, so how could he end up with Krystal now? My only advice is to give Krystal a chance because she may surprise us =) I have no idea how their chemistry will be, but I’ll wait until I watch the first few episodes before I can judge their on-screen chemistry. Obviously there’ll be the hero’s rival in this drama. L has been cast as a talented idol under Hyun Wook’s agency who falls in love with Se Na. =)

My Lovely Girl plans to start filming this month, it’s scheduled to premiere on 17 September 2014 after It’s Okay It’s Love.

cr: Newsen 1, 2StarMT

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