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Reply 1988 takes the viewers back to the year 1988 where five diverse families live in the same alley road. This nostalgic drama consistently focuses on everyday life which many viewers can relate to, family, neighbors, friendship and first loves. There’re many quotes and narration that tug the viewers’ hearts hence I compiled quotes and narration from this amazing drama. Even though we’ve already bid our farewell to Ssangmun-dong families, their words of wisdom will always have special place in our hearts.

“As middle children all over the world know for the eldest it was because they’re the eldest and for the youngest it was because they’re the youngest that I had to always yield at them. I thought my mom and dad were aware of how much I had sacrificed – unfortunately it wasn’t the case” -Deok Sun-

“Dads don’t automatically become dads the moment you’re born because it was my first time being a dad” -Sung Dong Il-

“What helps you overcome obstacles isn’t brains but someone who will take your hand and will not let you go.” -Deok Sun-

“The home inflicted upon you outside the home, the scars inflicted on you by life itself and the pain inflicted on you by your family… the people who will hold and stand by you until the end, it’s family” -Deok Sun-

“Adults keep it bottled up, adults feel pain too. They were too busy being adults and acted strong because of the pressure that came with their age.” -Deok Sun-

“Sometimes it’s okay to be deluded – if you can make your mother happy by making her think her cooking is good” 

“There is no need to force the harsh truth onto a small bit of happiness – sometimes you need an illusion to be happy”

“Adult-like child is just one without complaints, They’ve acclimated to the world of adults and they’ve grown used to the illusions around them. Adult-like child is just… a child.”

“An illusion is short but a misunderstanding lasts a long time”

“This block creates friendship through the power of time”

“With money, you will never be satisfied whether you have a lot or not” -Sung Dong Il-

“The rich are innocent and the poor are guilty. A person who has money is blameless while the other who has no money bears the blame.”

“I cannot swap husbands but I can swap umbrellas” -Lee Il Hwa-

“No matter how much someone else’s things look better, it is all in vain” -Sung Dong Il-

“Another way to say ‘tacky’ or ‘sick of’ is ‘comfortable’ and ‘accustomed to’.

“The feeling of being accustomed only comes with having spent a long time with something / someone and the only people I am comfortable with who truly know me, embrace me & console me. Sometimes you’re so sick of something and it may look so tacky you don’t even want to look at it but the only people in the world who can protect me are my people

“People I’m used to and comfortable with who have been my people for a long time are people you cannot help but love”

“I’m my mother’s precious daughter too”  -Kim Sun Young-

“There were times I could not understand why she seemed to have self-consciousness or a sense of pride and got angry. I didn’t realize it back then but it was because Mom had something more precious than herself to protect – me” -Sung Bo Ra-

“When true love manifests, it doesn’t allow one to be concerned over one’s pride and causes one to cast it aside. That is why mothers are strong” -Sung Bo Ra-

“They say that God could not be in all places at once so He created mothers.” -Sung Bo Ra-

“Even when I’m at the age to be a mother, my mother always be my guardian angel. Calling her by the name Mom is something that has the power to tug at my heartstrings. Mothers are always strong” -Sung Bo Ra-

“When one is at the age when one can console one’s mother, it’s when one has matured past being able to say ‘Thank You’ and ‘I Love You’. If one wishes to make one’s mother happy, the words ‘Mom I need you” is more than enough”

“Don’t be too sad. Another person might be in love with you right now and might suddenly confess they’ve liked you for a very long time” -Lee Moon Se-

“He is a happy kid in the inside because he knows how much his father loves and cherishes him” -Kim Sung Young-

“Time flies… time eventually creates farewell and it always leaves people with regrets”

“If you love someone, tell them now before your fleeting days are filled with regret”

“In some ways, the biggest present time gives us is the memories we have of loving others that’s why you have to shove aside embarrassment and confess your love to the one you love”

“Words hold your heart so they also have a temperature. The thing that makes this cold malicious world a living temperature is not famous wise saying but one warm word filled with your temperature”

“You only have one life, it’ll fly by” -Tae Yong-

“Sometimes we become indebted or inconvenience others. Don’t suffer on your own” -Moo Sung-

“A line indicates a limit saying: ‘That’s as far as you get.’ Protecting a line is remaining in that comfortable space you have used to and maintain those rules, that world, those relationships. Not crossing the line also means that you will never see a new world with new rules & relationships. If you dream of a new relationship, if you dream of love – you have to cross that line”-Deok Sun-

“Of course there are some lines that should never be crossed” -Deok Sun-

“We are friends, there shouldn’t be any secrets between us” -Deok Sun-

“A man should not have his shoulders slumped” -Kim Sung Kyun-

“Your mom is the smartest person in the world in my opinion” -Kim Sung Kyun-

“You don’t need to go to college nor get a fancy title. As long as you are good to others, can provide for yourself, that’s good enough” -Kim Sung Kyun-

“I hope you would take after mom than me. Isn’t your mother a really impressive person? -Kim Sung Kyun-

“Have some consideration on how your mom feels. Your peace of mind isn’t the only ones that’s important” -Sung Bo Ra-

“Loving someone is not just feeling of wanting to give them what they want. It’s the desperate desire to give them things” -Sung Bo Ra-

“To love someone doesn’t necessarily mean you want to feel them near you but you acclimate yourself to them” -Sung Bo Ra-

“No matter how much pain or grief that person causes you, you find yourself wanting to hate them so much but you can never bring yourself to hate them” -Sung Bo Ra-

