Recent Casting News | Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Yoo Jung & Lee Yoon Ji

Yeo Jin Goo


The talented young actor has confirmed to lead the upcoming tvN 120 episodes sitcom (4 episodes per week), current working title of this sitcom is “A Potato Star that looks like a Sweet Potato 2013QR3” [고구마처럼 생긴 감자별 2013QR3]. 2013QR3 refers to some sort of astronomy references.

Yeo Jin Goo will be playing as a computer programmer Hong Hye Sung who has a vision to become a successful young entrepreneur and programmer like Mark Zuckerberg.

Kim Byung Wook PD, the mastermind behind the ‘High Kick’ series, will direct the highly anticipated sitcom.

The filming will start next month and the sitcom will premiere at around end of September 2013.


Kim Yoo Jung


Yeo Jin Goo’s TMTETS fellow actress is positively considering her next project “Golden Rainbow”. If she accepts the role, she will be working again with May Queen’s writer, Son Young Mok.

Kim Yoo Jung is currently enjoying her well-deserved break in the United States. She will return to Korea at the end of July.

Filming of this drama will begin in September and it will most likely be MBC Weekend Drama.


Lee Yoon Ji


Jo Jung Suk (Eun Shi Kyung) will pass on the baton to his The King 2Hearts’ actress Lee Yoon Ji (Princess Jae Shin). She is confirmed to join the cast of KBS2 Weekend Drama “The Wang Family”. This drama which is written by Moon Young Nam, will be broadcast after You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin

As the third daughter of a chaebol, she has a boy’s name because her parents really wanted to have a son. She dreams to become a writer; so she boldly quit her teaching job. She is a smart woman and usually is a problem solver in Wang Family.

She will join Lee Tae Ran, Oh Man Seok, Kang Ye Bin, Oh Hyun Kyung, Jo Sung Ha.

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