SBS “Second to Last Love” Quotes and Narration

Second to Last Love is SBS weekend romantic comedy drama starring Kim Hee Ae, Ji Jin Hee, Kwak Si Yang, Kim Seul Gi, Jung Soo Young, Lee Soo Min, Kim Kwon and more. Remake of 2012 Fuji TV drama series of the same title, this drama is about a man and a woman in their 40s who fall in love during their second adolescence.


Chief Go Sang Sik (Ji Jin Hee) is a rigid 5th grade civil servant who wishes nothing will happen (in his life), he’s a single dad to teenage daughter Go Ye Ji (Lee Soo Min). Kang Min Joo (Kim Hee Ae) is a workaholic executive drama producer with midas touch who believes her love has passed her by. She moves to the countryside & by fate, meets Sang Sik & his family friend Park Jun Woo (Kwak Si Yang) who live next door – both men with ~10 years age gap will fall in love with this feisty lady who’s given up on love.

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“What I’ve learned after becoming an adult & getting old is that life is decided by the choices you make everyday… You won’t know if your choice is good or bad until after it’s passed” -Kang Min Joo-

“Perhaps without realizing, I could’ve let my last love pass me by” -Kang Min Joo-

“Chief Go Sang Sik: In life, we make countless choices…
Min Joo: What have I lost…
Chief Go: and what have I earned?
Min Joo: Why am I alone now?
Chief Go: We’re all alone
Min Joo: I guess even adults feel lonely when they’re alone too
Chief Go: No adults are immune to loneliness”

“You should watch drama ~ they sometimes comfort you as you live a difficult life & sometimes you can be moved while watching it thoughtlessly” -Mayor Na Choon Woo-

“You’ve gone through a lot after being born as Kang Min Joo, you’ll continue to be lonely but love yourself despite being alone.” -Kang Min Joo-

“If you want to know if you’re living a good life, ask yourself – it’s not about whether your dream come true but it’s about whether or not you’re happy” -book excerpt Min Joo read-

“Dream… my family is my dream” -Chief Go-

“I thought you changed once you become an adult. As I got older, I expected my heart to be more at ease but this isn’t the adult I’d imagined I’d be” -Chief Go-

“There’s a situation where someone has to take responsibility even if there’s a cost to pay – at least once in your life as a grown up, it’s not that bad taking action & initiative” -Kang Min Joo-

“When you like someone, you like everything about them. You don’t pick and choose what to like – it’s not something you can pinpoint” -Park Joon Woo-

“It’s best to believe that all of your choices were right. If you don’t, you won’t have anything left behind” -Chief Go-

“As you get older, the distinction between good and bad becomes increasingly vague. Being righteous puts you at a disadvantage. If you’re prickly, you get hammered.” -Chief Go-

“If you fall victim to injustice after doing something right, you compromise your principles in order to survive… and say that it’s the reality to make yourself feel better” -Kang Min Joo-

“You’re not alone, you’ll always be our family – we’re a family who miss each other even more when we’re apart. People sometimes think they’re alone but there can’t be anyone who’s truly alone in this world.” -Chief Go-

“People in their 40s are too busy caring for their families they forget about themselves & end up disappearing altogether. You become a turtle that had his arms & legs dismembered. That’s why you squirm in that armour. You want to escape but you can’t – you want to give up but you feel lethargic. So you’re only left with doubts… You have to break open that armour because if you wait any longer, the openings will close up & you won’t be able to escape at all” -Dokgo Bong-

“The world is a wonderful place – you should enjoy everything you can before you go. That way, you’ll feel like you actually lived” -Dokgo Bong-

“As I became an adult, there were so many things I gave up. The thing I always chose instead of what I wanted to do…. always work. If I can’t do well on the things I chose, what is left in my life?…. Even though I may get old, I don’t want my taste to fall behind” -Kang Min Joo-

“If you don’t do anything, nothing happens”  -Park Joon Woo-

“Don’t worry about other people, who cares if they look? Starting from now, you’re the center of the world… think that I don’t exist, think that no one exists around you.” -Park Joon Woo-

“When I was younger, what made me so busy that I didn’t even attempt to try? And now, afraid of the gaze of others I became an adult that can’t attempt the challenge” -Kang Min Joo-

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