Ryu Soo Young ❤ Park Ha Sun and Lee Min Ho ❤ Suzy – The Birth of Two Celeb Couples

Monday, 23 March 2015 is definitely not a quiet Monday for Korea entertainment world. Two media outlets broke dating news of two Korean celebrity couples!

Real Men Couple – Ryu Soo Young ❤ Park Ha Sun

This morning, magazine Women Sense reported Two Weeks‘ actors Ryu Soo Young (35) and Park Ha Sun (27) are in a relationship. Although there’s no proof pictures, Ryu Soo Young’s agency Will Entertainment released official statement shortly afterwards confirming the dating rumor. They started dating five months ago. The actor who previously said Park Ha Sun is his ideal girl reportedly wanted to announce his relationship earlier but he respected his girlfriend’s wishes to lay low & date secretly.

 photo RyuSooYoung_ParkHaSun_bc2_zps1md4gaef.jpg  photo RyuSooYoung_ParkHaSun_bc1_zpsupqrib97.jpg

Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun are called the “real men” couple. Ryu Soo Young who’s the original Real Men member most likely gave many tips & advice to Park Ha Sun who joined Real Me Female Soldiers special this year.

From engaged couple in Two Weeks to real life lovers, congratulations real men couple! ^^


Power Couple – Lee Min Ho ❤ Suzy

 photo LeeMinHo_Suzy_dating_bc1_zps9gpvlo1a.jpg

Few hours later, Dispatch dropped the bomb! They caught hallyu star Lee Min Ho (27) and singer / actress Miss A’s Suzy (20) dating in Korea & London. It’s hard for their agencies to deny their dating rumor because the pictures posted by Dispatch are solid proof! Moreover, Lee Min Ho can’t say they’re just friends because it’d contradict his statement about dating & friendship between the opposite sex two months ago.

StarHaus and JYP entertainment confirmed they’re indeed dating for a month now! Dispatch reported they met almost everyday in Seoul since 25th February last month and Lee Min Ho boarded Eurostar to London from Paris where they spent three days in London. Suzy had photoshoot in London while Lee Min Ho had a photoshoot in Paris.

Suzy came to Gangnam Blues VIP premiere two months ago ^^

Lee Min Ho is currently busy with his overseas fan meetings while Suzy will be making a comeback with Miss A on 30 March and will hold the comeback showcase on the same day.

 photo LeeMinHo_Suzy_dating_bc4_zpsnnfkxmrx.jpg

 photo miss-A-colors_suzydating_bc1_zpsezuijqto.jpg

I don’t know if they’ve worked together before but love can happen to anyone at anytime. They’re deserved to love & be loved in return. Congratulations!

Be happy Ryu Soo Young ❤ Park Ha Sun and Lee Min Ho ❤ Suzy.

credit: TVReport via NateDispatch via Nate | Pic cr as labeled

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