“Loving someones doesn’t mean you don’t hate them but it means you can’t hate them” -Sung Bo Ra-

“You only live once, try to live happily just for once” -Ra Mi Ran-

“The most important thing is my children’s happiness” -Kim Sun Young-

“Be good to your dad, you’re everything to him”

“I want to find out if my heart is racing because of my illness or because of her.” -Jung Bong-

“I just like her, I like being with her and I almost feel like I could die when she smiles -Taek-

“The reason I can’t accept Mr Choi is because I feel so sorry for my dad” -Sun Woo-

“You can like someone instead of someone else like you, right?” -Dong Ryong-

“You don’t know anything about me, there’s someone I like and I’m going to confess to her” -Taek-

“One should look at someone’s eyes to find out whether they like someone or not  because eyes never lie” -Sun Woo-

“Girls go crazy over a present from the heart” -Deok Sun-

“Dad, I want you to have a warm meal even when I’m not by your side” -Taek-

“It is your life, Dad. I want you to be happy. If it will make you happy then I’m okay with everything. ” -Taek-

“You have to melt the chocolate before eating it, then you’ll find your love” -Jung Bong-

“I want my little brother to do whatever he wants. That is my wish” -Jung Bong-

“You can’t give up without even trying. Be prepared to suffer through anything & work very hard. If it still doesn’t work out then there’s nothing else you can do” -Dad Sung Dong Il-

“My hope is for my Bo Ra, Deok Sun and No Eul to never be in pain & always be healthy. That’s my only dream” -Sung Dong Il

“Just say sorry first, it makes you the bigger person” -Choi Moo Sung-

“Fate doesn’t come to you at just any time” -Jung Hwan-

“‘Fate’ should happen often at the most dramatic moments brought by coincidence” -Jung Hwan-

“Another term for ‘fate’ is ‘timing’” -Jung Hwan-

“My first love was always held back by that damn ‘timing'” -Jung Hwan-

“In the end, fate and timing don’t just happen out of coincidence. They are products of earnest simple choices that make up miraculous moments” -Jung Hwan-

“I should have been more courageous, it wasn’t the traffic light’s fault nor timing – it was my own hesitations” -Jung Hwan-

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get. You may get a bitter chocolate and there’s nothing else you can do. That is the fate that I’ve chosen. There are no regrets, no tears and there is no need for a heartbreak.” -Jung Hwan-

“I like you. I waited an hour at the front door everyday to go to school with you. I waited every night until you came home from studying. I couldn’t sleep worrying about you. I thought of nothing but you. I was happy just to see you.” -Jung Hwan-

“I wanted to tell you from a long time ago – I like you. I love you” -Jung Hwan-

“We may no longer be able to call you Manager Sung Dong Il but what has not changed is he is Il Hwa’s husband & the proud father of three siblings Sung Bo Ra, Sung Deok Sun & Sung No Eul. And the thing my father loved the most… it’s our family. As the son & daughters of our father, we couldn’t give him warm words, have a drink that he liked so much with him, hold him in our arms first nor tell him we love him first and we couldn’t consider the heavy weight of the word ‘dad’, hence we are sorry & apologize. Yet he was like a tree which never stopped giving – a dad that Bo Ra respected, a dad that’s like a friend to Deok Sun and a dad that provided stability for No Eul.” -Tribute from Sung kids to Manager Sung Dong Il

“Time doesn’t pass by just for us, it passes by for everyone. Stop complaining, just accept it and go along with it” -Il Hwa-

“I thought it’d be over once the petals bloomed but once those petals open, there’s another fruit that blooms” -Sung Dong Il-

“This heart we have for our children, someday they will answer us with ‘thank you'” -Sung Dong Il-

“I think I survived because of our kids – I didn’t raise them, I believe they raised me” -Ra Mi Ran-

“Life works out in strange ways” -Kim Sun Young-

“Even if you win over Sun Woo, will you call it a victory? A parent can’t win over their own children” -Choi Moo Sung-

“I trust you, does it seem like our relationship would easily change? I will not change so let’s take our time to tell them.” -Deok Sun-

“I will give you a present in exchange – I love you” – Deok Sun-

“Thank you for making my mother not lonely anymore” -Sun Woo-

“I do not know everything in your heart but I know whenever you call me “Bo Ra ya”, you wanted me to look at you. And I know when you put side dishes on top of my rice, it means that you love me. Why did I pretend not to notice? That pains me the most and I’m sorry” -Bo Ra to her dad-

“Although it was a half-basement house, I received so much love and if I’m ever reborn, I want to be reborn as your daughter” -Bo Ra-

“From the moment you were born until now, you’re always been my most treasured gem. Thank you for being born as my daughter. I love you, my daughter” -Sung Dong Il-

“I could not return to my youth or that street either. Time always flows. Everything passes by and ages. That might be why youth is beautiful. Because it shines, blindingly bright at a brilliant short moment. But you can never go back (to it). A time when many tears was shed – like my youth.” -Deok Sun-

“The reason I miss that time and that street isn’t only because I miss my younger self. It is because my parents’ youth, my friends’ youth – the youth of everything I loved was in that place. I regret not bidding a final farewell to the surrounding of my youth that can never be brought back together again. To the things that’ve already gone, to the time I can’t return to… I bid my belated farewell. Goodbye, my youth. Goodbye, Ssangmun-dong” -Deok Sun-

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