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Remember – War of the Son is SBS Wednesday & Thursday melodrama thriller about the hero Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) who has Hyperthymesia but ironically his dad suffers from Alzheimer. After his dad Seo Jae Hyuk (Jun Kwang Ryul) was framed of killing their neighbor’s daughter, Jin Woo becomes a lawyer & vows to proof his father’s innocence against corrupt officials and put the killer behind bars. But as he’s slowly losing his memory, can he save his father before it’s too late?

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“What remains in life is not money or honor – it is memories.” -Seo Jae Hyuk-

“A good attorney is one who gets the not guilty verdict but the best attorney is one who doesn’t let his client stand in court.” -Park Dong Ho-

“Don’t make hasty judgement when you don’t have all the facts” -Seo Jin Woo-

“Law and judgement are like the facts & the truth. And the truth can win over the facts” -Lee In Ah-

“If you can’t beat up the world with your fist then you’ll end up wiping off your tears with that fist” -Park Kyung So (Park Dong Ho’s late father)-

“The strongest fist that beats things up to the ground is not our own fist but the hand that handles the law” -Suk Joo Il-

“A weak person in front of your eyes… you push him aside just because it’s comfortable to hate him!” -Lee In Ah-

“You will soon learn that the world is not that simple” -Park Dong Ho-

“Winning for a long time isn’t what’s important – winning that one final round is what you’ll have to do” -Prosecutor Tak Young Jin-

“The truth is relative so I will always stand on the side of the truth that wins” -Seo Jin Woo-

“Even if your father keeps saying he doesn’t remember, you will always remain in his heart” -Yun Bo Mi-

“Who can stop a son who wants to save his father?” -Park Dong Ho-

“Yesterday’s bad karma connection turns into today’s connection, life in this world is a kaleidoscope” -Park Dong Ho-

“I’ve learned that proving the innocence of the accused is part of prosecutor’s job” -Lee In Ha-

“If you want to reveal the truth, you need to gain power first” -Park Dong Ho-

“If I give up on myself, the world will also give up on me” -Seo Jin Woo-

“The truth will prevail when the right time comes” -In Ha’s Dad-

“Instead of listening to the world, listen to your own heart & be happy without being afraid” -In Ha’s Dad-

“It not the one who has everything but the one who has nothing to lose who wins” -Park Dong Ho-

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